Wolverine stunts cruiser in X-Men Origins

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Wolverine_Motorcycle.jpgIf there’s one thing that ruins a movie for us it’s unrealistic vehicle physics. Remember the Cadillac/Ducati chase sequence in The Matrix? No Caddy is ever going to keep up with a 998 in a straight line. X-Men Origins appears to be bringing us more of the same, with song-and-dance man Hugh Jackman allegedly performing huge jumps, slides and other unfeasible stunts aboard some anonymous cruiser. And we all know all those are good for is taking up space in the back of your pickup on the way to Daytona. Wouldn’t a ratted-out enduro or some sort of streetfighter be a better fit for a tough guy?

  • Scott

    do you know what T2 did for HD fatboy sales?

    last cool bike I saw in a movie was the beat dirtbike in Rambo 1. Alas, probably to Neo Con Imperialist NRA redneck fantasy of a movie for you, Wes.

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Actually Rambo really appeals to my survivalist gun and knife freak side.

  • ryan

    are you retarded??
    1. A quest for realism would not see a man able to extend metallic claws from between his knuckles.
    2. That part of the movie looked damn cool.
    3. Wolverine has always ridden a cruiser.
    4. maybe you’re just jealous.

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yes, I wish I was a talented singer forced to play tough guy roles due to my rugged looks when all I really want to do is dance.

      • ryan

        As opposed to being what, an insecure little weed who despite writing a pretty decent motorcycle ezine has nothing else going for him?

        If you want to blame someone for the cruiser, blame stan lee, he was the first to put wolverine on the bike.

        Secondly, given the fact that the bike was simply what was in the old man’s shed in the movie claiming that some other bike that simply wouldn’t have fitted with the storyline would have made the guy look tougher is nonsense.
        Kudos to the producers for avoiding the unnecessary product placement.

        Who cares if the guy can sing and dance, it simply makes him a more versatile actor.
        The guy’s making enough money to afford whatever the hell he wants to do. Hell, if i was on that sort of wage I’d be singing and dancing down the street in a pink tutu just for the hell of it. And i wouldn’t even ask to be paid for it.

        Tall poppy syndrome is not becoming of you wes.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          Let’s avoid the personal attacks please.

          Have you ridden a non-cruiser bike? Maybe a BMW F800GS or a Yamaha TMax? If you have then I think you’ll understand our opinion that they’re the SUVs of the bike world: outdated fashion statements with little purpose.

          • Ryan

            I specifically ride sports bikes. I dislike cruisers for exactly the same reason you appear to. Don’t stop, don’t turn, but go pretty fast in a straight line. When corners or bumps appear you’re screwed because of point 1.

            This does nothing to change the fact that wolverine’s identity is linked to such bikes. To place him on such a bike in a film about the origins of the character would be begging to be crucified by the fanboys whose lives appear to revolve around accurate translations from the comics to the screen.

            I’m a massive fan of street fighters because of the rawness of their feel. And the fact that the capacity for customisation does nothing to reduce their ride characteristics.

  • http://motovation.wordpress.com pete


    i can’t believe you’re getting worked up about a post on one person’s opinion on a motorcycle in a movie. seriously…

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    If it’s c.g.i., it’s not realistic. If it could be done in real life a stuntman would be cheaper.

  • fanboy

    let’s face it: ryan is a fanboy. cool it champ. let’s not offend his faithful worship of Wolverine any further and leave it be.

    i, for one, would be bloody happy to see Wolverine on a TMax. that is one product placement i will tolerate!

  • dave

    he should of borrowed my KLR!

  • Phil H

    Hmm…better yet, how ’bout a Gladius?! ;)

  • ryan

    Not really a fanboy, just someone who thinks that the hypocritical commentary about non realistic vehicle physics in a superhero movie is pretty pathetic.

    I liked the movie. It was fun. It is not a piece of work with high levels of artistic merit, but it still looked damn cool, i was laughing during the chase scene because of the improbability of that bike being able to do this, but given that i was watching a superhero movie, i was able to put aside any real issues about believable physics because bone claws extending from a man’s hands, followed by metal claws extending from the same spots is even less believable than a heavy cruiser riding off road.

