Zero Motorcycles 24 Hours of Electricross sets two world records

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Two Guinness World Records were set at this weekend’s Zero Motorcycles  24 Hours of Electricross. Zero now holds the record for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours on an all-electric off-road motorcycle — 500 miles — and for the largest electric motorcycle race — 50 competitors representing 10 teams. “This event proved that electric technology can endure the same level of competition as their gas-powered counterparts, however, the power resources to compete are drastically different. The total cost to power all 10 motorcycles for 24 hours was approximately $100,” said Zero Founder Neal Saiki.

Team HotChalks MDV won the race, completing 1,015 laps of the of the
408MX track in San Jose California aboard their 2009 Zero X. We look forward to finding out what strategy they employed to
recharge the onboard battery pack, which can be drained in under 45
minutes during race conditions.

Zero Motorcycles 
Video via Wired

  • Sasha

    the silence is so unnerving in this video!

    Watch at high volume… Until someone speaks.

    • Wes Siler

      Wow, that’s a much better video, I’m swapping them out.

  • Kostas Gazis

    Super! Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time b4 someone thinks of putting somekind of a weird “old motocycle” sound generator on these, so they’d… emulate your familiar bike sounds, haha.

  • freddyb

    How about some playing cards in the spokes?

    • thomashenny

      I remember using 2 or more cards for that deeper sound on my Mongoose.

  • will

    the GT Predators didn’t hold the cards as well in the spokes as my Mongoose, but they were always outjumping me.

    Zero really has an opportunity to set a shitload of records while they can. Let’s see them take it. More events like these!

  • javier

    The total cost to power all 10 motorcycles for 24 hours was approximately $100


  • fritz

    Man I wish I had one of these back in 1974 when everyone in my neighborhood hated the sound of my elsinore…

  • rich

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