MotoCzysz E1pc spied testing at PIR

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Motoczysz_E1pc_track.jpegThe three-motor MotoCzysz E1pc has been caught on video testing at Portland International Raceway. The electric motorcycle was undergoing shakedown tests in preparation for the upcoming TTXGP race that’ll take place on June 12 at the Isle of Man. What we can tell from these three videos is that the E1pc is running all three of its motors and appears to corner quite well despite carrying the weight of 10 battery packs. MotoCzysz says the race bike should accelerate to 120 MPH in just seven or eight seconds. It’s also making quite a racket, so much for electric bikes running silently.

Thanks for the tip, Marshall.

  • Marshall

    No problem guys. I want this bike… I thought I would never like anything trying to be sporty that didn’t have a Internal Combustion Engine. I’ve changed my mind completely.

  • lenny

    holy cow!
    sounds like a nightmare on speed
    great stuff :)

  • sam

    yea me too. my gasoline nostalgic brain just changed its mind completely. i havent even seen one in real life!

  • will

    It sounds like a TIE fighter with nothing left to live for.

    • biff baccio


  • M.P.

    C’mon Honda! Build one that will go 170mph and looks like an even smaller CBR1000RR! Please?!

    • Wes Siler

      Why does Honda need to do it? Wouldn’t you like to see Zero or Quantya or MotoCzysz or Brammo do just that and, in a few years time, become the next Honda?

      • xavi

        that´s sooo right!!

        the future is here boys n girls!

      • Aaron

        I’d also like to see Honda or Yamaha jump in a manufacture a bike like this. Having a big corp mean reliability (or at least a warranty backed by billions) and mass production which in turn means the product will be affordable instead of a rich man’s toy or a race team bike.

        I love seeing these startups innovate but they aren’t going to be the ones to put an electric motorcycle in every driveway.

        • Marshall

          the big 4 will eventually make their own. I’m with Wes. If Zero, Brammo, or Motoczysz can become a competitor on any level with these bikes it will only benefit the consumer. More competition between manufacturers means better products. They are already ahead of the game.

  • Tyler

    Awsome, I cant wait for the races and I cant wait to buy one.

  • Nick R

    All the electric powered show ponies that are thrown at us by motorcycle and car companies did jack squat to excite me. I never EVER saw one that made me think, ‘yeah cool’. Hell, they couldn’t even get a ‘meh’ out of me.

    I met apathy for the first time while being pitched the latest hybrid sportscar coupe concept from that weird place that is the Japanese luxury segments. (The same kinda place that most concept motorcycles come from too.) None of the carbon fiber air-foil surfaces, and chrome plated ‘character accents’, and for god’s fricken sake all the portholes, and side vents and hood scoops and aero packages ever convinced me (or ever will) that I will have a good time driving or riding the machine.

    Perhaps that’s why that rough looking, test mule wets my panties so much; its doesn’t need a freshly waxed coat of ‘test-market’ green painted on its carbon-fiber bikini designed by the latest design grad. to put the biggest flashiest portfolio together.
    No, its just really fast, and, ‘screw what it looks like now, we can worry about that later.’

    A machine like that, now THAT gets me excited.

  • Dr. Gellar

    That really does sound like a TIE fighter of sorts…SWEET!!

    • William O'Dell

      I was just going to comment on how it sounds like a TIE fighter, but I guess I am not alone.

      This will do a lot to console the departure of 250 2strokes from MotoGP.

      This is going to be soooo cool!!!!

  • robotribe

    It’s the sound of a TIE fighter mixed with an air raid siren. If that doesn’t count as scary-ass coolness, nothing does.

    I want. I want. I want.

  • coho



  • Ben Part

    OK I’m downing the lolly sticks too.
    TIE fighter whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine is cool.
    Will the rider get a complimentary Dark Side outfit?

  • aoelus

    Too noisy. Won’t meet EU regs. A pack of them would cause the cows to stop giving milk. Nope, bring back the Manx.

  • Daniel


    The sooner we can buy these, the better. Not for the environment (that’s good too) but it will open up totally new design possibilities for the manufacturers. No more air box, batteries can be made to any shape, electric motors are way smaller.

  • modelasian

    Didn’t K.I.T. sound sorta like this bike?

  • hoyt

    The sound is annoying

    • Grant Ray


      • Cynic


      • hoyt

        the top video sound is not bad but the other videos sound like an enormous mechanical nat buzzing in your ear.

        Opinions about sound have nothing to do with supporting the progress of emission-reduction

  • Isaac

    Wallet is ready! I hope to see more videos soon!

  • johnny

    hate to say it, but for all the sound it’s making, it’s not going very fast.reminds me of a high revving cbr 250

    • Adrian

      That’s not because of the motor, that’s because its a Moto Zzzzz

  • deltablues

    It kinda sounds like a car with a bad transmission as certain points.

    And what happens if you crash one of these bikes? Those battery packs seem pretty exposed.

  • Design Ronin

    Too cool for school. I am very jones’d about these bikes!

  • Airmon

    Very cool.

    But, if that’s the first electric motorcycle you’ve seen that made you sit up and notice, you never saw the killacycle run…

    Under 8 seconds in the quarter @ 174 mph.

  • Trav

    sounds like the speeder bikes on the moon of endor…