2010 BMW S1000RR: most powerful liter bike ever finally unveiled in full

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Making 193bhp and 83lb/ft of torque, the 2010 BMW S1000RR is the most powerful 1000cc production bike on the market. More importantly, weighing 183kg dry and 204kg fully fueled, it also has the best power-to-weight ratio. Troy Corser just took the wraps off the production BMW S1000RR in Monza, the bike will go on sale in most markets, including the US, in January.

We’ve been covering the S1000RR, BMW’s SBK contender, since last April. We’ve published way too much info, images and analysis to reprint here, but you can find it all on our BMW tag page. Click here.

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  • lago

    Isn’t the RSV4 both lighter and more powerful?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      The production RSV4 Factory makes 180bhp and weighs 179kg (dry).

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    All those specs are good for when Johnny fat wallet is sitting at Starbucks drinking premium coffee. Id rather have a Ninja 250 pegged to redline in the canyons than a liter bike with power I couldn’t use.

    This is not a dig on BMW or any other manufacture, they just make what the retards want.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      There’s still nothing in the world like wringing the most out of a liter bike.

    • Tomahawk

      Just because you are limiting yourself to a 250cc, doesn’t make the 1000cc superbikes pointless. I use my Fireblade to the redline too, you know …

      And it’s a lot more fun than a Ninja 250. Maybe you should …grow up (and I mean both ways).

    • Joseph

      Yeah, why get the powerful and better bike when you could have something under powered with inferior handling and braking capabilities? Great idea.

    • bill gates

      only a retard couldn’t use liter bike power on a canyon road.stick to your 250 lil man.

    • Jim

      So let me get this straight, little 120-lb. kid – you’d rather been seen riding a 70HP scooter? I may even be high with that figure. Have at ‘er, buddy.

    • marko

      The guy who says it is more fun to ride on his 250cc bike than a 1000cc liter bike is an idiot. He said it because he has no experience riding on a real fast machine. LOL!
      There is nothing wrong with this bike. The MSRP price of this bike is very close to the prices of those 4 japanese giants.
      This bike is very innovative and highly engineered. TRACTION CONTROL on a LITER BIKE!? Damn! Now, that is something new! People who only ride 600cc bikes have no rights to comment about this bike. Learn to ride a liter bike first before you make a negative comment about this bike.

  • jconli1

    looks like it lost a barfight.

  • LADucSP

    tail straight from an R6, triple clamps/guages from a Triumph or Kawasaki, nose of a mid-90s CBR600, ducati traction control.

    typical teutonic styling mess of angularity and asymmetry for no reason.

    if the specs are accurate, i’m sure it’s going to be a monster and run great.

    but so what? there doesn’t seem to be any innovation in the bike, whatsoever.

    so, what was the point bmw? just to build a knock off to capture dollars in a different class, purely because it has “bmw” written on it?

    by contrast, the aprillia brings innovative new design and execution into a package that’s not only remarkably styled, but is proving competitve in world competition from the off.

    and the bmw in wsb? not so much, eh?

    • GEORGE

      Takin’ chops at BMW…go figure. It’s styled asymmetrical for a reason. It’s a work or art and everyone knows it. BMW doing what they do best…being the best. They didnt build, they engineered. Keep talking trash as this bike wins top-dog shootouts. First attempt at a superbike and it ends up being THE superbike…

      BMW, superior.

    • N Flannery

      I though it looked a little like an SP1 from the right side front profile, who cares as long as it goes well, only problem for me is BMW’s bike after service in Ireland is Sh123. Well thats my experience From Mr Maddocks in Bray.
      Serious spec’s But at 42 my knee down days are over, I want to see my kids grow up, so maybe the new V Max this year.

  • LADucSP

    oh yeah, and the intake system from an R1

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    The only time I have seen somebody wring out a 1000 is at the race track. I have however, seen many 1000’s wring out their riders on the street.

    Unless you’re a profesional racer I doubt you could get anywhere near the limits of a bike like this. It’s like a midget jumping for the sky.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Au contraire, visit any track day and you’ll see mere mortals exploiting their bikes to the full, even ones like this. It’s a common misconception that you can’t hone your skills to that level, all it takes is practice.

  • Rahul

    Wow…. straight out of the box, it beats the format that the big 4 have been refining for over 20 years…. Kudos…

    • Tom

      What did you expect??? They copied everyone else!

      • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

        are you implying it is a given ? If this bike surpasses any of the others, then it is a serious accomplishment, especially in its 1st year.

        in-line four fans should be loving this addition, regardless of the styling tastes.

    • Rocketjoe

      Talk is cheap and it seems that BMW is hoping some one buys it lmao!!!

      And if it’s has more power and lighter then the RSV4 why is it getting it’s ass kicked in WSB by that bike as well as the Ducati?? LOL!!!

      For mister Enthusiast with the ninja 250, i’ve been riding for over 15 years, currently race an R6, and have a CBR 1000RR for the street, if you would like I would be more then happy to show you how I get full use out of my bike on the street. Believe it or not some of us are more then capable of using a liter bike on the street. It sounds to me that you have yet to get there? If and when you do you will understand that thing you called too much power is a blast!!

      Thou out!! Lmao!!

  • Insert nick<]]>

    I have mixed emotions about the styling, kudos for their ‘boldness’ only BMW could pull of those headlights. It’s not very exiting though.
    By contrast the RSV 4 looks as if it is doing 200 mph while on its sidestand.

    I personally have never owned anything bigger than 600 cc enduro/touring bikes myself so i can’t say i have the correct mindset for such a bike.

    I also wonder who would win on reliability. Aprilas don’t have a great reputation for that or does reliability not relly come into the equation for you bidding WSB riders out there?