    It was as funny as watching the great escape bike jumping the fence scene.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I just saw the movie and the whole thing was awful. Maybe the choice of a cruiser was fitting after all.

  • chaiwalla

    like i don’t like the batpod doing that backflip against the wall. in my opinion, that scene could have been replaced by something more.. believable. ryan’s i know youse gunna to jump up and down and call me a retard. but such scenes are just unnecessary.

    anyhoo, hey! how awesome it be if they used a vmax for this wolverine eh??? that be a compromise for a cruiser i can deal with. make the vmax a dark real metal angry rat and not supershiny bling. now, that be a product placement i pay to see.

  • Todd8080

    “Some anonymous cruiser”? I’m guessing most of you are too young to know what a ’63 FLH Panhead looks like.
    And for the record, the term “cruiser” as applied to motorcycles didn’t exist until the late Eighties when the motorcycle press invented it solely to lump fake oriental Harleys in with real Harleys.
    Not surprisingly, only the feebleminded bought into such a concept and [real] Harleys remain in a class by themselves.

  • deb

    hey everyone..we are all entitled to our opinions about the real and about the fantasy worlds. movies are just ‘movies’ afterall..lighten up..
    we can all agree on one thing: we like bikes

  • Bondi

    I saw this bike in the flesh about a month ago, sitting out in the back workshop at Cyclecraft in Bondi, Sydney. The mechanic there said it was Hugh Jackman’s bike from the movie. Story was the stylists had “roughed up” a concourse bike for the movie, and he was now putting it back to normal road-going condition.

    I’m not a cruiser fan either, but it did look good in an interesting beat-up sort of way. Custom leather work around the seat certainly fitted the movie, and the one-piece headlight and front forks brace gives it quite a unique look.

  • pbxorcist

    Thats not really an anonymous cruiser but rather what looks like a 50-60′s pan/shovel FL style bike. Using a Harely (or custom that was built given their style) is a perfect choice for the outlaw/loner/tough guy and rugged individualist like Wolverine. So given the character I think it was probably a pretty good choice, physics aside.

    But to the cruiser / other bike bias I always think back to a guy I worked with at cycle gear who was a BMW guy and an ironbutt guy. He told me “There are Harley Davidsons and then there are motorcycles never forget the difference”

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Second the VMax. They could have beaten it up a bit.

  • Geoff

    Anyone know what bike James Bond was riding through the streets of Haiti in his newest flick, Quantum of Solace? I thought it fit his character much better than a nondescript cruiser, plus I don’t think a 800 lb Harley would have made the jump onto the boat!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I just watched Quantum of Solace on the plane to Vegas. It’s a great example how realistic physics can lend an unrealistic car chase an air of believability and therefore enjoyment.

      The admittedly limited motorcycle action is also spot on too, a real bike doing real bike things in an unexpected way.

      Movies in general have moved away from unrealistic fantasy and into exaggerated reality in almost everything but vehicle action scenes, so I think this criticism is relevant.

      • ISellMotorcycles

        I can’t seem to understand why everyone here is so closed minded. As far as Wolverine riding a cruiser, this decision is probably based on the assumption that badasses ride cruisers. When was the last time you saw a Hell’s Angel on a CBR or a BMW. In an “A” level movie producers are going to pick the most fitting props for the audience. I really respect the “anonymous” motorcycle. Movies are being endorsed way too much these days and it really takes away from the movie.

        Whether this is a super hero movie or a romance or whatever, there is a difference between being realistic and reality. Super heroes are not real. I apologize if that offends anyone. Motorcycles are real. It is expected that a motorcycle should behave as a motorcycle, even in movies. When ridiculous unrealistic stunts show up in a flick it ruins the break from reality, the fantasy, because it becomes unrealistic. Unless if it is a super machine like Kerby. All I am saying is absolutely nothing so shut up.

