Good Morning America discovers dune riding

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GMA_Glamis.jpgPhoto: Garth Milan

“It’s like a wasteland to some people, but to anyone who can ride a motorcycle or a dune buggy or a quad, this is like heaven on earth,” Ronnie Renner told Good Morning America. It’s a rare show that can afford to take a helicopter to Imperial Dunes to catch some motocross riders playing around, but that’s just what ABC did for today’s episode.

via ABC

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  • JWinter

    That photo is a million times more informative than the video.

    • Wes Siler

      The ‘copter shots are still cool.

  • Benjamin

    I agree with JW, video was over exposed and poorly shot, epic photo though!

  • Cassidy Smock

    Thanks for taking the top out to write this great/ topic.