Bonhams auctions old bike posters at Quail Lodge

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A couple weeks ago, Bonhams & Butterfields held a motorcycle related auction at California’s Quail Lodge. Most of the items were business as usual; old bikes bought by older men who’ll lock them up and never ride them. But, there was also a collection of seriously cool vintage bike posters. While we’d never pay $1,586 for an old Motor-cycle Club de France ad, the auction did give us chance to get our hands on these images. Oh, and there was also the FIM race license for some guy named Steve McQueen, it fetched $42,700.


  • will

    McQueen can’t be uncharming on a goddamn license photo.

    T’aint fair.

  • urban rider

    great find. I would kill for prints that cool. If you know any distributors for stuff like this please let me know

  • Shondra Disarufino

    Hey… I’m having a bit of problem