Basem Wasef reviews 2009 Ural T Sidecar

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Ural_T_action_ii.jpgOur buddy Basem from just got the first ride on the new $10,000 Ural T sidecar, finding that the 40bhp Russian-made throwback is prone to “lift throttle oversteer.” Basem, aren’t you supposed to be more responsible than us?

  • SJY

    That is a very cool jacket.

  • NTBH

    Said hooliganism is only one of the things that I loved about my hack and also helps explain why I’ll be picking up my new (used) one from Doug Bingham as soon as I get out to CA this summer.

  • monkeyfumi

    Hilairious! Those crazy russians.

  • Sasha Pave

    M/C reviews on Sure why not.

  • IK

    “Sidecars were then and have always been the practical alternatives to cars. They are for getting to work economically and for taking the family out for a picnic … If you are obsessed with high technology and speed, forget it. It’s like the difference between kayaking and jet-skiing”. 100% agree. I can only add that Urals are capable for what other motorcycles simply can’t do. Check out manufacturer’s website

  • ISellMotorcycles

    I am trying to picture it without the sidecar and I think I really like it. Has anyone seen a Hayabusa Sidecar. It is definately worth googling. Is that a boxer engine on the Ural? The Ural is a product of chemical warfare, the color red, caviar, and chilled vodka.

  • IK

    Here are Ural solos:
    I’m not so sure about chemical warfare and caviar.
    Chilled vodka? Maybe.
    Simple. Pure. And definitely functional :-).
    I really like the look of this new T

  • will

    Ah shit, there goes the Ural urge again.

  • โหลดเพลงฟรี

    Quality performance art