Vectrix runs out of juice

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Vectrix_Juice.jpgIt appears that electric scooter maker Vectrix is in significant financial trouble; it’s seeking a sale or merger in the absence of a near-term government loan, grant or other outside funding. The Rhode Island-based company will also be cutting 60 employees, although it’s not clear if those cuts will come from HQ, the R&D facility in Massachusetts or its manufacturing facility in Poland. Vectrix was among the first companies to bring a viable electric motorcycle to market, so it’s a shame to see it floundering while companies like Chrysler and GM, whose much-touted electric offerings are still nothing but vaporware, receive taxpayer funding. On the other hand, we’ve heard from many dealers and customers who have been extremely unsatisfied both with the company’s business practices and products.
Vectrix issued the following statement regarding its precipitous financial situation:

Vectrix Announces Exploration of Strategic Initiatives and Reduction in Work
Middletown, R.I.- April 14 – Vectrix Corporation (AIM: VRX) (,
maker of the world’s first high performance, two-wheel zero emission vehicle
(ZEV), announces that while its efforts continue to secure new equity funding
and government based loan or grant support as well as temporary financing, the
Directors will now begin to seek other strategic alternatives which could
include a merger or sale of the business. The Company will continue to provide
updates to the market as we progress through these activities. In order to
conserve working capital for continuing operations during this period, the
Company this week implemented cost savings measures including a significant
reduction in workforce involving some 60 staff. 
Trading in the common stock of the Company remains suspended until further

Thanks for the tip, Ivar.
  • Zeitgeist

    Bummer I hate to see anyone going through this.

  • will

    A bigger shame for someone who’s doing successfully what all the hoopla says we should be doing.

    On the other hand, if the management and product wasn’t what it should have been, this could just be the order of things.


    Sorry, can’t get laid or get jealous looks on a “greenped”. Electric is cool to a certain point. Mean and green still has a long way to go before you get enough people to buy it. Have to get people past limp wrist image this bike portrays.

  • Matthew

    Someone forward this to Obama.

  • Oscar

    Which is why GM and Chrysler should’ve never received tax payer bail-outs. Failing companies should be allowed to fail so they can be replaced by successful companies.

    • Wes Siler

      Wow, Oscar, I actually agree with you for once.

  • jean michel

    Hi All,
    the us car and bike builders had not designed and produced sutch a fantastic production for years prefering big and polluting vehicle .
    I was deligthed to see that this country was able to design, produce and market sutch a jewl of technology and I bougth it .
    Everyday of my life I fly this scooter on a 100 km base in the silence, it works perfect and I simply fear that one day I would have to return to a petrol noisy scooter .
    this scooter has changed my life, it is part of my life and philosophy now .
    it fulfils 90% of my transportation needs.
    So please uncle Sam rescue this company, please please don’t let the present and future vectrix owner’s down .
    jean michel

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