Brammo TTR teaser video is music to our ears

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Brammo has just sent the best exclusive ever. The video from a recent shakedown test of their Isle of Man contender is brief, with the racer cresting the hill then going by in a rapid blur. The prototype is wearing what looks to be Aprilia RS250 plastics though we’re not entirely sure. We did a bit of enhancing to the above screen capture to get a better look at the machine, but that’s not what’s important here. The best part is that the rather fast 100% electric Brammo TTR racer sounds amazing. No, seriously. Super awesome in a 1970s Star Wars desert hovercraft kind of way. Is it obvious we’re excited about the 2009 all-electric Isle of Man TTXGP? It should be. Video after the jump.

Update: We’ve added a second video of the TTR below.

  • skadamo

    Yeah, that sounded real good. Kinda shoots down that National Post article about the TTXGP being a big yawn doesn’t it?

    Oh, wait, they pulled the article down. Probably a good call. Still in google cache though. :)

  • aoelus

    Without serious crowd control at the Island, the electric bikes should have some noise emitting device to warn spectators of their approach.

    • The_Doctor

      It does emit noise. It goes WWWHHHHrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm. Granted, its not so much of a warning as it is tire noise, but its something.

  • Design Ronin

    I thought electric bikes would be like a fast Prius, noiseless apart from rubber noise. OK, this is pretty cool…

  • Wes Siler

    It’s kind of like natural selection. Learn what it takes to stay off the track while the race is on or you don’t have what it takes to be an evolved spectator.

    • Cru Jones

      Normally I’m the first to advocate natural selection, but I’m a little on the fence about your comment. I agree the spectators shouldn’t be complete binmen, but their binmanship could lead to the energizer bunny, er, rider getting into a serious collision. I guess when/if it comes to that we’ll just slap another battery in the bunny, I mean rider. ;)

  • DM

    Maybe they can use playing cards taped to the fork legs or the mud guard to warn the crowd.

  • Enthusiast

    Youtube is very “exclusive”

    • http://Http:// Wes Siler

      We uploaded the video.

  • Ben

    I agree with aoelus, silence would be deadly in something that fast. If they offer a choice of sound effects you’d have to go with luke skywalkers speeder :)

  • aoelus

    How about a whizzer ring type device, suitably sized.

  • blankfocus

    I can now be officially excited about post-gas bikes.

  • esteban

    this is ultra re-contra super cool.
    for those worried that the deer, cow or burro few curves ahead wont get out of the way because it wont hear you coiming, the same electric battery of the bike can power an ultrasound frecuency to “clear” the way…


  • modelasian

    I was kinda hoping for a totally silent motor. I guess I’ve always imagined future hovercraft as silent.
    Does anyone know how loud a Lexus is? Those seem really quiet, and I haven’t noticed a rash of Lexus/ped accidents. Same thing with electric busses and street cars.
    I bicycle downtown to work everyday in San Francisco. I think most city dwellers can agree that with so many peds (and bicyclists) listening to phones or iPods, it’s not the sound of a motor that matters, it’s whether the ped is looking before crossing the street.

    • hoyt

      true, but this is the Isle where alcohol plays a factor, so this is a serious consideration.

      It is amazing that these mishaps actually happen

  • Dangry

    Looks slow.

  • uberbox

    it is a cool sound but part of the appeal of race bikes is their brutal and powerful sound. Imagine watching Rossi’s M1 speed down the straight at Indy sounding like a loud electric fan…not so exciting. Then again, 5 or ten ebikes could be cool.

    • aoelus

      I agree the sound of a high revving ICE can’t be beat and a wimpy electric motor whooshing by just doesn’t have the sex appeal. And I have read of competitors in the TT having problems with spectators on the track.

  • will

    TTXGP bikes would need a sound device? How about telling people to stay off the road? That should be efficient. People usually don’t hang out in the middle of the track at the TT, clearing whenever they hear a whooping liter four half a mile away.

    And it sounds awesome, by the way. It sounds like the future should.

  • johnny

    It look rather slow- hopefully it’s because it’s on a highway and they’re keeping to the speed limit?

    • Wes Siler

      It’s probably just undergoing very early shakedown testing. Don’t want to push it because they don’t know if something’s going to break.

  • desmo

    Yes, they might be taking it easy because something might break. Which is why they shouldn’t be anywhere near the Island until they’ve proved themselves on the short circuits. This is a ‘race’ which has been foisted on the organisers by a chancer and a politician out to make a name for himself. The majority of TT fans would be quite happy if it fell flat on its face. I sincerely hope that no one gets hurt when an untried, rush developed bike falls apart on the bumps. Before anyone shoots me down, I do know what I’m talking about being a former competitor, mechanic and sponsor on the Island

    • Grant Ray

      With all due respect, Desmo, your statement leads me to believe you obviously don’t have a knowledge of the history of racing prototypes at the TT, regardless of your affiliation of it as both racer and mechanic. Geoff Duke never raced a bike that wasn’t built the night before, using radical parts that weren’t dreamed up a few weeks before that. He’s one of countless examples.

      If you don’t like electric bikes, just say it.

  • ISellMotorcycles

    At my dealership we all make motorcycle sounds. Yes, I know it’s lame, but what are we going to do for electric bikes? The more I think about it, the lamer I feel.