    Any thoughts?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Aprilia actually has an excellent reputation for reliability.

      • Dano

        Aprillia and dependable are like oil and water, same thing with the likes of Ducati’s,
        and how bout the 1800.00 US dollars Tune-up ya, i want that bike,,,not!
        and talk about unforgiving riding posture, well i kind of turned this into a pissing contest and for that i am sorry, we should all embrace a new bike on the market that will have all the cycle makers on their heels to build faster/ more reliable/ powerful/ safety conscious bikes for the masses and do it all at an affordable price, and if you cant afford 13 or 14 k for a bmw then you dont have a right to complain about it you cheap bastards! Especially considering the busa is 12,500 or so brand new, a new 1 yr ole’ model you can get for 10, but seriously with the numbers of power to weight, this should beat the zx10R and that in itself would be impressive, and as for WSB, BMW never set out to win WSB, they openly stated that they will finish top ten at most races as they have, or within a few, and next year they will push for a few podiums, when you are new to racing, and you have prototypes worth millions, you dont go balls out and tear it up, there are new parts to test, and a multitude of ever changing conditions that a new race team is learning, keep in mind folks that no one company came into racing with the fastest bike it’s first year, so give em time, and think of my earlier statement of the other bike manufacturers, its great for everyone, congrats to BMW, Aprilia, and KTM the three have raised the bar.

  • geonerd

    great package. awful packaging.

  • Hosenpants

    “and the bmw in wsb? not so much, eh?”

    Much better than Kawasaki, although that is not saying much about how well BMW is doing, more about how Kawasaki is failing. Maybe a slight chance of them catching Aprilia should they get qualifying ironed out. Maybe?

    The new Aprilia appears to be very cool. What will be icing on the cake will be if customers are able to buy parts (oil filters, replace scratched mirrors not to mention body panels and major bits) once the bike goes on sale. I do some web work for an Italian moto dealer and they always said: Great bikes. Lousy support.

  • kawalser

    finally BMW answers the question every potential buyer’s been asking: Can I get this bike in baby-vomit yellow?

    Not bad styling otherwise, except for the lazy eye headlight.

    BMW DESIGNER 1: If it weren’t for the roudel, I swear we’ve just designed a Yamaha.

    BMW DESIGNER 2: Well, Hanz, we can just lop off half of the left headlamp cover.

    BMW DESIGNER 1: But then it’ll look like shit, won’t it?

    BMW DESIGNER 2: Exactly.

    • rocketjoe

      Well done!!! That pretty much sums up the looks!!


  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    I would like to congratulate Superman for allowing BMW to use fragments of the Fortress of Solitude in the tailpiece of their latest…thing.

  • Mitch

    I agree with a lot of the sentiment here, seems like an awfully conventional bike for BMW. On the other hand, it is a pleasant surprise to see a Beemer that doesn’t dance around the sport riding question and go straight for the jugular of the Big 4.

    Looks wise it strikes me as a test mule for some other bike – like it’s all function and no form, whereas other BMW bikes have a lot of form.

    It looks like the clutch is mechanical; I wonder if it’s tough to pull, since all the other liter bikes have a hydro setup.

  • joneez

    I’m surprised BMW went back to using a fairly conventional fork and swingarm setup and not some type of telelever/duolever/paralever after all those years of screwing around with them.

  • JR

    I’m pretty sure BMW kind of came out and said “we know this is conventional and we’re going to show that we can kick ass doing it that way too”

    As far as scrutinizing its styling, it looks JUST LIKE other sport bikes, a different light here, a sharper curve there… oh well

    Still looks like a sport bike.

    Crap your pants fast I’m sure, too fast for me. I like it though.

  • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

    +1 for the consensus that this is an ugly piece of metal.

    Love a lot of BMWs work but this is bike looks a cheap imitation of a jap bike to me.

    Can’t believe the mis-matching headlights made it into production.

  • Avboden


    everyone calling it ugly is now calling all the Jap bikes ugly too. Cause all of you were the ones saying how much it looks like an R6. And NO ONE ever calls the R6 ugly.

    It’s a cool looking bike. The headlights are cool, and that design also saves weight.

    The bike weighs 403 pounds dry, with 183BHP

    this will be THE FASTEST PRODUCTION bike out there (of the 1000ccs)

    Lets wait for the road reports eh?

    • Tomahawk

      “everyone calling it ugly is now calling all the Jap bikes ugly too. Cause all of you were the ones saying how much it looks like an R6. And NO ONE ever calls the R6 ugly.”

      It’s ugly because of it’s weird front asymmetry and no jap bike has that so your logic makes no sense. BMW should know that we humans, always try to associate human faces (expressions/attitudes) with the designs of bikes/cars. And this bike fails big time, mainly because looks like a retard/lazy eye/punched eye etc. I just can’t get used to it’s front uglyness. The rest is fine!

  • http://www.motoflash.ro Paul

    The germans know they designed a conventional superbike and they desperately had to add the BMW signature somewhere. I find the asymmetry of the headlights very very weird (they should probably sell a sticker that mimics the headlight shape). The tail light shape is somewhat ridiculous, you could actually get hurt with it.

  • uberbox

    i want it.

  • Sid

    Asymmetry bad.

  • design

    they go trendy it’s copy…
    they go over it’s ugly (999)

    you write on the net doesn’t make you a expert in design… you just give an opinion between two porn sites! ( and it costs you nothing.

    “h, i think it’s probably amazing bike, but there ‘re no inovation”…yo
    dumasses,if it’s the best wheight /power ratio… it’s innovating more than your idiotic ranting … .

    you beeing able to do stupid critisms doesnt make up for lack of capabilities. bmw engineers/designers still do more in a year than you doing in twenty!…
    chill out. respect work and genius.
    don’t think that internet made you anymore smart than you are!… it just make us, the one who actually do things, fell smarter….

