Easy Rider sequel already in post production, coming soon.

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Billy, Wyatt and George are still dead. None of the original cast is involved and none of the names for the new cast are recognizable. It’s being called Easy Rider: The Ride Back, and is about Wyatt’s brother. The film is listed in the IMDB under the alias “Scarlet Cross” and the guy credited for both screenplay and direction has recently worked with such stars as Lorenzo Lamas and Gary Busey. Needless to say, we predict bad choppers, a drug deal gone wrong, a long ride in the desert, more drugs and gratuitous scenes of humping and large breasts. Straight to DVD? You betcha.

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  • monkeyfumi

    All it really does, is beg the question: WHY?

    • nola

      HEY HEY HEY ALL, Lets Give it a Chance ok. I mean Hot Bikes, Guys in Leather, ROAD trip, What can possibley go wrong with that???

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    Wait a second, back up, back up. Humping? If there is a Lorenzo Lamas cameo, which would be only fitting as he was excellent as The Renegade, this could be the best biker film since the last one Alan Smithee made.

    I’m a huge fan.

  • http://www.dainese.com DaineseDan

    Someone needs to be taken out back and shot. It’s the only reasonable thing to do.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/24829474@N03/ Enthusiast

    I stoped reading at Lorenzo Lamas…

  • baddad

    Lorenzo Lamas? Oh, my god! This is a recipe how to kill the legend.

  • Jason

    I threw in the towell when I read “Easy Rider Sequel”, sorry but i dont think this is a movie that can ever be added to or redone

  • http://www.damiengaudet.com blankfocus

    Can safely say that I am in no way looking forward to this movie. I am, however, lusting after Fulmer’s Easy Rider helmet. No dealers in my area though!

  • geonerd

    the swayze dog is the obvious choice for wyatt IMO.

  • http://ridethetorquecurve.blogspot.com hoyt

    maybe a Honda Fury will be used…fitting as both that bike & this movie are late in hitting the pop-culture peak profits

  • scott

    Lorenzo Lamas and Gary Busey? bwahahahahahahaha
    guess Hasslehoff wasn’t available?

  • Hosenpants

    This does look retarded but you can’t touch Busey: “Roll on yellow Camaro!!”

  • mototom

    If the humper and the humpee are Lamas and Bussy then count me in!! This could be the successor to Lust in The Dust that we have all waited for these many years!!
    It would be totally awesome if Divine was exhumed and the entire movie was shot in the back of a 59 caddy hearst!!

  • canwesue

    can we sue?

    do not f..k with easyrider!

  • ISellMotorcycles

    I can’t see this being very good, but I am sure I will watch it. Although the original Easy Rider was slightly enjoyable, it wasn’t a very good movie. It will be extremely difficult to capture the easy going attitude of the original. I imagine it will probably just be a hopped up version of the original with a similar plot and some cheesy special effects. Can you guys think of any really good biker movies?

  • d warren

    y’all do realize that smithee is a moniker used for a genre, not a real person?

  • Chas Monroe

    This SEQUEL (not a remake) was recently test screened in Tucson and the crowd of 200 (mostly middle aged men) were overwhlemingly pleased with the movie. Many admitted at the beginning they didn’t understand why or how someone could try to do a sequel 40 years later but this new movie worked. Really. It won’t win an Oscar but it sure seems better than a lot of crap coming out in theaters lately. The Fonda “brother” could be a twin and the guy playing the biker buddy really looked the part. And the music ROCKED!

  • ross beatty

    The project was kept a secret to keep it fresh and being overhyped. I’m willing to bet it will be a great movie. It took a long time to write & make it.
    It inspired me to do a ride across country in 1983 much the same way, And to take a ride every 2 years just to remind me that i am alive and riding.