Denver to possibly designate bike parking

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While the city of New York continues enforcing crazy anti-biker Draconian laws, Denver’s Director of Development Engineering Services, Rob Duncanson, is on the verge of getting 20 dedicated bike parking zones put in place throughout downtown Denver. That’s right. A large city in the United States is actually considering modifying its street-parking infrastructure to accomodate motorcycles and large scooters.


The DES has identified 20 “end-cap” spaces that have been deemed under-valued, generally excessive No Parking zones on street corners, and plan on presenting the pilot program later this week to senior management for the Public Works Department.

Already generating interest in other cities, we think is a no-brainer program for easing congestion that should be implemented nationwide. As long as the DES gets the word out to the biking community and uses easily identifying signage designating zones, we can’t see this failing.

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  • DaineseDan

    Good on ‘em! Living in San Francisco, I just take it for granted that there are designated bike spots on damn near every block! I don’t understand why other cities wouldn’t follow suit. It simply means more revenue for the city, and less congested parking for everyone else.

    • modelasian

      Unfortunately, SF is in the process of increasing moto parking meters from $.25/hr to $1/hr.

  • mxdork

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Denver the city with laws that could also be described as ‘draconian’ regarding bikes without their stamped OEM exhaust systems?

    Either way, designated motorcycle parking is awesome sauce.

  • Kerry

    mxdork: Denver’s laws concerning EPA exhaust stampings. It is a minor infraction – a violation like a parking ticket. NYC took this law and increased the fines 1000% and made bike confiscation manditory as part of the second offense. Now that is Draconian. I don’t like it either, I think the law is a stupid way of enforcing noise restrictions in the city but hey – cities have to get creative to raise revenue during these tough times.

    Love that they are doing designated motorcycle parking. Very progressive.

    • mxdork

      Thanks for the insight. Now I know.

  • CafeM

    I’m sure it’ll still be done in a methode to create revenue! In Victoria BC Canada we have Bike and Smart car spots but we are still charged… only for half as much as a regular car. As for loud pipes, dont even get me started!!

  • Shrike

    Me and about 100 of my fellow bikers force the city of Miami Beach into putting in bike specific parking. They would not allow us to park more than 1 bike per metered spot anywhere in the city. I organized a ride on a Saturday morning and we all rode out to the main ocean side street, the famous Ocean Drive and slowly and methodically took every single spot on either side of the street. By the evening there was no parking for anyone and no tickets being written for expired meters. When we vowed to do it every weekend the chief of police and the mayor met with me and within 3 months there where 12 motorcycle only spots. Unfortunately, with meters.

  • CafeRacer1200

    It would be great to have even metered motorcycle parking in Indianapolis. I always hate having to take up an entire spot with my bike. Besides, I’m sure I could park a whole lot closer. I won’t hold my breath though. Indianapolis would NEVER be that progressive. Hell, even the speedway, despite hosting MotoGP, forces motorcycles to park in a concrete stripped gravel lot to go to the museum. I tried to park in the regular lot about a month ago and the security guard told me that I had to park waaaaay over there, in the gravel, when the regular lot was 85% empty. When I questioned her, I was told that she’d tow my bike if I left it there!

    • Shrike

      don’t know man. When i rode up from Miami on my bike to watch the MotoGP I was met with amazing tolerance and even a blocked off street to go hang with only motorcycle access. I’m sure promotion was a big part of that but there may be a receptive ear there somewhere if you decide to make some noise.

  • Steve516

    As bikers, we will always be considered a fringe group to regular average society. It does not help us that some of our members flaunt their wheelie skills in the faces of the police either. My cousin just got popped for lane splitting here in NY. Same spot another friend of ours was popped a few months ago. Low speed, 5-10 mph, totally safe (from our perspective at least). I would never do it, but he does all the time.

  • David P.

    This is good news, and should be emulated by every major city in the country. My town (Burlington, VT) has had non-metered, motorcycle-only spots for a few years, which makes life very much easier. The only problem is, during peak hours they are all filled with bikes already so we STILL have to fight for spots!

  • Sasha Pave

    Go Denver!

    Even if there are meters, the city will realize that M/C spots are far more profitable than car spots.

  • amsterdam

    Funny, in Holland you are not allowed to park your motorcycle on a parking-space; they are for cars.
    You have to park your bike on the pavement; always for free.
    Noise restrictions in NY?
    Last time I was there, about 2 years ago, I could hear a HD come up busy 5th ave all the way and thought wow, what a noise.
    It was a cop.

  • Jonesy

    Lets all protest for moto only parking and legal lane splitting in some areas (its legal in Cali and in the right circumstances its fairly safe) i have an uncle who lives in Cali and says you just gotta watch the cars closely and make precise movements

  • Wrench

    In LA, I just fit between parked cars in meter spaces. I have never been ticketed. It should be that way everywhere!!

    I love what the Miami guys did above tho that is awesome. and I can’t imagine not lane splitting, beating traffic is 3/4 the reason to risk your life riding with nutty cagers!

  • dculberson

    Columbus, OH got a fair number of designated motorcycle parking spots last year. They were free, too! They added some more this year, but unfortunately now have a permit you have to buy to use them. It’s only $50/year, which is nice.