Rossi hearts Nutella

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Rossi_Nutella.jpgNutella: chocolate flavored hazlenut spread or breakfast of champions? All we know is that Valentino Rossi is suspiciously close to his personal chef.

  • jconli1

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    which is more questionable: personal chef riding bitch or revving up your nutella…

  • Steve516

    have you ever had nutella?

  • SJY

    Nutella is huge in EUR. Americans haven’t quite caught on to how good it is yet, my wife loves the stuff.


    Don’t hate. Appreciate. Rossi is the man!

  • Ty

    HEY! Nutella is yummy goodness. Like speading an upper-end Reese’s on your bread. And if they can afford Rossi, then it must be huge. Give it a try.

  • CafeRacer1200

    I love Nutella! Now I love it even more.

  • v

    nutella is so good that if the manufacturer announced that it contained uranium,lead and azbestos people would still buy it and no gouverment would dare ban it because riots would spread all over europe and the whole continent will burn in flames
    valentino is suspiciously close to his chef but that just goes to show you what people would go through for the nectar of gods that is nutella :))

  • drjohndee

    Nutella rocks. Back in school no lunchbox accoutrement was more desirable than a tiny foil-sealed tub of it with dedicated plastic spatula. Although these days I prefer a large jar and tablespoon.

    Beats Wudy ‘sausage’ any day.

  • amsterdam

    It is addictive stuff.
    Can’t live without.
    That and my new Speed Triple.
    Silly ad but puts a smile on
    my face.
    43 year old child.

  • The_Doctor

    Oh man! I heart Nutella AND Rossi. I love that they jumped on the pitbike after a tasty breakfast of nutella and toast. Awesome.

  • Sasha Pave

    Rossi’s such a ham, gotta love it. Can you see Pedrosa, Stoner or Biaggi do something like this?