Brammo Enertia TTR electric racer officially unveiled with Best Buy sponsorship

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We’ve already brought you pictures of and specs for the Brammo Enertia TTR, but now we can bring you high-res images (click the photos above to expand) and more details on what lies beneath the shiny green fairing. The TTR shares the upcoming Brammo Enertia‘s extruded aluminum frame, but upgrades the battery capacity from 3.1 to 8.1kWh as well as fitting more race-oriented suspension. That regular Enertia will go on sale at Best Buy in the very near future.
“We could have started from scratch and thrown a whole lot of money at
the project,” explained Craig Bramscher, Brammo’s CEO to
“But rather than go all out, we wanted to show the heritage of the
Enertia and show where it is headed.”

Brammo plans to release two additional models later this year, which could include technology from the TTR.

In addition to the extra battery capacity and more powerful motor –
good for 90mph — the TTR gains custom Traxxion Dynamics forks, radial
Brembos, an Elka monoshock and forged magnesium Marchesini wheels. The
whole thing weighs in at 360lbs.

“Our goal is to be the best handling bike and the one that goes through
the curves the fastest so we’ve got the highest average speed,” says
Bramscher. The TTR is likely to be far slower in a straight line than
both the Mission One, the street version of which is said to hit
150mph, and the MotoCzysz E1pc with it’s 10 battery packs and three
motors. We’ve already seen the E1pc hit 122mph on a dyno.

Range is a concern to all the competitors in the TTXGP, the inaugural
zero emissions motorcycle race on the Isle of Man. “”Hopefully 37-1/2
miles,” jokes Bramscher when asked about the range, in which case it’d
need to coast the final 2/10 of a mile to the Mountain Course’s finish


  • Plecostomus will never win COTD

    Very interesting indeed. I’ve been wondering how an electric bike would do being raced over any kind of long-distance track.

    I suppose we’ll find out?

    • Wes Siler

      We’re about to find out in a big way, there’s some seriously cool bikes being entered in the TTXGP.

  • ua the destroyer

    Wow, they used the whole front end(including triple clamps), rear brakes, and heel guards from a daytona 675.

  • uberbox

    i have to admit that i am genuinely excited about TTGXP…now if only i knew where i could watch it…

  • aoelus

    I’ll be surprised if any make it to the Creg.

  • blankfocus

    I’ve been dreaming of setting up a Kawi 250 track bike…but maybe I’ll hold off for one of these! Wish we could watch the race.

    • Wes Siler

      We’re trying to figure out some way for everyone to watch it. Stay tuned.

      • chili sv

        Hey Wes,

        Any news on that awesome looking EV-0RR? We haven’t heard anything about this in months.

        • Wes Siler

          Haven’t heard a thing. All the Euro teams are strangely quiet.

  • Johnny Big D

    You are all nuts

  • General Apathy

    If you read this site daily you’d think they stopped making internal combustion engine motorcycles 10 years ago..

    • Wes Siler

      Hey, show us innovation in gas-powered bikes and we’ll cover that too.

  • Fritz

    Bring on the Electrics…every mother’s son of em

    Any day now there will be a breakthrough in battery technology …

    I hope so :)

  • Brian

    Wes, you should get in touch with the TTX guys, they’re claiming you can watch live from their site.

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      I’ve tried talking to ttxgp about that but they’re bizarrely unhelpful.