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      You should add researching the value of online communities to your jam packed, super important to do list.

    • http://www.designronin.com Design Ronin

      “respect work and genius.
      don’t think that internet made you anymore smart than you are!… it just make us, the one who actually do things, fell smarter….”

      REALLY? I worked in the biz as a designer, and this thing’s just a ‘nothing’. Yet another overblown manga fantasy. Awful at many different levels. The 999 I always felt was, and still is great design, just not to the liking of many and a shock after the 916 legacy.

      But I digress…

      I must be getting old but this is just irresponsible. As many have said, who on earth needs this much power on the street? Don’t use lame arguments, justify it in rational terms. As a track bike, great but on the street bloody hell. Even a GSXR 1000 is far more than anyone needs and pretty much everyone agrees it’s a brilliant bike. This comes over as an exercise in overcompensation for no other reason than they could.

      I’ll go back to keeping my eye on the developments for the TTXGP now…

    • chili sv

      “…us, the one who actually do things, fell smarter….”

      That’s classic. But then I’m sure it’s difficult to type while riding a high horse.

      • Dangry

        Re: “…I’m sure it’s difficult to type while riding a high horse.” I’m dying right now!!! LOL > Chili SV you took the words right out of my mouth.

        BTW – He assumes none of us are professional designers, product developers, or marketers.

        Great design is difficult to achieve. Ugly design is easy to recognize.

  • geonerd

    i think a lot (not all) of the ugliness emanating from the bike above comes from its color. radioactive urine.

    the proper black one looks a lot better. and honestly, if they price it at around 13k it’s going to grow on me a hell of a lot faster. nevermind that ludicrously fat torque curve.

  • Mechafishy

    lighter, yes. more powerful, no

  • imag

    I have to say, I didn’t think BMW had this in them. As far as specs go, this is awesome.

    And I don’t understand – how can one complain that the styling is both derivative and screwy at the same time? Personally, I think they did a great job. Much of a sport bike’s styling is determined by aerodynamics and weight, and the rest – well, I think it’s unique. Some people are okay with asymmetry and some aren’t – that doesn’t make it bad. And it looks like it’s form following function, which is alright by me.

    To the guy saying it’s not innovative – I hope that’s a troll. Clearly something that surpasses what every other manufacturer in the segment has been able to build is not following…

    Oh, and to the size complainer: some of us just can’t fit on 250s, shorty. FYI, most 600s feel pretty small to someone over 6’2″ as well.

  • g.romay

    you know those kit-cars replicas, their supposed to be a replica of a famous respected supercar car but somehow they do and dont look alike, the lights always look different, they always got extra intakes or have them in a different positions and shapes, often they have bits of different iconic cars, like the tail light from a ferrari, and the headlight of a lambo but the doors are from a mclaren, and the proportions are always off. well this looks like a well executed kit-bike, it doesnt have a soul and character of its own, its obviously been inspired by japanese bikes, , they took the styling from the R6, and the 1000RR name from Honda, but took the time make the right changes to make it look like typical kit-car replica.
    this bike sucks just for that, it feels soulless and seriously lacks character. I would still like to drive it, very much… but I will spend my money on the RSV4 or any italian or japanese bike over this any time.

  • Chester

    … are we all taking the figures supplied to us by the manufacturer as gospel? Over the years these haven been proven to be overly optimistic time and time again, especially when fanboys base favourites on statistics. Independent readings will come soon.

    As for styling; I can dig it, I personally feel it’s conventionally styled.

    Would I buy it? Price would be an issue, it would be hard to draw me away from the Jap bike’s bang-for-buck ability, though the current Japanese designers are helping to shoo me away, with the 09′s bikes being somewhat unattractive, or rather, less than they could have been.

    As a plus BMW have always had great reliability and after sales supplies and service.

    Now i have had quite a few Aprilia’s in late 90′s and early 000′s, and they haven’t a certain something special about them. The new RSVR4 is very tempting, I will need a test ride, and a sizeable amount of play money, but it’s the only 09 I currently lust after.

  • Scott

    Beemer was not trying to reinvent the wheel here. The fastest way into WSBK success, was to take the tried & true from Japan. Ripping off motorcycle design is not new. The Japanese did it with the DKW & other German bikes. Consider the favor returned.

    ps the S1000RR has a dead sexy swing arm

  • Karlb

    form follows function, its a WSBK race bike just as the R1,GSXR1k,CBR1000RR and is going to look similar. I like the styling, not wild about the green color but otherwise think its a hit headlights and all. the bike is on a competitive level with all the other current offerings out and and if competitively priced it all comes down to what flavor bike one wants as there isnt a bad bike in the segment.

    I for one will have lots of fun running one of these around both on the street and at a few trackdays a year.

    Just as I did my past litre bikes, RC51,996.999.
    I recently sold the 999 and am patiently awaiting the arrival of the S1RR to the USA this winter.
    (already have a deposit down)
    does anyone need this much power, no, but it sure is a blast to have it, Im just glad BMW finally made a bike in this segment bfore I got too old to ride it

    • dean

      @ 55 I can tell you, never to old for HP. I just click over the first 1000 miles on my Buell 1125r amd yes it’s a blast even at 30 degrees. Picking up my S1000RR 2nd week of May. yea!! I hear all the time about how great the jap bikes are, they are fast. I could never own one.

      • Richy

        I’d just like to say that i test rode the S1000-RR & found it to be a very competant bike. The 1st thing they tell you is to ride it on ‘Rain’ setting for half an hour before going on to ‘Sport’ setting for more power, which is great but you are comparing it to itself in the two different modes but after this i got back on my ZX10-R to ride home & found the kwack to be a much better bike in a back to back test.
        Not that i’m saying it’s BETTER than the BMW, just better for me.
        As i said, the BMW is a great bike, just not the greatest. Lets try to remember that they have been building bikes for a while now, so they havn’t exactly leap-frogged the Japanese, more like caught up.

