Christian Bale makes Great Escape in new Terminator Salvation trailer

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Terminator_bike_jump.jpgCoincidence? Reference? Rip off? A new four-minute trailer for Terminator Salvation sees a very Great Escape-like jump over tank barriers and barbed wire. It also looks like Christian Bale manages to tame one of the Mototerminators to serve as his personal transportation, possibly by screaming that it’s “unprofessional.” We’re just glad to see a post-apocalypse appropriate selection of motorcycles instead of Wolverine’s lame cruiser. Click through for the HD trailer.


Thanks for the tip, Paul.

  • Hosenpants

    Nice timing. Born on this day in 1930: Bud Ekins

    • Wes Siler

      I did not know that, nice.

  • JR

    I usually don’t really anticipate movies, but I am really pumped about this one.

    And no, I don’t think Christian Bale is an ass, haha.

  • Zeitgeist

    Ask Catman about it. He took full responsiblity.