      • Martin

        speaking of Quantum, remeber the crash in Casino Royale? there’s a great example of something that’s isn’t at all realistic. The DBS was so stable that the were running that scene at well over twice the reccommended speed for the stund (they were trying to flip the car going 45 and they were over 170 mph) anf they were using a ramp and they still couln’t get more than two wheels to stay off the ground for more than a second.

        What did they do? they brought in a 5 year old DB9, broke up the suspension, weighted down one side, put a compressed air cannon and a capapult on the other side, a ramp on the rode for lift. then they went back and doctored the shots to make it look more-or-less like the DBS.

        Is it right? Heck no, the point is, a real DBS wouldn’t have flipped, he’d have landed, swerved, pulled a 270, opened the door do pick up her body and then they’d have clubbed him when he busy untying her. But it looked wayyyyy cooler the way they didn’t so I’m not complaining.

        wolverine would never ride a crotch rocket (no matter how awesome it would be to see a Ducati Monster in that movie) it would just look wrong. Leave the sport bike for when they do Cyclops…

  • JD

    All i have to say is…

    Its a movie! jesus! just get lost in the fantasy of it! isnt that why we go to see movies? for the fantasy and extreme realism that cant happen in real life?

    this is like the few who were complaining speed racer was a horrible movie because it was so fakey in its physics… its a fictional movie! physics can apply however they damn want to! its not real, just fun and exciting!

    besides, origins was a good film, and those scenes were fairly well done…

    just enjoy the ride…

  • nick

    You girls like to bicker, don’t you?

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    When a man sports such a impressive set of mutton chops, don’t argue with his choice of ride.

  • chrisF

    i put my vote in for the VMAX too!

    what’s really interesting to me is the undeniable fact that this post about… Wolverine on a cruiser! This has generated so many comments!

    To Wes & Grant, you guys been doing an amazing job with this site. i get on here whenever i can. much respect to you guys! one question though: would this be the most comments you have seen for a post?

    by the way, i for one want to see Torque 2! call me whatever you want but i love the first one! it’s just so over the top crazy it’s GREAT! i just click my brain down to neutral and go along for the ride.

    • Generic1776

      No. So far I’d say the most comments were on the article the CEO of Harley Davidson put in the news paper the week before he retired.

      See: Harley Fumbles Response to New York Times Article

      The argument was beaten to death pretty hard on whether HD was making good business decisions in the current market or not. There were opinions on both sides with very little logic attracting either side change what preconceptions they had when it began.

      If neither party is willing to change, than debate is only beneficial to the audience and continuing a discussion beyond the initial statements of belief on both sides is fruitless.

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

    The Harley article is nowhere near, actually.

    Mediocre Thunderbird FTW.

  • sam

    yea i second wanting to know what bike was in quantum of solace

  • Dan

    If I caught it right, in the first X-men movie when Wolverine is trailering his bike behind the truck campuer it is a Yamaha XS650. I’m not certain what bike he rides in the end when steals the one from Cyclops.

  • Kerry


    I know you in real life and while I like and respect you a lot, even I have to say that you kinda sound like a douche here. I know it is not your nature to be a douche so let’s just chalk it up to being overzealous. For the record there are other douche-style comments by others here as well. My point is not to specifically name call, just to point out how selfrighteous everyone is getting.

    Also, since the matrix was brought up, Nobody actually chased a ducati with a caddillac in any of the movies. In Reloaded there was a chase scene involving a ducati 996 or 998 that was being chased by caprice police cars but to be fair the ducati was lane splitting into oncoming traffic while the police cars were across the divider or on the shoulder in clear lanes. Plus the premise of the matrix is that it is not reality so if the situation called for 1000mph caprice police cars it did not break the continuity of the movie.

    I can personally tell you I lack the testicular forititude to ride a 996 in between lanes at triple digit speeds while giant metal boxes are coming at me at 65mph, so I buy that that caprice police cars with an open lane can keep up with a ducati engaged in such activity.

