Rain cancels Qatar MotoGP race

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Losail_Rain.jpgA wave of torrential rain washed across Qatar’s Losail circuit just minute before the MotoGP field was due to set out for its warm up lap. Judging that conditions were too hazardous to proceed, officials canceled the race. There’s a slim chance the first race of the season could be rescheduled for tomorrow, but international TV scheduling, the fierce desert heat that would confront a day race and travel schedules — many of the teams and support crews have already checked out of their hotels — appear to be colluding to prevent it. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: The race will be run at 9pm local time, 1pm EST.


  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    I’m glad they’re running the race today. Watching some of the riders reactions was pretty funny. Stoner definitely doesn’t think this race should be happening, I don’t really understand why he’s so peeved about having to wait one day? Oh well, MOTOGP ’09! Finally.

  • geonerd

    So much for electronics making things safer. Looks like Hayden might be out after that highside. And even if he does race, he’s injured and starting in 16th. Not good.

  • http://twitter.com/marshallhaas Marshall

    I’m so f’ing (can I swear on your blog?) fed up with the motorcycle coverage we have here in the United States. SPEEDTV can go die. I recorded the race and started it just now only to find out it was rained out. Speed says the race will be covered Monday. I search my tv guide and nothing is on today except NASCAR. I get on SPEED’s website to find out it will be aired Tuesday at 2PM. Awesome, exactly when no one will ever be home to watch it!!

    Now their pulling some retarded crap with AMA superbike where they show race one that saturday night and race 2 an entire week later and act like its a whole new race weekend. Then its also a toss up whether or not they show the 600 race, this week they didn’t last week they did.

    It’s so ridiculous. I know others must be as frustrated as me. I should start some sort of document and have others sign up just to send to SPEED and show them how many people they are truly pissing off.

    • SJY

      Marshall – you are right man!

      The US coverage is all bundled up for the sponsors and never takes into account how hard core the fans are. NASCAR gets like 4 hours coverage even if the race is red flagged for the entire show!!

      I think the industry in the US tried a petition a few years back to get more coverage.

      • http://twitter.com/marshallhaas marshall


        Maybe it is time we all band together and tried a petition again.


        I’m really pleased to see others feel as strongly as I do.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    @ Marshall. Dude, I gave up on SPEED long ago. You need to sign up for the Hi-Res Video Coverage on MotoGP.com. It’s expensive (around $100) for the year but it is soooooooooo worth it.

  • Marshall

    I know I know… It’s just so expensive and it’s only on my PC.

  • Aoelus

    Well Marshall you’ll just have to have a lobotomy and start loving NASCAR and forget MotogGP and WSBK. Seems AMA racing has gotten the heave ho from the AMA and will probably have to morph into an new series under control of the manufacturers but with the economy what it is don’t look anytime soon. Maybe get Versus to cover it. They took over the Dakar that used to be on Speed but I wasn’t thrilled with the coverage.