Deus Ex Machina "The Mono" SR542: headed to Hollywood

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This Yamaha SR500-based street tracker will be the first Deus Ex Machina custom to make it Stateside. Befitting the flashiness of its new home, the SR542 is running some seriously expensive hardware in the form of one-off Öhlins suspension and many hand-fabricated parts. We love seeing an older bike given a fresh lease on life with a mix of old and up-to-date parts, click through for a full description of the build.


Carcus from a 1978 Yamaha SR500

Old girl originally purchased from a bloke down on his luck and in the middle off cancer treatment (no lie).

Fashioned in spirit of our original SR Chainsaw Longtracker, mid LWB swingarm to enhance ridability.

Staunched up chassis,enabling all running gear to keep beach sized footprints off the rear 180/80-14″ Dunlop K180′s on the tarmac.

One off Factory Ohlins Supermotard forks originally destined for the Kawasaki S/Motard Rider Liam McGee, nephew off ex GP rider, Kevin McGee, luckily found there way into our hands.

Heavy internal mods to sure up geometry and rake to help her tip in nice and quick, whilst providing good high speed straight line stability.

Ohlins back leg consists off a one off custom made Ohlins Shock to suit, including shaft length, valving specs, all internal work, bottom out rubbers, rebound isolator valve, 3-stage compression valve stack vs 2 stage rebound, external mounted reservoir, external adjsuters for reb and comp, and a fat spring to take the load and handle the leverage ratio forces imposed on the unit by the mid-hillclimber swingarm.

542cc high compression engine modified with head flow work, hot cam, lightened and balanced crank, piston and rod.

Keihin Flat slide FCR37mm Carb and custom inlet manifold to meter the fuel and provide good intake velocity than some of the larger units, thus greatly improving bottom end and mid-range punch for around town balls out fun.

Exhaust handled by our 2 piece reverse cone silencer with the core puched out and force fed a 50mm perforated core, provides great back pressure on the engine, and enough bark to satisfy the next door neighbours solicitors.

A heavily modified chassis with the help of ex qantas engineer Jimmy Healy off Sublime Fabrications – hard mounts the powerplant, carries all electrics and battery under the seat section, swinging off the front is a custom made billett set of triple-trees, fashioned by Sydney 3D CNC magician, Mario Ricciardo, including a 3 degree re-set offset to accomadate leading front axle mount and help twitch her up, all lightened with engineered webbiing, and anodised black.

Bar clamps were incorporated into this setup, along with all instrument, switch gear and headlight mounting.

Triple trees were spread to allow for more of a wideglide set-up, clamping custom spacers and axle kit below to carry speedo unit, black ring 130/80-18″ alloy front rim and hub with stainless spokes. Spun wheel carries a 320mm BRAKING Wave disc and Supermotard 2 psiton caliper – the 4 piston units were too powerful for this light machine, aqnd the 2 piston unit provided better feel and good flex for all testriders.

Mario also came to the rescue with constructing the complex rear sets required, which incorporate adjustable leverage ratio on the rear brake actuator rod, fold up footpeg and modified kickstart boss to step out and away from brake levers and pegs for a good solid swing.

Starting this high-comp puppy is quite easy, along as you get a nice swing at her, very similar to all modern MX machines, couple of pumps of the throttle accelerator fuel pump into her throat and she’s good to go!

Fuel tank is a custom alloy TT style unit in a 2mm thicker wall thickness to standup to some abuse, mated with a Nitro-heads modified seat from a W650, high density foam – beaded.

Posh billet indicator units, Tag pro-taper styled bars with tanned gum grips keep the controls tight and accessable, Hoffman designed pillion peg mounts, actuator rod pivots and headlight mesh.


  • Matt

    Is this to be the rumored Orlando Bloom bike?

    • Shane

      I think Orlando Bloom owns the Deus SR400 Hillclimber. Does anybody have any idea how much this bike costs? I know the SR400 was about $20AUD which is around $16USD. I hope it is less than that. I’ve been wanting a Deus bike for years. I love all their bikes.

      • Tamsy

        $40,000 AUS viewed it this morning, the parts for it are custom and hand fabricated hence the price

  • JR

    Beautiful bike!If ANY company offered a bike like this… I would buy it.

  • Nesto

    Kinda looks like a big version of the Honda Ape done up in JDM aftermarket parts.

  • Scott

    Orlando Blooms bike… he’s soooooooo dreamy.

    rad bike, you can build your own.

  • meatspin

    I see a TW200 rear back there.

    anyways, I’m sure a bike like this already exists somewhere in Japan already but not done up to this level.

  • Guyom

    rhâââââââ lovely

  • Ken

    Can you guys get hold of one of these mutants and go for a jolly long motorcycle ride; that we might know that it works and those OTT forks aren’t just there to make it look like a baby mammoth?

    • Wes Siler

      We can try, but Sydney is a long way from NY and Grant’s like Mr. T, I have to trick him into swallowing sleeping pills in order to get him on an airplane.

  • Sasha Pave

    Beautiful! Surprisingly understated. Reminds me of the early 80′s yamaha XT 500′s with the chrome tanks. You know, the ones that every stuntman in LA tended to ride.

  • beno

    great bike if your happy to throw your money down the toilet… seriously… 20+ large for that… some people have no fucking idea…

  • Strangely

    Just build one guys, it’s not hard. SR forums available and a bunch of links to the japanese manufacturer.

    Props to Deus on this one though. Looks like they’ve finally built something that’s a bit more than bolt-on parts.

  • GetGoneAgain

    When will it go on sale in the States?

  • thierry

    Or You can build an XL600R street Tracker for $2K

  • Tankard

    This could be the upgrade from my Honda Zoomer I’ve been looking for!!

  • sydney

    this bike is still sitting in the deus showroom in sydney!!

  • ShawnAF

    Damn. Will these ever be sold in the states? This is just, just…perfect! I would LOVE to own one.