Belstaff District Blazer, finally better than Grandpa's

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The days of riding to the office looking like an X-Man for the sake of safety may finally be over. The District Blazer from the Belstaff 2009 Pure Rider Blue Label not only offers protection with CE approved built-in armor for shoulders, back, elbows and forearms, the entire shell is made from teflon-coated Dynatec fabric and treated with the new ColdBlack finish. Is it us, or did the wax-cotton Trialmaster just get reduced to quaint?
According to Schoeller who invented and manufactures the Dynatec material, ColdBlack finishing employs some type of secret reflective technology that lets dark colors reflect sunlight the same way light colors do. This allows for the material to deflect as much as 80% of sunlight and the heat that accompanies it. Basically, it stays cooler longer and dissipates heat faster after moving out of the sun, regardless of the color of the fabric. The jacket is also waterproof with a Micro Dry membrane and comes with a blue quilted removable 3M thinsulate liner for cold weather riding.

One of our favorite features is the hidden zip behind the jacket’s buttons, keeping the jacket in place if there’s a crash. The beefy latch under the collar as well as the functioning lapel button are also nice. In fact our only major complaint for the $775 $675 Belstaff is that the pocket flaps weren’t cut envelope-style to ensure against moisture, but we guess we can’t have everything. Pricey? For what you get, we still think it’s entirely worth it.

We’ve heard rumor of a Belstaff boutique dedicated to the new Pure Rider Blue Label opening in Manhattan, but for now the jacket is currently unavailable in the States. If the Boutique does happen, expect the price to inflate accordingly for what will surely be a trendy store location. Since Belstaff can’t be bothered to show the jacket on any of their sites, we’ll send you to somewhere you can buy it right now. Our friend Will is happy to ship.

Urban Rider

  • aoelus

    Those humongous bottons are just silly. So there is a zipper behind them. NG. The Alpinestars Nero
    is priced a little less (disregarding leather) without the buttons. A nod to tradition I guess
    Interesting how some of the apparel makers are offering a haute couture (in a way) riding gear tilted toward style. Enough of The Wild One or Wehrmacht style!

    • Grant Ray

      Actually, Aoelus, the Belstaff design dates to 1924 and has nothing to do with German military design. I find it surprising for you to be so aggressive towards variety. I know you just got your Nero and you’re proud, but let’s not go crazy.

      HFL just got a District Blazer delivered this weekend while I was in the Sierras riding the F800GS. I took it to a friend who designs for Ralph Lauren Black Label. He had some issues with interior pocket zippers and a velcro pouch from a manufacturing standpoint, but he knows the business like few others ever will and is obsessive about design. I haven’t had a chance to go on a decent ride with it yet, but the Belstaff is well built, fits properly and definitely feels like a luxury jacket.

      • aoelus

        Jeez, just cuz I didn’t like the buttons I’m going crazy? And of course you’ve rolled out your big guns with the Ralph Lauren Black Label designer, I mean how could I possibly refute anything HE said.
        My comment re Wild One and Wehrmacht styles relates to 2 particular strains of moto apparel as opposed to the subject design which is marketed as a boutique item with prices to match. And just because you have your “Blazer” (don’t see the connection, Nero Convertible is more in that category) you’r so proud of you don’t need to be hyper sensitive to my criticism of the archaic buttons.

        • Grant Ray

          I apologize if you felt I was attacking you in some way, although your comment did come off as a bit aggressive towards traditional style. I didn’t mention my friend’s critique of the Belstaff as a refutation of some kind. I was just throwing out some feedback I got from a professional opinion. I generally show him all the gear sent to HFL since he is a designer who also rides a W650.

    • robotribe

      “Black is nice to look at, but not so nice when it comes to baking Enough of The Wild One or Wehrmacht style!”

      Funny, I was just thinking how this was just one red arm band away from SS officer gear. I like the intent (purely cosmetic buttons included) but would prefer another color; preferably not “Rommel khaki” either.

  • sam

    sounds like they thought of everything, and it looks great! but….how safe is it compared to leather?

  • Matthew

    Awesome, too bad I can’t stand it. I love Belstaff in theory, but in practice I don’t like their style.

  • syd.

    hmmm. give me this jacket in leather, and then we’re talking!

  • Ben(pi)

    I like it. The lower edge as it rounds out from the center seems a bit odd, but maybe it’s just the pictures. What’s the material feel like? Is it like waxed cotton, or more like cordura?

    • Grant Ray

      The material is not like wax cotton at all. More like a cordura with a micro synthetic sheen over the fabric. That round at the bottom is there. Not sure why, but I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.