  • PaulVincent

    I’m glad BMW brought it to market; competition brings out the best. What is its maintenance schedule and cost of routine maintenance? I ask because in the past BMW were quite demanding and expensive for just routine maintenance.

  • area_educator

    Years– decades!– of complaints about how quirky, unconventional, and idiosyncratic Beemers are, and now the complaints are that this is too conventional.

    Of course it’s going to look a lot like the Japanese sport bikes– they all look a little like each other to start with. When everybody is trying to answer the same question, the better answers will be similar.

    I suppose they could’ve made it less angular and more flowing, and then been accused of copying the Italians.

    • uberbox

      considering that I’ve assumed the HFL community is more about the ridding experience and function of a machine, it’s pretty ironic that so many people here are bitching about the asthetics of the bike.

      Further, after years of people bitching about BMW’s quirky styling, they give us something a bit more status quo and still, no good? What gives? are those of you complaining true BMW lovers who can’t stand the idea that this isn’t a shaft drive, boxer motor’d, electromatic suspension creation?

      So is anyone else as excited about the TECHNICAL awesomeness of the S1RR as I am?

      • http://www.urbanrider.eu urbanrider

        The tag line for the Hell for Leather site is…

        ‘Culture, Style, Design’

        Hence people appraising the styling and design aspects of the bike. I don’t know enough about the technical side of motorcycles to judge but from an aesthetic point of view it wouldn’t get a sideways glance from me other than to puzzle over the bizarre headlights.

        I come from an industrial design background and for sure, there are many different schools of aesthetics but the one I believe in says that whilst symmetry is not always essential, balance and proportion is, and this bike doesn’t achieve it for me.

    • Tomahawk

      “Of course it’s going to look a lot like the Japanese sport bikes– they all look a little like each other to start with.”

      Does KTM RC8 look like a japanese sportbike? Or maybe Ducati 1098? Or MV Agusta F4? I guess now. BMW should have tried harder!

      • geonerd

        i know what you’re getting at. but think about what BMW are trying to do with this bike. from my understanding the whole point was to bring in a completely new kind of BMW customer – the one that’s been ogling over r6′s, cbr’s, ninjas and gixxers. using race and showroom-proven design is a pretty safe bet.

        did they achieve that goal? i don’t think so. but we won’t know for sure until next year when it hits showroom floors.

        until then, all the squids will have ample time to mull it over. and depending on the reception, we could even see a revision of styling e.g. more conventional looks before its launch.

        either way, i’ll be headed down to the local bmw dealer come january for a demo ride, as i suspect most of us here will as well.

  • v

    it’s a sportsbike..most of them share the genes of the duc 916 in the looks department but this one sure looks like an r6 to me..i find the front section a bit disturbing and almost as an afterthought..the rest of the bike looks fine..the specs are fantastic..i still drool after a rsv aprilia..a four cilinder sportsbike is my dream bike and i still hate honda for putting that cool ass engine in the vfr

  • aoelus

    I would almost guarantee that if one could weigh the bike it would be more than 394.63 lbs. I mean no fuel but oil and a battery. If it does weigh that, it is a remarkable achievement

  • jesus

    italian bike have the italian feeling, japanse bikes have the japanese feeling, australian bikes have their own feeling to them, english bikes have the english feeling and look, bikes from u.s.a have their unique look and feeling, every bike has its own style, from the details to the overall sensation they all have their own personality & character, hell even german bikes had their own style and feeling… till now, i think its sad that they counldnt come up with their own proposal and had to copy, i was really looking forward to seeing something new and fresh, i wanted to see how a german superbike would look like, but i guess i wont get to see one… not yet

    • v

      i think the ktm rc8 fits that bill,even though it’s from austria..like it or not it’s a fresh aproach design wise..like i said the assymetric headlights aren’t bad in theory and they do work on some bikes but the one’s on the s1000 really seem like a horible afterthought,and a bit insulting for the engineers who slaved over the technichal parts i’m sure they put all this effort passion and time to fine tune every aspect of the engine,geometry,performance,aerodinamics etc and finally someone from the design department said..dude we need headlights..honestly it would look nicer if it had 2 round headlights
      ps:tamburini left a while back from mv agusta..i am sure these big companies have the money to employ him,i mean he did do a decent job with the 916,brutale,f4 to say the least..kawasaki especially need help and they need it bad

  • http://twitter.com/marshallhaas Marshall

    Wes you must be loving the traffic and comment flow. 45+ comments just on the weekend!

  • aoelus

    I liked the K75 BMW as an alternative to the standard Japanese formula, though I never owned one. My guess is BMW didn’t want to go down that road again. KTM’s liter sport bike is an attractive alternative. I like the Ducati from a styling perspective because the larger fairing give a more unified appearance, less fussy with odd bits of hardware here and there. The asymmetrical headlights are a bit odd in an otherwise rigorously symmetrical design, but if function dictates, I say it’s ok with me. Nothing new in design concept, so the weight and HP are to be its selling points, and of course, that peerless German engineering/construction, a stereotype image that has lost its luster of late.

  • Hosenpants

    The lights are, save for the most basic aspects of it being a motorcycle, a design element that connects this bike to other BMW; the GS, that monster naked K bike and this all have the freaky one small/one large headlight.

    Everything else is completely aimed at selling bikes in the very conventional, in its way, high end sport bike market. There have been endless reviews of BMW’s that spend a lot of page space throwing hissy fits about how alien their switch gear has been. All the complaints that it doesn’t look German reminds me of the beardies bitching about the K bikes and oil-heads, without either the bike part of the company wouldn’t exist anymore.