    Regarding the Xmen Origins bike. I saw the movie and yes it is an implausable stunt. No more implausable than Tom Cruise’s stoppie 360 while firing a pistol from the seat of a Triumph Speed triple, or the girl on girl sport bike clash in Torque. Type of bike has nothing to do with it really. Holloywood is all about selling the impossible as marginally believable to a wide audience, they are not selling it as possible – just if you didn’t know better you wouldn’t question it.

    And what does Hugh’s song and dance talents have anything to do with his acting ability? You want him to be a one trick pony? Next you’ll be faulting Gene Kelly for playing E.K. Hornbeck in Inherit The Wind or Will Atkins in Viva Knieval (had to get a motorcycle/Gene Kelly reference in there). I am not saying Jackman is as talented as Gene Kelly, but the fact of the matter is he plays all different roles, it is just his tough guy roles are in the most popular films. He’s in entertainment, as long as he does that who cares whether he is a super tough guy or a super poof in real life.

    You wanna be pissed off at Hollywood over something involving motorcycles? how about disc brake master cylinders. Those crappy square ones harley uses on all their bikes somehow finds its way to travel through time and space. In the last Indiana Jones movie it stood out like a sore thumb. In the Wolverine movie it was there again – this giant visible wart runing the otherwise halfway believable asthetic of a fake vintage bike. Honestly, it is hollywood – couldn’t they just order up a set of Brembo aluminum round master cylinders – the kind used on disc brake Moto Guzzi’s for years – just so it doesn’t look so out of place? I can overlook an evo motor where a panhead should be, and I can squint and forget disc brakes didn’t make it on to bikes till the 1970′s, but that modern master cylinder is just like a big black middle finger, too hard to ignore and clearly sends the message that hollywood hires people that just don’t give a crap

  • dculberson

    The Mission Impossible 2 bike scenes were so ridiculous. The worst part to me, though, was the Nissan Patrol catching up to and bumping the Triumph Speed Triple. What, was he unable to get past 1/16th throttle?

    Scenes like that ruin the suspension of disbelief.

  • Leon

    okay i just sort of stumbled onto this site and i’m just curious is this an anti-cruiser site? seems to be a lot of …hate(for a lack of better word) in these comments towards them. but correct me if i’m wrong.

  • your daddy

    who ever wrote this little article is a tool. cruisers dont belong in the back of a pick up unless its broken, you scored it for a good deal cuz some tool like you cant fix it, or if i kicked your ass and stole it. bikes are for riding, and its people like you who ruin good home grown events like daytona, laconia, sturgis etc. put your credit card down and build a real bike

  • Y all the anti-cruiser hate?

    Y all the cruiser hate?
    Even sportbikes are trailered to Daytona by you Yanks so hating on a genre of bike is idiotic! :P

  • arthur

    Yes it was an old school harley, which is awesome, and yes, logan did ride an old school panhead in the original comics. the reason they probably didn’t use a v-max in it was because there wasn’t a v-max built in the timeline to the movie. jesus would you all have felt better if he was on a triumph? that would have been pretty cool also. but come on man its a movie, what recent movie has had accurately portray motorcycle riding? biker boyz? torque? no not at all. hell most movies don’t portray proper vehicle dynamics at all, the fast and the furious series, hell no. and really someone is going to use the matrix as an example as inaccurate vehicle dynamics? really? the whole movie was about whats real and whats not real and what they can manipulate to do what they want to do. lighten up douchers, and besides wolverine is a mutant with claws and a metal skeleton, that portrays every person i know. it was an awesome bike so let it be left at that.

  • el-terrible

    Everybody here who wants to put wolverine in a sports bike is crazy and ignorant… If he was james bond that would probably be ok but it’s wolverine we’re talking about here… LOGAN… a bad ass motherfucker with an attitude and temper to match… can you picture a harley rider on a TMax, Gladius or KLR? Hardly right? anybody can look good riding on a sports bike even sissy wimpy geeks and nerds but only a few can look good in a cruiser type bike. LOGAN IS ONE OF THEM and the best part is HE MAKES THE CRUISER LOOK JUST AS GOOD riding it. So why don’t you racer boys go home to your mothers and suck some more tit! This discussion is over!!!