MotoCzysz E1 electric motorcycle is real, makes dyno run

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“After attending meetings around the world, it was clear that there currently is little interest in standard gas ICE (internal combustion engines) all of the interest, money and deals are happening in alternative fuels and electric,” says Michael Czysz, describing how the MotoCzysz E1 electric motorcycle project started. Unable to secure funding for a road-going superbike or a the much-maligned MotoGP entry, MotoCzysz is moving into an area where cash is available: green transportation. The E1 will race at the TTXGP next month, providing competition for both the Brammo TTR and Mission One.

We have to admit that we were pretty skeptical that MotoCzysz would be
able to put together an electric bike in time for the Isle of Man TT,
but it appears that by using its existing C1 chassis and running gear,
it might just make it to the Mountain Course.

Michael describes that approach as a “Digital Superbike” saying,
“MotoCzysz is not just pursuing an electric motorcycle (that sounds
like such a slow downer) but a bigger concept using electric drives -
the “Digital Superbike”. The Digital Superbike, like your computer, has
“open architecture” and can be upgraded and reconfigured. This is
definitely an industry first and may be a major paradigm shift in the
way people buy and own motorcycles. The sound of progress is building
in volume…keep your ears open.”

That sound like the exact same approach Neal Saiki pioneered at Zero Motorcycles,
designing a bespoke chassis that could last through years of
production, upgrading components and especially the battery and
electric motor as technology advances.

We’ll bring you more on the suddenly non-fictional MotoCzysz E1 and the TTXGP as the June 12 race draws near.

MotoCzysz via The Kneeslider

  • will

    Being ever a genre of vaporware, big claims and expected failures; TTXGP has successfully brought together competing green technologies like nothing else before.

  • aoelus

    I hope he makes the race but I wonder about the front suspension handling the high speed undulations in the Bray Hill area. Not a good place to test an unproven, unorthodox set-up.

  • robotribe

    So an upgradable motorcycle like a generic PC box, huh?

    F***ing genius. Sign me up. The age of rideable LEGO creations is upon us.

  • Nick

    All the interest is in electric motorcycles? Sure, I can see that venture capitalists aren’t going to back an independent builder trying beat Honda in making a better CBR, but show me the demand on the street for an electric bike. Am I supposed to bring a few extra batteries in a tank bag for track day?

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, clearly electric bikes are a niche market for now, but as we see batteries develop over the next decade that’s going to change. That’s why teh monies are headed that way.

    • modelasian

      Well, yes. Bringing extra batterpacks is just another way of bringing extra fuel, except a lot less dangerous to implement during a race, and easier to carry than jugs of gasoline.

  • geonerd

    thing’s stepping out to the right pretty hard in both gears. hmmm.

    • DaineseDan

      That’s not the least bit unusual on a dyno. The rear tire was just breaking traction on the dyno drum. No big.

    • travis

      its a single speed…. its got so much torque at zero RPM that the dyno doesn’t have time to “spin up”…. those dyno’s are made for Gas versions with a bell shaped torque curve….. so the drum is already spinning.

  • modelasian

    it sounds awesome!

  • William O'Dell

    Electric bikes are coming and fast. Thanks to the radio control industry (among others), battery technology is developing very fast. They have small personal aircraft that run on them, motorcycles can’t be far behind.
    Can’t wait…

  • Zac

    That chassis looks amazing. I can already see the street fighter version. Like an electric confederate wraith.

  • Scott


  • Esteban

    I remember the MotoCzysz tv documentary they ran last year. or 2 years ago with the GP bike ,cool , a little over produced.. but inyteresting stuff they have good fresh ideas in many areas, I hope they make the race and this full development of electric bikes gets momentum

  • EdB

    Extra batteries in a tank bag? Well when was the last time anyone arrived with a tank bag full of petrol, so yes. Does this not sound ridiculously fun enough for everyone? We have 20 minute re-chargable liion iron phosphate batteries maybe three years away people. Wake up and smell the future, it smells like electrons. We were supposed to be flying around in jet cars by now anyway so I say better late than never.

  • v

    will they scrap the ohh so antiquated(but ohh so eficient) ICE engine in favor of the electric superbike? spending all that time&money in developing a groundbreaking engine only to chuck it aside on account of a still infant technology doesn’t make a lot of sense
    when will people start paying attention to the real sources of polution?i sure would like these “green” people to do something about the burning of natural gas in the niger delta which accounts for the biggest source of green-house gas emmisions in the world,not to mention that,if captured and not burned it would account for 40% of the gas needs of the USA and almost half of the needs of the EU..speaking of that, last winter Europe almost froze to death because Russia and Ukraine had a “bitch where’s my money?!!” moment
    a bunch of silent motorcycles running around the city at high speed will only increase casualties.also it is worth considering that today most electric energy is still produced by burning fossil fuel,the energy production is already stretched to the limit and the biggest problem is infrastructure or energy delivering systems which are horibly expensive and time cosumming to upgrade&develop.a massive increase in energy demand will result in a meltdown with nationwide/worldwide blackouts becoming an almost daily occurance.a more efficient way of obtaining hidrogen, wide adoption by the automobile industry of more efficient hybrid systems as well as tighter worldwide enviromental norms for industry is the way to go for now.and despite what the OPEC cartel would like us to think,oil is still plentiful it’s that they are starting to run out of it (except the saudi’s)

    • Grant Ray

      It makes perfect sense when money comes into consideration. No investment capital = no gas-powered engine.

      See? That was easy.

      And really, the “DON’T YOU KNOW WHERE ELECTRICITICY COMES FROM?!!?!?!?” argument has been beaten to death. Yes. We all know.

      That said, I hope you feel refreshed after ranting so you can get on with liking cool new stuff about bikes.

    • coho

      I think somebody needs a nap.

      Grant covered the “greenness” of electricity part, I’ll take the “a bunch of silent motorcycles running around the city at high speed will only increase casualties” part.

      Casualties “caused” by a bike’s speed don’t care what kind of power caused the speed, that’s the rider’s bailiwick. And as to the sound,did you not read the article about the events at Monza? Those bikes are very, very LOUD and sh*t still happened, it’s the riders, not the bikes. ‘Nuff said?

      • hoyt

        I’m not disagreeing with you and Grant, but there are 2 points V made that make sense:

        identifying the biggest polluters and ensuring the infrastructure is being developed to meet the demands are valid. Nonetheless, these issues should not stop the development of electrics.

  • Marshall

    Electric vehicles never excited me… until recently. I can’t wait for the TTXGP.

    You guys have to get your grimy fingers on this thing. Promise? Big fan of MotoCzysz works

  • Dr. Gellar

    All I have to say is….YEEEEEAAAAH!!

  • blankfocus

    can’t wait for the TTXGP!

  • PDX Guy

    Motoczysz: Continuing to bring you less than you never got. And now a novel plan: ‘Follow the Money’! Gee, if Motobtspkf or however you spell it were in the financial world, maybe his name would me Madoff. Ya think?

  • ducatijohn

    It seems like one cool potential feature of an electric Superbike would be the limitless “programmability” of power delivery characteristics. Imagine being able to program your bike to act like a 2-stroke with that viscious, narrow (but fun!) powerband. Then, you could change it up a few laps later to pull like a freight train down low, like a V-Twin. All that, with virtually no engine vibration comprimising rear-wheel traction…Sounds like a lot of fun to me!!