    “I liked the K75 BMW as an alternative to the standard Japanese formula, though I never owned one. My guess is BMW didn’t want to go down that road again.” They have a massive shaft driven K bike – besides the fact that it is doesn’t meet spec, it would never be competitive as a race bike.

    The color might be crap to some but the specs, assuming the reality is trueish, seem right on to me.

    The Japanese sell a massive amount of liter bikes. If BMW can grab some of the wealthiest part of that market they are golden. Their dealerships give a better overall service, the resale will probably be better – I bet this thing is a winner (as much as a bike company can have a winner in this economy).

  • geonerd

    it’s hideous. it’s a nightmare.

    but i woke up this morning, and the S1KRR was all i could think about. it’s tech porn. it’s punk. it looks at you and says, “go fuck yourself.” i like it more now than i did when i started writing this, and i hate liter bikes!

  • Charlie

    Impressive numbers and probably a techno tour de force. But one ugly machine. Maybe it’s nicer in person, in a different color. The HP2 Sport is beautiful. I’m surprised they couldn’t do more aesthetically. Disappointing.

  • http://instinctivefitness.asia Ben

    Have to agree with the general consensus on this one, looks like a Japanese bike with a manufacturing defect, still, if it beats the big 4 it’ll be a hell of an achievement.

  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lenny

    did anyone take a look at the video?
    that white blue red version looks amazing!

    i totally dig the endurace style asymmetrical headlights

    prob most people will need some time to appreciate this bike

  • http://bubblevisor.blogspot.com/ lenny


  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    no opinion is 100% until it can be seen in person.

    As much as people dislike the asymmetry, I dislike the over symmetrical shape of the RSV4 headlights (bland mismatch with all of its other innovation).

    The swingarm on this bike is great

    The criticism of “copying” is trivial considering BMW is probably the most diverse moto manufacturer in the industry. This bike proves BMW can deliver whatever they set their minds to undertake. Take a look at their current catalogue. We as consumers would be lucky to have another OEM pursuing this amount of diversity.

  • Dangry


  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    I would prefer the use of 2 round lights (mimic the right, round light with a left counterpart).

    Look at the straight-on photo above.

  • Zac

    Ruben Xaus actually finished in the points at Monza on one of these. Not too bad. Still got got hosed by the Yamaha.

  • Crash

    Its beautiful, raw, brutal, powerful, fast, light…

    In appearance and expectation.

    Lots of interest! Good!

    A BMW M3 looks a lot like other cars, but try one, and you’ll never confuse an M3 with anything else.

    The pictures show an appearance that is very similar to what we’ve seen before, but I think we all expect the difference in quality to be evident in the flesh.

    Hope I’m not disappointed by reality

  • http://www.speedymoto.com Christian

    I feel that in this bikes market segment, consumers make a lot of their purchasing decisions based on performance specs and less on cosmetic design. For this reason I will give BMW some slack on the poorly designed bodywork and I hope the bike can stand on its own two wheels against its competition.

    I do agree with ChilliSV and Dangry…it is “easily recognizable”.

    The body work reminds me of the cheap Chinese pocket bikes that come in by the container load…

  • stacius

    I think the times between the fastest and slowest bike in SBK was something like 4 seconds.
    I suppose everyone else on this board could do better, but frankly, I think that for a FIRST EFFORT the BMW is pretty amazing. As an owner of an ’84 GPZ, I’d be happy to ride ANYTHING currently running…including the Kawasaki.
    If BMW starts to make regular podium visits in the next 3-5 years, that would be even more amazing…and I think they just might do it.

    Function over form.

  • Mike

    Excellent work, BMW!

    Here are my initial impressions:
    - the image of the black S1000RR is stunning, evoking a stealth fighter (great pics at http://www.motorcycle.com). The yellow paint scheme seems awkward to me for some reason. Designer David Robb pushes the envelope without too much garish nonfunctional details. Definitely better than anything Chris Bangle or Adrian van Hooydonk ever penned.

    - the crisp styling is not for everyone (even I strongly prefer the smooth styling of the 4th & 5th generation Honda VFR or the voluptuous K1200RS). But then again, this bike isn’t for everyone, so be it. Let the performance speak for itself.

    - Those who don’t see the innovation in this bike must be blind. It is very, very difficult to make a bike that is lighter and more powerful than the rest of the pack. BMW did some ingenious mechanical innovations (low-maintenance positive valve actuation is a HUGE leap forward), plus some substantial electronics engineering for even better safety. I am drooling for a test ride already.

    - regarding asymmetry: will the plebians please stop the whining. For decades we’ve been riding asymmetric bikes — you know, with a big silencer on the right rear side — and no one talked about the awkwardness of the asymmetry then. How many riders converted their bikes to symmetric underseat exhaust? Symmetry is important for many things, but headlights don’t fall into that category any more than exhausts do. If anything, BMW did the aftermarket industry a huge favor — someone will come out with an “upgraded” symmetric headlight kit for the S1000RR and then all will be right again for those who spend more time looking AT the headlight rather than piloting their bike.

    - Market timing is be painful, so let’s hope BMW is willing to keep building this machine for the long term despite the current economic malaise. Innovation is the best way to stave off recession, and this prompts Italy and Japan to respond with new models of their own. This ought to be exciting!

    - @LaDucSP: welcome to the reality of a mature industry. On both economic and engineering terms, superbike designs are approaching their logical ideals, so you will definitely see many similarities between different manufacturers. Does it offend you that you have so many good choices in the marketplace, all of them highly evolved and refined?

