Best of Bike EXIF: April, 2009

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Bike EXIF brings you a daily dose of beautiful static motorcycle shots with its signature touch: the EXIF data from the photograph featured. The emphasis is on rare or modified classic machinery with a bent towards café racers, flat trackers and old racers. Chris Hunter, and Australian art director, runs Bike EXIF. He’s chosen his six favorite shots from the last month for us to feature above.


  • aoelus

    Thanks for the link. Really cool bikes and especially the CB500 Honda cafe racer but with 4 megaphones…!!!

  • v

    there is something about vintage moto guzzi’s that makes people drool..bikers and non bikers included those things are a magnet

  • tony starr

    chris does a great job with Bike EXIF. makes for a great daily perve (and light reading).

  • blankfocus

    very cool site.

  • Sasha Pave

    I LOVE this site, thanks for mentioning it. Finally with HFL and EXIF, we’re getting some decent M/C media on the web!

  • Reggie Galyon

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