Deus Ex Machina tricks out Triumph Thruxton

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Much less pretty than recent Deus customs, this Triumph Thruxton nevertheless gets the job done with an RSV Mille front end, flat slides and twin Öhlins piggybacks. We like the contrast between the dinged-up polished thank and the contemporary function of the Stack instruments, but aren’t sure about that front light. The white pipes look so good that we might just have to incorporate them into a little project we’re working on.

Deus Ex Machina

  • blankfocus

    awww yeah. that’s my bike! well, mine’s black…and mine looks better. big fan of deus ex machina though!

  • will

    Someone else want to go halfsies on opening a Deus Ex branch in the States?

  • Stacy

    Is that a Rizoma bar end mirror? I must have them!!

    I’m happy to say that my bike has a single part in common with this beautiful specimen: the Progrip gel grips! :P

  • Fritz

    I like this a lot more than that BMW they are yelling about down south of here.

    Four ****

  • Bullitt

    Gorgeous bike. I’m not in love with every single upgrade but overall, a work of art. What a great tank! Does anyone know if it’s available somewhere or is it completely custom? Thanks for turning me on to Dues Ex Machina. Those guys have it all figured out. I’m inspired to open my own similar venture out here in CA…

  • Kerry

    Eh, I liked it better when MecaTwin built one….like 3 years ago:

    The alloy tank and seat is tits though.

    Isn’t it great that we live in such a Harley/sportbike centric country that stuff like this’ largest market is outside the States?

  • doubleoh2

    Tank, pipes, seat and go fast bits very nice.

    Anodised add-ons, headlight and a bright red wheel…WTF!?

    I don’t understand the styling on this one at all. They should stick to the style they have already perfected.

  • doubleoh2

    If TONUP knew a little more of the founder’s background he might not be so ‘WTF’…

  • stu

    why? i know Dare’s background and i was tempted to say WTF too. He can’t be expected to get it right all the time – and that red front wheel is WRONG. the rest of the bike is great though. And i like the anodised touches and the headlight is growing on me

  • Grant Ray

    Once again, a bunch of demands for hot new coolness as long as it looks like a raced up 40 yr old clunker. Really, guys?

    That MecaTwin is boring and unoriginal by comparison and I’d walk right past it if this was within sight. I feel like I’m in a room with a bunch of people who don’t know Mel Gibson used to make really cool movies about Apocalypse, wastelands and speed.


    • karl stanley

      Whats your bike then that does it for you??This style of bike is the mecca for a lot of people,and to have a modern twist on a ole theme is cool.

  • Kerry


    Unoriginal???!!! it is the ORIGINAL. The Mecatwin design has been out there since at least 2005 (possibly longer). I can understand how you would think it looks pedestrian since motorcycle promotional bikes are all about one-upmanship when it comes to design, but still the Deus machine looks UNORIGINAL in comparison to the MecaTwin. and to be honest the tank design comes off of older 1950s triumph race bikes so really, nobody is being original here.

    The other thing that the web hides which makes the mecatwin brilliant is that most of the parts are carbon kevlar. A full tilt mecatwin weighs 390lbs wet. It is also not a promo bike or a one off custom but kit or a finished bike you can plunk your hard earned down for provided you speak french and have some way of shipping it back to the states. I am sure Deus will grladly build you their triumph thruxton but I am pretty sure it will cost more. Lots more.

    As far the Mad max references….dude it is a shiney bike with lots of high end parts, it is about as close to Mad Max as butter is to dog shit. Take a hammer to it, set it on fire, hit it with 6 different cans of rustoleum, drop it about 100 times (one of them off a cliff) and then maybe it could be a mad max bike.

    Personally I don’t really have issue with the mismatched wheels. Looks sloppy, like they couldn’t be bothered to figure out a wheel solution for the rear, but I kind of like a little sloppy. The white pipes? yeah that is a 1970s thing, My straight out of 1978 RC header still wears its white asbestos laden heat paint, except back then it wasn’t for looks it was the only color the heat coatings came in at the time.

    so to sum up:

    - Is it cool? yeah it is pretty cool

    - Is it original? not really.

    - It is well executed? again not really, looks kinda cobbled together in an unintentional way. Lost of cheap tricks garnered from internet forums – not what you expect on a high dollar machine.

    - Is it useful? not really. I mean, is it useful as a sales tool – you bet! as a motorcycle – eh, not really.

    - is it mad max? Uh…….no.

    - is it even available to the money spending public? depends on how much money you can spend.

    • Grant Ray

      Jeez Kerry, it’s not like I said your girl’s fat. (Although at 390 wet, she’s still hefty enough to get really embarrassed at the prom by a sorted RD400.) Besides, you’re not even dating a new Bonnie, are you?

      Let me be clear. The MecaTwin is cool and I never said it wasn’t. Nor did I say the Deus was a Mad Max wannabe. What I am saying is that the Deus is very refreshing and speaks to our modern sensibilities of moto culture, playfulness, speed, etc., in comparison to a bike that looks like yet another homage to a bygone era.

      Also, I’d guess a turn-key MecaTwin is every bit as much as a Deus. To my knowledge they don’t charge for their bikes like builders in the States as they want them to go to people who’ll actually ride them.

  • El Tejon

    A great start but subordinately a WIP. Lots of cool stuff that money can buy. A take off on the Meca? Maybe, but individual enough to set it apart. It’ll be nice to see it when it is finished.

    The term deus ex machina is still used for cases where an author uses some improbable, and often clumsy plot device to work their way out of a difficult situation.

    That pretty much sums up the bike at this stage in its development.


  • Greg

    The tank is made in Japan. Website is

  • Greg

    Slap on parts from around the world and internet. Bikes are made to push the fashion label and make it look like kustom culture for people buying the clothes. The bike does look cool but it will only be cool on the track because it is not roadworthy. Not ADR approved parts.