  • aoelus

    The collar is too open at the neck to my liking. You’ll have to wear a silk scarf but I guess that goes with the look of the buttons. The rounded bit at the bottom is good as it prevents the bottom from binding when seated on the bike. In fact the collar makes no sense at all I think. Function saw not a priority in this design.

  • jj

    It may be more style than substance but boy does it have a lot of style! Would happily go to a function or event wearing this jacket. More stylish motorcycle gear I say!

  • carbon

    $675 and I get to sport their logo? Wow, where do I sign up.

  • TonyS

    Belstaff is bullshit now. They got bought a few years ago by an Italian investment company with aim to reposition it as an historic fashion brand. Just as the Italians have done with Moncler.
    Protective, functional motorcycle gear is not their focus.

  • Matt

    Like the Redwing Gentleman Travelers, this falls into the category of, “How I would like to look but cannot afford to make happen.” For now I settle for looking like some shitbag in clunky work boots, jeans, and a mesh Alpinestars jacket.

    How’s the ventilation? Would it be a viable SoCal year round affair?

  • ryan

    what an absolutely ugly jacket. It might look ok for an idiot riding a vespa, but for everyone else, it’s going to make you look like a scooter riding tool.

    open neck = significant wind noise into the helmet.

    Buttons vs road surface = buttons lose EVERY fight.

    • Grant Ray

      Ryan, as stated in the review (and clearly shown in 2 of the closeups) there’s actually a zip under the buttons. There’s also a “beefy latch under the collar” which is quite high when flipped up and completely encloses the neck. However there’s a bit of room where the overlaying flaps let air through but not a significant amount.

      Matt, it’s still too cool here in New York compared to SoCal, but the ventilation is good and I think it would be fine between the Dynatec and the ColdBlack finish bouncing off the heat.

      TonyS, I fully agree that Trialmasters, etc., are fashion jackets, however with the Pure Rider line, protection actually is the focus. They’re just not sacrificing class.

  • urban rider

    The jacket is made with Schoeller Dynatec which Belstaff claim to be as abrasian resistant as Cordura, however it has a finish more akin to a fashion jacket.

    The buttons do conceal a zip, so it’s not style over function.

    The District Blazer is geared towards inner city riding in that the intention is you can meet your wife for dinner having got off the bike looking stylish, for example.

    There is another jacket we sell with an identical technical specification but more practical for high speed riding called the ‘Windy Corner’ which can be found here:

    I think that Windy Corner addresses the other concerns posted here in terms of the neck and buttons?

    • aoelus

      Windy corner has the neck covered but I prefer the longer (tunic?) length. Grant would have been better off with the Belstaff Rider Blouson which is less determinedly a fashion statement as the District Blazer. I understand Windy Corner but not District Blazer and Blouson. I expect a Londoner would. There is a dizzyingly wide variety of textile materials being offered which makes buying online chancy. It would be nice if sample swatches were available for inspection before ordering. I have one Alpinestars Nero made of canvas coated with polyurethane. Looks like leather except close up and cuts the wind nicely. A bit stiff though and I wonder if the wax coated variant might be nicer but have no idea how thick the wax is. Wax jeans are not coated heavily at all and hardly noticeable. I bought a couple of pairs thinking they wax might cut the wind better than regular but not much difference.

  • Zac

    Check out this Dainese Milano Evo. It has CE shoulder and elbow armor and a slot for the optional back armor as well. I have one and its great for going to work when I don’t want to look like a space invader. I don’t think I would take it to the track, but its a good looking jacket. There is a concealed reinforced zipper for the front as well.

  • amsterdam

    Sounds good.
    And looks good.
    Own a leather trailmaster, wear it with a protection vest underneath.
    It’s a fashion item but good enough to bike
    with all year round. It just looks and feels great.
    ( It is fucking expensive though, I give you that one)
    I think Belstaff is doing a great job at reinventing the brand and innovating.
    * considering a matching handbag*

  • modelasian

    I think this jacket looks great, but I’m not sure when I’d where it, and at that price it would probbably be my only jacket.
    Yes, it looks blazer-ish but it’s not a blazer. I’m (allegedly) a lawyer, and I model, so sometimes I need to wear a proper blazer. I’ll wear one under my old Cordura Trailmaster. Wearing this jacket at a jacket-required function On the other hand, as a real motorcycle jacket, the rounded cut at the bottom of the zipper/button seems like it would flap a lot.

  • carbon

    Phfffff! (spitting coffee all over screen)

  • area_educator

    For what it’s worth, I love my Belstaff Zodiac (purchased through in black and grey. Great in summer. The Windy Corner, mentioned elsewhere, does look fantastic, though it looks like it might be a bit warm for a jacket with what looks to me like a summery cut.

  • John

    (Deleted by HFL for false identity, negative business practices.)

  • Mick

    (Deleted by HFL for false identity, negative business practices.)