  • Diego

    They failed miserably to create an identity of their own. Still show me a price that’s as unconventionally low and ugly and I’ll buy this piece, rips of some plastics and redesign from the frame out.

    Yellow baby vomit… come on…

  • http://www.s1000rrforum.com Rob

    A great looking bike. I like the green, but not the headlights.

    Thanks for giving a ton of details on the bike.

  • Cynic

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I kinda like it. But I like quirky unconventional things. It is very similar to what Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki are offering, yet distinctively different. Not ugly KTM different or amazingly gorgeous Ducati different, but quirky and cool different :-) BMW is not going to be the Superbike I buy, but it’s a close second.

  • Marc

    Many people here are arguing about these small, and ultimately irrelevant, design / style details.

    But you know what? It will come down to PRICE. The MSRP will make it or break it. If the MSRP is the same, or within hundreds, of a CBR1000 or an R1, I’ll take the BMW.

  • Parkze

    I absolutely love the design. As far as the performance goes, it sounds like a beast! I don’t think Its going to be best of class or anything but it should run right there with all the other liter bikes. Which is way more than I’ll ever need. I am anxious to see the price. They say it will be along the lines of the Japanese liter bikes. I would venture to say that it will be around the price of a Ducati or the KTM…my guess is $15,000 with no ABS or traction control and $18,000 – $20,000 with all the bells and whistles. Personally I would still go with a GSXR 750 but if the price was low enough it would be nice to have one of these just to stand out at bike nights. Weather you like it or not you have to give BMW some credit for entering the market of superbikes anyway. And they didn’t do it with a whimper…they did it with a bang!

  • Juan Hernandez Jr.

    “Mr. Ninja 250″. I’ll see you at the track after I get my BMW 1000RR.

  • Kane Cream

    All we’ve been hearing for the past four or five years is how the manufacturers have been trying to beef up the midrange of all their in line four bikes, 600s and 1000s. Variable length inlet trumpets, different firing orders, in exhaust butterfly valves and milder cams. So bmw comes along and designs an engine with an output that doesn’t even wake up until 7000 rpm. So in short, THEY JUST PUT LUMPY CAMS IN THEIR INLINE FOUR.

  • ksaibarath

    wat wsa price of this bike

  • Dan Loesch

    For those of you who only ride Ninja 250′s and “hate liter bikes”…..grow a pair!

  • David

    Yet another big power claim and stuff all kilos that won’t pull the skin off your custard without reving to the moon. These litre bikes are really only for the track there is not one of them that will pull away easily from the line unless they are doing 6000rpm.

    So how about the BMW or is it frankenstine since it is certainly made up from all the present litre bike designs. The only original parts are the damed ugly ugly ugly headlights and fairing.

    This bike is suposed to be comparable cost to the Jap bikes, recon it should be they spent nothing on original design just coppied parts.

    The Aprillia has the best idea a V4 you get torque and power, sure it costs more but for the 95% of riders out there wanting only a litre engine this is the best way. The engine useability will far outstrip all the others in the class.

    I love power in bikes but not just in the high revs my last bike was a 2004Busa now a 2008 ZX14. The ease of engine use compared to the litre bikes is asonishing, when they build them with more usability then I will buy another one.
    As for the BMW same ol same ol.

  • Bodie

    Saw this bike in person for the first time as BMW is now touring the bike through various tracks and venues across the US. All the comments to date acknowledged. BUT Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The bike is clean, straight forward and the ergonomics for a normal height rider (anything over 5’7″) are delightful. Nothing appears out of place, afterthought like, except maybe the little turn signals all around. The headlight and taillight fit well in the design. Sound running is, well… pleasant More power? Do I need it? Well, yes, I have been known to use what there is in the K, so do I worry to not be able or capable of the power of this 1000? Will I wrap it around the nearest tree? Are features like ABS (on my K, wouldn’t live without it any more!) and traction control worth it? Time will tell. Meanwhile… SIGN ME UP !

  • Ace Olfre'

    What’s the big deal? It’s a modern day. Buy and ride what you like. But don’t diss others. Have some respect. All cruiser bikes look similar. So do all Formula One cars. laptops and cell phones. The S1000RR is a competitive platform in a niche category so it has similarities to others in the same group. Personally I think its easier to find a metallic green bike in a sea of red, blue and black bikes race day or track day and if you like working on your ride, a Beemer is typically designed so it’s easier to work on it yourself. Give me one BMW!

  • Aquiles Meo De la Torre

    Front end look like Bill The Cat

  • Mark

    I think it looks great. Just paid a deposit on one for delivery in December 09.
    Will let you know what its like.

  • WishIwas20again

    Love at fist sight! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder gentleman. Finally, a design that doesn’t look like all the others at first glance. It’s like a Shelby Cobra, don’t really know why you want it but you just know that if you do it will change your life. see it here http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/81/AC_Shelby_Cobra_%28Auto_classique%29.JPG I just don’t have a million dollars to get an original in mint condition. I think I could come up with 15k for this beemer beauty though.
    Thanks for the article!

  • Revelstoker

    BMW, needs a bit of conventionality in their line-up. By giving everyone, almost exactly what the Japanese offer but just a bit better, BMW has a chance to capture share and make a go in the segment. I love the K12/13S but everyone pasted BMW for its front end system and under-performing engine (didn’t beat the Busa).

    Personally, I like the styling as it looks just enough different to stick out in the crowd of Japanese bikes, I don’t have to see the lights when I am riding and its no where near as sexy as a Ducati.

    At $16.6 with the options before tax and title, I would love to have one. HOWEVER, I keep hearing rumors of Honda selling CBR1000RR’s for $7k due to over supply.

