"Carnage" at Monza SBK turn one

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Monza_turn_One_SBK.jpgBraking for the first chicane at Monza, Makoto Tamada collided with Brendan Roberts, sending both riders shooting across the turn, taking out Max Neukirchner, Troy Corser and Tommy Hill in the process. Leon Haslam described the scene as “carnage.” Corser will now be forced to sit out Kyalami and Neukirchner’s season is hanging by a thread. Still, being run off the track is better than suffering the indignity of running out of fuel like Ben Spies.

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  • carlos

    why was he so hard on an inside line before the chicane? It looked like he was run off into the grass a good 30 yards or so before the turn in.

  • Hosenpants

    That poor bastard Tommy Hill – somebody better take away his shoe laces for a while.

  • aoelus

    Maybe they should bring back push starts;-) Or move the start line closer to the chicane. Or use heat races to thin the herd of crashers and seat warmers like Tamada. Anyway, fantastic race in Race 1 with Spies showing his determination and great skill-then for naught in sight of the finish. Bummer!

  • SJY

    This was a fantastic crash and very sad that so many riders got serious injuries. This is actually good for the sport because it appeals to the lowest common denominator. And the vast majority of people on this site fit into this category.

    A better picture would have been when Spies passed Frabitzio in the chicane or when Spies was so hard on the front brakes he was doing an nose wheelie every lap.

    Crashes are not why fans watch racing. They are the worst thing that can happen. If you want to communicate something about WSBK use more than this carnage shot.

    • ace

      SJY – if you were going for “self-righteous asshole” with that comment, you succeeded! You should consider going someplace where the higher denominators like you hang out. On the way there, though, you might want to learn to spell Fabrizio, and have someone show you when to use “a” instead of “an”. Don’t let the door hit you!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler


      Is there someplace else you can take your assholery? It’s beginning to get annoying. Clean it up or cut it out please.

      • SJY


        Their was so much more to report about Monza other than this carnage.
        Crashes are the worst thing that can happen in racing. All the best to Max.

        I just wanted to point out the blatant sensationalism in this post.

        I would prefer to have this conversation in person because I doubt you would call me that name to my face. Please don’t refer to me that way again.

  • http://www.americadelivered.com nick

    Man I always hate seeing stuff like this. Such a pity that so many talented and passionate riders got hurt. I prefer to see bikes sliding while they’re on their tires, but it can sometimes be instructive to carefully go over why crashes happen. In this case though, the video was insufficiently informative–it was hard to tell why the two guys were blazing in from the left. Poor guys–hope they all get well soon.

    And I’m not convinced the “vast majority” of people on this site are looking for crashes–even if, say, most of the commenters were out for blood (and they don’t seem to be) you have to remember that there is a silent majority of readers who do not comment.

  • http://matthewabate.wordpress.com matthew

    So much for Troy Corser. I had such high hopes…

  • Alfonzo Woods

    The Monza round was subject to some v00d00 curse! That awful crash… Spies running out of fuel while leading the first race and then Haga getting nailed by a bird in the 2nd?! Someone tell Madame Cleo to leave WSB alone!

  • jwinter

    I don’t know anyone who watches motorcycle racing for the crashes. That’s full-on Nascar style. They make me wince.
    I watch for things like Haga’s last-corner pass last week or Rossi pulling out a Laguna Seca (that’s becoming a cliche, huh?).
    I just get sad when I see crashes, even if they are riders I don’t care for.

  • EJ25RUN

    Haga was hit by a bird? OMG ARGH!!!

    I knew he was to calm this year then just to crash out on lap one. Man that makes me mad.

    GO HAGA!!! #41

  • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler


    We cover motorcycle news as it relates to new products, culture, design and other mainstream interests. We’re not a racing news publication. Several top riders getting injured, completely restructuring the SBK championship for much of the season is big news for the entire motorcycle world. If you’d like to see us covering other stories, then contribute something positive by emailing story ideas and suggestions to tips@hellforleathermagazine.com

    Taking into account the inability to understand the media landscape, the disregard for Hell For Leather and its readers and the insulting language used in several of your comments, I think our opinion that you’re representing your brand in an unprofessional and undesirable manner is reasonable. Contribute something productive or please don’t contribute at all.

    • SJY

      I am not representing any brand while posting comments on your blog. The comments made are those held by me, solely as an individual.

      I have the right to point out blatant sensationalism when it appears to work against the best interest of the motorcyle industry as a whole. This crash will bring more interest to WSBK, but not in a pure or positive light.

      I misspoke when I said the vast majority of your readers are lowest common denominator. I apologize to your readership for that.

      • area_educator

        I have the right to point out blatant sensationalism when it appears to work against the best interest of the motorcyle industry as a whole.

        And they have the right to point out that you’re behaving like an asshole.

        And there was no sensationalism in this post. Wes only stated that there was a crash, how it happened, the results, and posted a video documenting it (from a single angle with no added soundtrack or other sensational details).

  • SJY

    Last word is yours, I surrender and your right I can be an asshole.

    I am such a huge fan of WSBK that I hate the fact that it only gets talked about (mainstream) when something tragic or unlucky happens to the riders that we worship. WSBK is the coolest thing in the industry right now.

    It is not HFL’s fault for jumping on an obvious internet attraction such as this. It was never part of my point to discredit them.

  • bndgkmf

    Only you can prevent sand in your vagina.

    • Russ

      Best post ever

  • SJY

    LOL :)

    I hate when sand gets in there!