MV Agusta's D'Onofrio accused of industrial espionage

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Recently appointed by Harley-Davidson, MV Agusta managing director Enrico D’Onofrio has been accused by Ducati of industrial espionage. Ducati apparently had enough evidence in the claim for Italy’s financial enforcement agency,  the Guardia di Finanza, to warrant a search and seizure in Varese where D’Onofrio keeps his office and residence. So far Ducati isn’t commenting, but we know D’Onofrio’s laptop, believed to be holding the evidence, was taken.


donofrio2.jpgD’Onofrio was formerly Ducati’s Chief Financial Officer, and as
had access to highly sensitive company information. That said, we’re
hoping this is a case of hurt feelings, flared tempers and too much

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  • Enthusiast

    straight 60 weight

  • Al

    The mocha wiggle, should get 3years for the skivvy alone.

  • Hiwatt Scott

    Due to the nature of this website, I expect at least some commentary on the police outfits and helmets in the above photo.

  • isaac

    So, he was raided by ‘Spaceballs’? I guess they wanted his Schwartz Ring.

    Okay on a serious note. I think Ducati is just being childish! It’s not like this guys was an engineer or anything. And if he were and industrial espionage spy; don’t you think he’d be smart and not leave classified stuff on his personal laptop? I was going to buy a Ducati however after this Gestapo act, I think not.

  • TEvo

    Well, since Ducati is a fairly small company and a CFO would presumably have some level of insight into most if not all of the companies activities near, mid and long term, it isn’t that big of stretch to think some sensitive information regarding Ducati’s financials, products and research & development may have been compromised.

  • Dr.Danger

    “Why aren’t we using the door sir?”

    Element of surprise!


  • Maas

    According to my gran – eyes that are too close together is tell tale sign of a crook. Now Mr D’Onofrio’s eyes are pretty darn close together. Hope she’s wrong.

  • MC Silverback

    NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  • Zeitgeist

    Who forgot the door ram again?! Luigiiiiii!!!!!!!

  • Larry Kahn

    The new guy is truly the Harley outlaw biker. PFC!

  • General Apathy

    He looks like a villain from Knight Rider.

  • ollieboy

    That’s an impressive looking office they are raiding

  • Ben Part

    If Enrico D’Onofrio is the kinda guy to disguise his Varese Office as two-up two-down red brick semi in Manchester inc faux-leaded UPVC windows, he’s capable of anything.