    Lastly, with the ride by wire system and BMW’s known problems with freshman efforts, I think I might sit out the first go round. Either pick up one of these when the second gen is released or just wait a year or so for them to sort out the issue (K12s fuel and tranny issue).

  • Patrick

    I think this thing is amazing, the power, weight, let see how it does on the track. After all, that is why they build and sell these bikes. If they do not build a production model they can not race it. I think the level of detail and safety is also unheard of.

    To all the complainers and style guru’s, I can’t understand your complaints about the headlight shape. I see your point on the shape of the taillight however, that is the only view you will ever see, hahhaha..

  • hanz

    its a very nice!!

  • K1200Srider

    If you have had a look in the last few years. The grid in MOTOGP shrinks each year. Kawasaki is now to concentrate on WSBK. WSBK has now got a great formula for those of us who are passionate about motorcycling. The S1000RR is I belive an indication of how healthy our pastime is although I am no Troy Corser and in the real world there is possibly no need for big Litre bikes I know there is no better fun you can have with your pants on than having a big bike under you.
    I have always been an avid fun of the German Mark. There bikes are truly world class now its time to let the tiger out of the box. Bring on 2010.

  • Bigfootracing

    I had a 03 K1200RS, Loved it. Got an 08 K1200S, OMG this is it. I do track days with it every chance I get, got my race lic with it too. I will never get rid of this bike. Wait… 1000RR from BMW… I have a bike for sale…

  • http://yahoo.com FighterDave

    Okay the Desmosedici RR is definitely more powerful and lighter weight, and apparently the RSV4 is as well. This is still a fast bike, but #3 is not #1.

  • Owned1ofeach

    For the first time out. it’s an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Somebody is gonna get beat in the canyons on this machine. You’re really in the “it comes down to the rider” zone.

  • Owned1ofeach

    I hope you can ride. I really hope you can ride, cause that’s me on the BMW passing you (It’s okay, stop by and say hello at the next gas station).

  • Oakley

    The only add I saw for this bike had some Euro fag straight outta going Ryan Seacrest’s way. Take out your tampons, grow balls, and get on a Harley Davidson.

    • Jacee

      I’m pro-domestic, but Harley is a joke – idles and runs rough for no reason except for “character.” Guess it represents its riders though – overweight and loud with little appreciation for performance and without purpose except to be unavoidably noticed. As for the S1000RR, compliments to the engineers who developed this machine and all of the other great sportbikes competing today. I’ll be ordering the BMW.

  • KamaraaN Sadeq

    yes ppl thats what I am talking about thats what I wann’a have I wann’a have it S 1000 RR PPL PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE WANN’A HAVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT

  • KamaraaN Sadeq


  • Mark

    The bike is amazing. BMW has already received 450 orders for the bike. The traction control is a wonderful add. Wait until someone puts it on the drag strip.

  • Louis309

    I ride an 06 CBR1000RR. The liter bikes are all about performance (accelleration, decelleration going into and coming out of turns)as well as power to weight ratio. If you can get great styling on top of that, it’s a bonus. The S1000RR has just raised the bar for everyone else to follow, thank you BMW.

    The more competition you have in the liter class, the better it is for us riders that demand as much power and performance we can get our hands on at a reasonable cost. Looks like BMW and the RSV4 are heading in the right direction.

    I am ready for a new liter bike, I love the RSV4 and the S1000RR, and they are both priced right. The next step is to test ride both of them and pick one. Or wait one more year to see what the competion is going to do. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to own and ride a liter bike. I am very exited to have even more selection in the liter class thanks to BMW raising the bar.

    The bottom line is, these bikes are the F1 of motorcyles, anyone that has had the priviledge of owning and riding one knows exactly what I am talking about. I am a retired engineer 55 years old. There is nothing more exiting than the liter class and the year over yeat competion between the manufacturers to be number one.

  • Lithuanian

    Geras mocas,pirksiu ir as!

  • http://cigarettereviews.org Smoking Fast Josh

    This thing looks like a transformer. I MUST HAVE ONE. BAD ASS.

  • Blazer

    There will be a black s1000 sitting in my garage in Calgary, Alberta this summer. I’ll rate it for myself thank you. Race City here I come.

  • Sanders

    I have a liter bike too, and it is fun as hell to ride on the street. That being said, if you ride a liter full-out on the street I hope you stay the fuck away from me and have a good life insurance policy so someone can benefit when your stupidity catches up with you.

    Liters are track bikes and that’s the only place they should be pushed.

  • Ronald

    I own an r6 definetly a resemblance. I agree the head lights are a little weird. But over all I think it’s a good looking bike and should be a real screamer! Btw racing results and street results a very different. Yamaha wins superbike followed by ducati. Honda voted best litre bike…

  • Christopher

    I’ve been riding & tracking liter bikes since an 85 Suzuki GS1100E, and 85 GSXR750, riding for over 30 years.
    Come and gone have been all the latest/greatests.
    04 CBR1000rr, Ducati 996 Superbike, 08 GSXR1000, 07 R1, 1150 GS Suzuki (85), etc…
    Love them all, I was going to buy the 1198S (hoping for a used one by this springtime) for track duty, because the Traction Control is a wonderful Addition on a track bike for a fully seasoned rider.
    Then BMW smacks me in the face with this bike, seemingly out of left field.
    One sit at the bike show on the Racing White/blue/red unit & a little bit of Reading on it…. SOLD!
    I say, if this bike was only available in the puke green, I’d have still bought it to blow the doors off the nay-Sayers on a track with.
    This bike is a monster with the highest spec to date.
    Head-light looks? Give me a break guys!
    If it looked like my 07 KLR650 I’d still buy it today.
    It’s function, not ego

  • Pizz

    $19K for a litre bike? The difference between this bike and a ZX10, GSXR 1000 or R1 is the engineering in the stock bike. Add PCM and exhaust and you get close to this power for a lot less money. What you get for the remaining price delta are the engineering features like wheelie control, ABS, etc and the 3 year warranty/roadside assistance.

