Finished Brammo Enertia TTR leaks ahead of TTXGP

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Brammo_TTR_Electric_motorcycle.jpgThis is the finished Brammo Enertia TTR, the race version of the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle that’ll be sold through Best Buy. The 360lbs bike used an 8kWh battery pack, twice the capacity of the Zero S electric supermoto’s battery. That should give it plenty of performance and range to make it around the 37.7-mile Mountain Course on the Isle of Man on June 12th. Two lightweight TTRs will be confronting more powerful bikes like the Mission One and three motor MotoCzysz E1pc in the inaugural TTXGP. Full specs follow the jump.

Battery: 8 Twelve-Volt Modules, 8 kWh Lithium Polymer, 100 Volts Peak Battery Bus
Motor: Brushless Design, Permanent Magnet, AC Synchronous
Frame: Extruded Aluminum from SAPA, stock/production rails
Body: Stock/production Enertia body panels
Fairing: Brammo sourced, OE spec
Rear Section: Brammo Design, SLA by SCICON Technologies
Weight: 360 Lbs.
Wheelbase:  55.5″
Seat height:  34.5″
Ground clearance:  7″
Forks: Brammo-spec, OE-sourced, Traxxion Dynamics AK, Gas Cartridge kitted
Shock: Elka – tunable compression & rebound
Steering Stabilizer: Ohlins
Wheels: Marchesini
Front: 17″ Forged Magnesium
Rear: 17″ Forged Magnesium
Brakes: Brembo – Brammo-spec
Tires: Dunlop – Brammo-spec, Isle of Man compound

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  • blankfocus

    i want one!

  • Matthew

    I wonder if you will be able to easily convert your Best Buy Brammo into something like this.

    • Wes Siler

      It kind of makes us think that they should offer something like this alongside the regular Enertia.

  • Turkish

    so who at Nest Buy is going to service the byke when something in warrenty breaks…..not teh computer tech guy, thats for sure!

  • will

    I just want to know how close it is to the production Enertia, and what specifically is different.

    Oh, and obligatory Geek Squad joke here.

    • robotribe

      Yeah, I too would like to see the non-logofied consumer version. Best Buy should pay people to be a billboard; not the other way around. That, and performance specs would be nice to have, even though the standing still specs are pretty impressive. I’m sure they’re coming.

      Still, it’s a got really nice form. I kinda like the almost moto-like flat seat.

  • deltablues

    You know, I am really excited about the TTXGP…and this is on top of my love for the Isle of Mann TT.

    I live in the Ozarks/Ouachita Mountains here in Arkansas and I can just imagine how awesome it would be to glide throught the hills and curves on one of these bikes with mostly just the sound of the wind around me.

    Now, I know I would miss the sound of my Sprint 1050 triple at full song, but I still think these bikes are going to take off in a big way….at least I hope they do.

  • M.P.

    The seat looks awfully high and flat. Like you would slid right up to the bars under braking. I’m digging these electric racers!

    • SJY

      Its a race bike, so the seat is not used as much as a street bike. I wonder if the production version will have a more comfy seat.

  • Zeitgeist

    Do the paddock guys wear white shirts with black ties?

  • Matthew

    Whoever wins this race is going to be in a good way after it’s over. I expect the interest to blossom, although I don’t think the larger public will suddenly be in love with the idea of electric bikes.

    • Cynic

      Yeah I too wonder what the general public thinks of electric bikes. I don’t care what it’s power source is, as long as it’s fast :-)
      It’ll be really interesting to see what they end up retailing for too.