Quantya to confront Zero in first-ever two-manufacturer electric motorcycle race

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Photos: Grant Ray

Quantya will take on Zero Motorcycles in an electric dirt bike race this Friday. Five Quantya Tracks will race five Zero Xs in an exhibition race during AMA/Maxxis MiniMoto Supercross in Las Vegas. We’ve ridden both bikes and, unless Quantya brings the rumored upgraded powertrain, Zero is going to walk away with an easy victory. The 2009 Zero X makes 50lb/ft of torque and weighs just 151lbs; the Quantya makes, sans upgrade, only 23lb/ft and weighs 205 195lbs. In our experience, the Zero X’s lightweight components don’t sacrifice ability. We’ll bring you more on Friday.

Quantya and Zero

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    I can’t wait this sounds entertaining.

    All that torque would come in handy on a tight course with jumps. I hope they don’t “lame out” with a wimpy track layout to go easy on the bikes.

  • Esteban

    really looking forward to this.. the zero x has more power, but there is something about the Quantaya’s look that makes it more desirable.. I think is the way the square battery is within the chassis.. it has better looking design but I still have to see either one for real, not pictures

  • fritz

    Bring the race to Unadilla and we will see who
    has “Watt”…

  • mike

    Isn’t torque measured in ft/lb?

    • Andy

      if you weren’t kidding…

      ft/lb vs. lb/ft doesn’t matter because it’s not actually a ratio, it’s ft x lb.

  • http://www.unemploymentolympics.com nick2ny

    Most race series are so carefully regulated that it is very difficult to pick a favorite based on the cars. This race is going to be decided by the end of the first lap, unless it is set up so someone runs out of batteries first…

  • Robert Ettleman-OHV Planner

    Regardless of the winner, electric mtorcycles are definitely cutting edge.

  • javier

    check out this one too…


  • Brian

    Looks like you guessed wrong – Quantya with the victory! Best Zero finish – 3rd…