Fischer MRX American sportsbike deliveries begin

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Fischer_MRX.jpgThe first Fischer MRX has been delivered to a customer. “The engineering is great, the seat is very comfortable, the exhaust sounds really good, and the MRX turns heads wherever I go,” says John from Minneapolis, the new owner of MRX #1. The American sportsbike maker uses an SV650 v-twin housed in a bespoke aluminum chassis. The bike is fitted with USD forks, an Öhlins shock and weighs just 167kg or 367lbs (dry). The MRX retails for $7,995.


  • pbxorcist

    I’m digging the wheels and the tank design, but that frame and swingarm are guilty of some serious ugly. I’m thinking a black powdercoat would have help immensely. (Interesting that it has that in the linked article)

  • chili sv

    That’s a Hyosung engine, BTW. The principal technical difference being the SV has EFI (since ’03) whereas the Hyosung is still carbureted.

  • ollieboy

    Looks like a Hyosung too. There is no real flow to the design, just a lot of angles arranged in a confusing manner. What a shame :/

  • Marshall

    I remember seeing this at the international bike shows at least 2 years ago. Was not exciting then… still isn’t now sadly.

  • The_Doctor

    That swingarm made me sadface. From front to seat, it looks decent, but aft, not so much with the good looks. The price, however, made me look twice.

  • will

    Nice weight, nice price, shame about the looks, and chrome wheels? Seriously, guys? Chrome wheels on a yellow bike- I mean, we’re American, not blind and stupid.

  • ISellMotorcycles

    The engine was “coproduced” between Suzuki and Hyosung. Ironically the -03 version has the more reliable engine. The rest of Hyosungs motors are crap. It has to be Hyosung that is supplying fischer with the motor, because I know Suzuki isn’t going to. That may be why the price seems so affordable. It does excite me a little bit though. By little I mean pea sized.

  • loosenoose

    what is the appeal?
    my sv does the same that this contraption does, and costs less and can seat 2.
    if fischer did this with the tl or sv1k engine it could be interesting.

    • chili sv

      No, the specs on this, engine aside, are way better than your SV’s, or mine for that matter.

  • skadamo

    ISellMotorcyles, I believe the Hyosung 650 engine did not hit production until 2004. The 2005 Hyosung 650 owners seem to report the most problems. Reliability of 2006 on is a lot better seems to be the general consensus.

    Hyosung 650′s have FI for 2009.

    I have never seen proof that Hyosung and Suzuki collaborated on the 650. Been looking for it for years.

    The MRX is $500 more than the SV650SF. is full of posts on how to upgrade the poor suspension. An Ohlins shock is about $700+ for an SV I believe. This bike is a deal imho. If the Hyosung engine was crap I don’t think Dan Fischer would waste his time but I guess we will see.

    • chili sv

      It’s interesting that Hyosung (now apparently named S&T) has FI for ’09 but the Fischer website is still listing Mikuni carbs. If S&T’s new power claims (80bhp and 67Nm) are true, it actually is pretty impressive – better than the SV.

      I’ve read Hyosung’s claim to have collaborated with Suzuki engineers, but I’ve never heard it corroborated.

    • ISellMotorcycles

      So your saying the 04-09 SV motor was made with Hyosung. I had always heard it was the older carbeurated model. I have actually been told that by a United Motors rep, which uses rebranded Hyosung 250s and 650s. I didn’t say this motor was crap. I said all their other ones are. I can’t see a bike produced with the high cost of American labor and all of these high end components at $7999 having an engine thats worth a damn. It just doesn’t make sense in my head or on paper.

  • Deckard

    Sat on one at the IMS 2008. One of the most uncomfortable bikes. Ever. That pointy tank jams right into your sternum.

    I absolutely love SV650s, so I had very high hopes for this bike. But the big lesson here is to never let Glynn Kerr design an actual production bike.

  • blankfocus

    chrome wheels on sportbikes are massively ugly.

  • geonerd

    ixnay on the chrome wheels and buttcrack seat. i thought they were supercharging these things.

  • M.P.

    Needs the SV1000 motor in it. C’mon China I know you can copy it…like everything else!

    • geonerd

      korea, actually. but they’re both ripping off other people’s designs so it really doesn’t matter.

  • ISellMotorcycles
  • Andrew Cunningham

    “The engine was “coproduced” between Suzuki and Hyosung.” Nope. Hyosang do make parts for Suzuki, but they don’t make the SV engine as some believe- and the Hyosang and SV motors share absolutely no parts. Hyosang also make parts for most of the major motor companies.

    The head designer for the Hyosang was one of the junior designers for the SV, though, so there is a connection (apart from the copying of course)

  • JG

    The picture is an early prototype. The production bike is quite different, The bike is really quite a different animal than the SV and will run circles around it due to it’s jetting and chassis. The bike is an amazing piece of engineering considering that one guy, Dan Fischer, designed and conceived the entire bike. Kinda like David against Goliath