2009 Isle of Man TT starts Saturday

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2009_Isle_of_Man_TT.jpgThe most exciting motorcycle road race in the world, the Isle of Man TT, kicks off its first practice sessions this Saturday. It’s Friday, June 12 that we’re most excited about; both the Senior TT and the TTXGP take place that day. Following the jump is a promo video for the 2009 TT, but its dramatic action feels like a cruel tease, we haven’t yet figured out how we’re going to watch the races here in the US. Any suggestions?

Isle of Man TT

  • KungFuGrip

    You took the words out of my mouth… there has got to be a way to watch this thing in the US?

    Is it broadcast in the UK on EuroSport?

  • http://www.meatspin.com meatspin

    check justin.tv for any feeds come race day.

  • deltablues

    I download the current MotoGP races from a torrent site. I know during the 2009 Dakar, there were daily posts/torrents. Maybe there will be daily videos for the Isle of Mann also….

  • SeanKHotay

    You might try these folks at this channel: http://www.justin.tv/trueracing

    It’s hit-or-miss (they need more following/donation) but they’ve had some great stuff (all of which I’ve missed due to scheduling or a hair-thin pipeline)

  • Cyphear

    I read that it will be on http://www.itv.com, but I dont know how that site works (if it is free and available in the US). Let us know if you know.

    I wish it was on ESPN HD or SPEED HD for that matter! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you agree.


  • M.P.


  • Mr.P

    Last year itv.com covered the races but you were unable to view them here in the US, I’m guessing the same this year but give it a shot.

  • http://www.mc24.no IvarK

    North One Television got the TV-rights from 2009-2013.


    From a press release I remember ITV4 had bought the rights to broadcast in the UK.

    It also mentioned channels in other countries (Channel 10 in Australia was one of them – and, yes, I’m looking for a web service as well). It also said an american station had bought it, but for some reasom it didn’t say which.

    Hopefully someone will take notice of BBC Northern Irelands coverage of the Northwest 200 a couple of weeks ago:


  • Gary Sideburn

    I’ve been to six or seven TTs now and that still made my hair stand on end. They used a lot of footage of riders who died on the roads though, not just the TT, but Ireland (and Estonia, in Joey Dunlop’s case). The men (and women) who race on the real road courses are incredible.

  • Glenn

    Might be worth signing up to this (legit) UK torrent site, UKNova. They might well be having the IoM races. The do have some great torrents of the recent North West 200 which are well worth watching.

  • stephen john hale

    Program was brilliant enjoyed every second.
    However it’s the music that I want to find out,
    who performed the song King of the mountain as it didn’t appear in the credits as far as I could see.
    Any help ????

    • el

      I wanted to know that too – turns out it’s a band called Redline and is on their album Ignition.


      Enjoy :-)

  • Fabio

    Hy to all! Fabio from Italy, i’m finding too the artist who performed the track played on the finish, named “king of the mountain”, any suggestion? bye