    I think this will be a great bike, but I can buy a bike that’s 90% there for almost half the price. Buyers will likely be those with excess cash (the normal BMW demographic) or die hard racers who will pay anything to get the track advantage. I’m not either.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      It’s actually $13,800 which is roughly the same as the Japanese competition.

  • Bert

    A-lot of chit-chat about this puppy. I remember a few years back, specifically 1999, when the Hayabusa came out and there was chatter then too. Folks either hated it or loved it.

    “It’s ugly…”

    “It’s fat…”

    It’s [insert negative comment here}…

    I picked up my Busa that year and I loved the hell out of it. I feel the same way about the BMW. People will be talking about this bike for a long time.

    I’ve got mine on order and can’t wait to pick it up! It’s an amazing bike.

  • Matt

    The entire point of this as a road bike is to make it viable for entry in WSB.

    The rules say that a minimum number of bikes must have been available to the public for it to qualify for production racing.

    Regardless of whether its too powerful or too ugly for road riding, BMW designed it to put into WSB. Thats why theres only a limited run of them going on sale.

  • Bert

    A limited run is fine with me. I’m VERY excited about this puppy! Fast, sleek and amazing power.

    Where’s the downside?

    I look forward to taking my S 1000 to Road Atlanta and anywhere in between.

  • KingKaw

    The S 1000 RR is a serious bike with all the features added that can be had will still be less money than a basic Duc 1198! If you don’t have the money, you don’t like the styling, dont buy-one.I own two Kaw’s, a 05′-10R and 03′-12R and they are great, but they are not on the edge of technology any longer.
    The only asian boys moving forward are Yamaha. The R1 is a great bike, but read what is said about it in the “real” world. In reviews, it has its draw-backs. Liter bikes are ridiculously powerful, all of them. If you like a challenge, buy-one! If you are not capable, stay with a middle-weight.
    My 10R is highly-modified and puts-out just shy of 200 HP, at a considerable cost in parts and work. I like the thought of all that kind of power built-in by a factory, with a three year warranty and better handling too! I agree, it does look like an asian product, but it is not. Italia is too expensive for most. Asia is going-up in price without the technical innovation. 2011 may be different for all in this arena as the products come to our shores.
    Buy what you like, what meets your tastes in style. The BMW S 1000R may be odd in appearance, quirky in the least but I’ll put money that with the safety features offered will top the controllability and ease of street use of the liter bikes. I personally from experience think that worth paying for, with the thrills still present I cannot for the life of me think of what styling will do for a bad case of “road rash” or worse? Horse power is intoxicating for those like me, I look for a better handling, safer ride with quality that is quite apparent in the BMW!

    • Richy

      So what you are saying then is that all the other manufacturers, who have made all the major breakthroughs with the technology, have been made redundent by the introduction of this one bike? Hmm……& even without the 1st years proper glich long term tests? WOW! Do you work for BMW?

  • Amol

    This is the bike I have been loitering around. All I say with premature knowledge in sport biking is that BMW S 1000RR will remain the first choice right from the entry level enthusiast till the Master for years to come!!!

  • abd rahim

    no comment on this bike coz ths bike easy to ride @ handling more pwerfull good system never ever other bike if standard spec.

  • john daniel mamza

    i went 2 bey bmw bike

  • CLH

    I don’t mind asymmetry and love the look of BMW’s large/small circular headlights, but with this, one headlight is angular and one is circular, they don’t look as though they belong together, it looks as though they were scavenged and placed together. The rear tail light is also a bit gash and it’s a shame because it sounds like it’s a great performer and the HP2 sport is such a good looking bike as well as many other BMW’s……Another thing that bothers me is the red RR on the green bike, looks as though they removed it from a Civic or something and put it there.

  • jimmy

    mmm this bike looks awesome in the flesh. if you havent seen one take the time to look at it. the shark gills are sweet. i am considering trading in my 636 ninja and blackbird to get one.

    everyting says buy it. quite possibly you will not have any soul though and thats the only real concern – just like an M3 for example totally uninspiring….?

  • Cundaleene

    Have test rode this german beast and it performs like no other. Not cramped up either. Have ordered one and pick it up in 3 weeks. Will have a few sleepless nights lol.Cant wait to ride this beast on a track day. Just a short note about a comment on the abs system from another forum. The beemers abs system weighs in at 5 odd pounds whereas the hondas abs system weighs in at wait for it 28 pounds gotta give it to the germans they engineer there bikes well. But before i get abused for having a go at Japanese bikes i actually enjoyed the latest cbr1000rr but s1000rr is the bike i will ride in the future. Stay upright yall.

  • Jonathan

    Previous sport bikes (don’t change up often if I like it) 1995 Yamaha YZF 750, 2008 Yamaha YZF R1. Many miles logged on Ortega Hwy and Willow.

    Now: 2010 BMW S1000RR.

    Thank you BMW. You got the formula right, but upped the game on the first try.

    For the daily commute, slightly different position to my trusty R1 caused some initial fatigue in the wrists, but only took a week to get used to. A little more heat than my R1 at the knees, but, crack that throttle and all is forgiven. :)

    For the pleasure ride ;) BMW absolutely wins! Sorry, but no comparison.

  • kenny

    i just turned 54 yrs. old and i just got have one of these,is there something wrong with me or what?

    • RL

      Do It ! ! !

  • http://my.opera.com/leedgreenassociate/blog/ LEED Green Associate

    Good post, thanks

  • http://gpsamigo.info/Kohler-Faucet/ Renaldo Roskowinski

    Chuck Moock