Zero S electric supermoto does 0-60 in 5 seconds, appears on right wing cable news channel

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Zero_S_Fox_news.jpgWhy is it that the only news channel interested in electric motorcycles is also a fair and balanced pulpit for the oil companies those bikes are aiming to put out of business? Is it because they’re nearly silent, making them the ideal accompaniment to the government’s secret black helicopters? Neal Saiki, Zero’s founder and former government stooge (he claims he was an engineer for some agency called NASA, who’s ever heard of that?) appeared on “America’s Newsroom” last week to show off the new Zero S electric supermoto. Two key points came out of his discussion with blowhard-in-training Bell Hemmer: it’ll hit 60mph in “about five seconds” and it has a 60-mile range at 60mph.

We’ll bring you more next week, we’re riding the 2009 Zero S on Monday.


  • dave

    Heh, maybe it’s because they’re actually, you know, Fair and Balanced.

  • Enthusiast

    I love this (blog/news/website) but sometimes I think you inject your political views a bit much into otherwise interesting motorcycle news.

    I’m all for voicing your opinion but I would love to see you do it in a stand alone piece that outlines your point.

    Now the discussion gets split between the electric bike and how much Fox news is/ or isn’t evil.

    I don’t know how alienating readers is good for the website. At some point, it’s just a bad business model, regardless of your views.

    To diminish the point of the message because you don’t like the messenger is not helping the cause.

    • Wes Siler

      We’re just having fun, clearly this is sarcasm. Lighten up.

  • keet

    wow, more and more with the political rhetoric… quite stale.

  • Zeitgeist

    At lest there are no …… never mind. ;)

    Well it is kind of screwy GM gets money and these Co. like zero and mission get nothing. Thats real fair so much for inovation and reward otu of the box. Kinda ties into the Vectrix piece earlier too they are running out of money since gas is supposed to be cheaper again.

  • Matt

    It’s a blog, not Reuters. It’s unreasonable to expect someone to keep their opinions out of their own blogs. Calling Fox News biased isn’t exactly a political statement either.

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      And you know, we can use humor and stuff.

  • keet

    yes, we do need humor! but websites like superbikeplanet seem to be able to do it without getting political and sounding bitter.

    • contender

      I don’t find superbikeplanet nearly as well done as HFL.

    • Zeitgeist

      SBK Planet has its own agenda and its pretty well known for that. Kinda like RRW too. Even Hearst ran his papers the way he wanted to and with his opinion. If you want unbiased coverage go there yourself and see it unfold. Other than that it all should come with some salt.

  • Oscar

    I really want to like this bike – specifically the supermoto version – but it’s still too impractical for a daily rider. Sixty miles at 60 mph with a 4-hour recharge time just doesn’t cut it.

    Once they extend range and speed to 200 miles at 80 mph with a 2-hour recharge time, then I’ll give it a serious look – IF the they can keep the cost down to $12,000 at current dollar value.

  • SpeedFreak

    keep to the motorcycles, and less of your inaccurate opinions about news outlets.


    Easy guys…it’s pretty much full disclosure on political views on this site. I like the writer’s lack of political shyness. At least they don’t hide it and pretend to be unbiased.

    Most liberals with a podium are bitter…get over it!!

  • Wes Siler

    Wow, you guys need this explaining don’t you:

    1. It’s really cool that fox news likes electric motorcycles.

    2. There really aren’t such things as top secret silent government helicopters. At least that’s what the NSA told us to tell you.

    3. Zero Motorcycles is Awesome.

    4. Neal Saiki is our hero.

    5. Bill Hemmer is a goofball.

  • Scott


    talk about going from strength to strength…
    the Zero S electric supermoto made a faux news channel AND a faux motorcycle blog… only good things can come of this.

  • geonerd

    well, they are a bunch of self-righteous bastards. i say stick it to em HFL.

  • Enthusiast

    I’m all for sarcasm, I’ll chalk it up to “my bad”.

    • Wes Siler

      No worries. While we’re obviously liberal scumbags, I’d like to think that HFL brings you more honest coverage than traditional motorcycle publications. Unlike, say Cycle World we’re biased in favor of you, the reader, not biased in favor of the motorcycle industry. Hopefully that’s very apparent in our editorial.

      • middleman

        “we’re obviously liberal scumbags”

        Mark one in the honesty column for Wes! LOL

  • jeremy

    Your political commentary is both fair and balanced.

    And, Zero will be at the Toronto Green Living Show next weekend. For test rides.

  • uberbox

    so if the bike was on CNN, would you have said “…appears on left wing new channel?”

    • Wes Siler

      “Low Quality News Channel”

  • aoelus

    Since HFL’s political orientation coincides with mine, I see nothing biased here ;-). As for electric motos, a good argument can be made for the loud pipes on a Harley as a safety device. I dislike loud motos but several times in my car and with limited visibility, I held back as I could hear the damn thing even as I couldn’t see it. Maybe the Zero needs playing cards and clothes pins on its wheels. And yes, Faux “News” is evil.

    • middleman

      “Faux “News” is evil.”

      No left-wing dirtbags are evil.

  • hoyt

    I wanna see Glen Beck crying while sitting on a Zero

    • will

      thank you. I was worried I’d have to be the first one to make a Glenn Beck crying reference.

  • Whatever

    I like how so many people tear into HFL yet still visit regularly. If you don’t like this site, you don’t have view it. There’s no shortage of blogs on the internet.

    Also, it’s OK not to agree with everyone all the time. That’s life. Sometimes you just have to ignore differences and choose to focus on the parts you like about something. HFL writers don’t hide their political opinions. Deal with it.

    Thanks HFL to providing me with mostly interesting motorcycle news.

    • Whatever

      Hey, I figured out how make my shit bold!!11

      • Wes Siler

        HTML, FTW!

  • General Apathy

    Seriously.. We don’t care about the politics Wes.. Some of the articles really seem to be trying to unjustly vilify Republicans (case and point the lead law story).. it’s just dumb, not sarcastic and funny.. Otherwise I like this site alot.

  • Mook

    Does anyone actually disagree that Fox News is right wing?What’s the point of complaining when someone points that out? And it actually is pertinent to the article, since most right wing policies are decidedly not “green”.

  • chili sv

    This is one of the most entertaining HFL threads ever. People so uptight as to complain about perceived bias on a blog, you make me smile. I used to think the only difference between Colbert and Fox News was an understanding of the word irony. But you people are proving me wrong. You are proving me wrong, aren’t you?

  • Eric

    This is something only “green” celebrities would ride. I mean come on. Who wants to hear the whir of an electic dirtbike instead of the sound of a Ducati L twin?

  • Business training Vancouver

    It somehow makes me laugh: “Two key points came out of his discussion with blowhard-in-training Bell Hemmer: it’ll hit 60mph in “about five seconds” and it has a 60-mile range at 60mph.”