Photo Finish: Less toes, more lean.

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Photo: Honda

1967. Hockenheim, West Germany. 250 Grand Prix. Mike Hailwood in classic form.

  • DoctorNine

    Dude. There’s a pubic hair on that photo. Look just behind the rear drum brake. I know it’s a good shot, but… c’mon… honestly…

    • Grant Ray

      It’s a 35mm negative, Doctornine, greatly enlarged as you can see by the grain. That fine thread in the rear spokes is just that– thread.


    • Alex

      HA! I thought you were referring to the 110 rear tires these bikes rode on way back then.

      I see the thread now!

  • ollieboy

    Can’t believe they raced around with an icecream tub and a pair of goggles for protection

  • will

    How come the only ‘retro’ bikes are cruisers and the odd standard?

  • aoelus

    Speed channel before it became NASCAR Channel had some period Brit films of motobikes. One concerned what GP (F-1) racers did between events. Mike the Bike raced his MV. The clip showed him at Spa. Another one showed Geoff Duke and Bob McIntyre. Duke won on his Gilera with Mac second, but had Bob change bikes so the first place trophy was given to Bob. Well it wasn’t a championship event so Duke didn’t seem to take it too seriously. Too bad they still don’t show these clips on what is supposed to be Two Wheel Tuesday.