Noriyuki Haga don't want no pigeons

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Haga_Pigeon.jpgCurrently leading the rider’s championship, Noriyuki Haga collided with a pigeon during the 2nd race of last weekend’s Monza SBK round. The impact knocked him back to 15th place and caused his arm to lose all sensation, eventually leading to a crash at the circuit’s notorious Parabolica corner. Haga’s response? This anti-pigeon graphic, which currently appears on his website.

Noriyuki Haga via Two Wheels Blog

  • The_Doctor

    That graphic is all kinds of awesome. Bikes, just like jumbo aircraft, need to have their take-off areas cleaned of varmints before take-off. I am just curious as to if anyone else has ever hit/been hit by a bird on a bike?

    • Giggidy

      According to a post earlier this month only Wes and Elaine attract birdstrike.

    • Brad

      In SA, riding a GSXR 750, doing around 180Km/h I had a rock pigeon (bigger than a dove) come through my visor and smash my nose. This was in a sunflower farming area so not a total surprise but definitely not pleasant!!

  • Cynic

    I want a T-shirt with this on it :)
    Poor Haga, but in someways I’m glad he had some bad luck to balance out the Bad Luck Spies had in the first race. The battles between them will hopefully continue to be epic all season long.

  • blankfocus

    That graphic is awesome. Haga seems like a really cool guy.

    I was nailed by a small bird last year early one morning. It was about 6am on a backroad and I was going about 40mph when, “Wham!” Right into my left front chest area. Didn’t really hurt (thank you leather jacket) but it scared the hell out of me.

    I can’t imagine hitting one 150mph+ Ouch.

  • v

    i want that on a t-shirt
    i live near the see so there are a lot of seagulls around doing kamikaze hit once in the chest by one,i didn’t crash but god it hurt..for weeks my chest had a beatiful black&blue abstract tattoo courtesy of the red baron wanabee

  • Jonesy

    I took what appeared to be an Female robin to the chest on a free way over pass, and also left the Home Depot with a lil chaulking and too a bird to the windscreen of my Z1000 at about 85 and she exploded!

  • esteban

    I think he meant it as street sign for the track..
    otherwise is just a dumb prohibited birds? also in some parts that bird in full white is the symbol of peace ..sorry for haga, great pilot.. WSBK is very cool this year… in the past also.. ;)