2010 BMW S1000RR: 182bhp, asymmetric headlights

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These photos from this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix finally give us an idea what the 2010 BMW S1000RR‘s headlights look like. A new interpretation of BMW’ s asymmetric theme, there’s a round projector lamp on the right and a more traditional fox-eye on the left. Check out the taillight if you want to see something even better looking. It also looks like the production BMW S1000RR has finally gotten a power figure — 182bhp — although it’s unclear if that figure is at the crank or rear wheel.
That number comes fromm MCN, which claims it obtained a leaked dyno
graph. Since BMW typically quotes its power figures and dyno graphs at
the crank, we’re going to assume that 182 is a crank rather than a rear
wheel figure as MCN suggests. Combined with the S1000RR’s 189kg dry
weight, it looks like its power-to-weight ratio is coming in south of
bikes like the 2009 Honda CBR1000RR and 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 — bikes
BMW is determined to compete with on price as well as performance.

Check out the ABS/DTC button on the left handlebar. We know that the
S1000RR is getting a four-mode ABS system that riders can tailor to
their preference and conditions, but we know little about the Dynamic
Traction Control system. Like Ducati Traction Control, will it feature
switchable modes? Will we be able to turn it off?  

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Images via Solo Moto

  • General Apathy

    The rear end looks like an Imperial Star Destroyer? Cool!

  • Dan

    GSX-R10000 that’s a lot of motor…

  • Cynic

    Looks like BMW did not make the 190hp 190kg goal they were shooting for. Too bad.
    I still am hopping they have more success in WSBK.

  • Jason

    As a current BMW owner, I just want to know if I can get saddle bags for it ;)

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Looks better in these pictures. That tail end is mean lookin.

  • http://sr500project.blogspot.com/ Anders

    scuplting looks very aggressive, shame bmw always force-fit their ‘distinctive’ detailing. Those assymetric headlamps never looked good, maybe except for the latest gen 1200 gs, and this looks like one of the worst applications so far.

  • v

    i don’t like the asymmetric headlights(i don’t like it on the curent bmw line either)but that tail section is awesome .it looks like you will get a lot of bang for your buck but honestly they should keep the traction control and make the abs an optional

  • http://www.charmcitymotorbikes.com RockStarArtist

    I am of the opinion that BMW is not sure what to do with the front fascia of the bike.

    I photoshop’d the front fascia and it looks like the plate on the right side has the number 1 or 7 underneath the paint/vinyl cover.

    They are probably looking at the circular or the triangular headlight as the 2 options to choose from, and they have this particular front fascia split in half.

    • uberbox

      i think BMW realizes how important the headlamps are to the overall preception of asthetics on a bike.

      take the R1 for example; the goofy bug eye lamps, while functional, make the bike look a bit silly.

      that said, i’m sure they are making their minds up on the lamps, as no pictures of a bare front fairing have emerged.

      Personally, I hope they keep the asymetric lights, but with the fairing design requiring two lamps it’ll be hard not to make it awkward.

  • geonerd

    redline is 15k, so i think it’s very possible to have 182 at the wheel. if not, it’s going to be a peaky bastard.

  • LADucSP

    whatever….all this thing gets is studio shots with models and wild animals and “claims”.

    hype, hype, hype, hype…..

    all i know is, it’s getting its arse kicked in WSB

  • jconli1

    arses kicked? I figure for a debut effort of a yet-to-be released bike and a rookie team, they’re doing quite respectably.

  • Core

    That’s a pretty sharp looking tail-light. I like it.