Rukka Airob jacket dispels heat, mutant powers sold separately

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Made from a new breathable yet highly abrasion resistant Cordura AFT fabric, the Rukka Airob comes loaded with all the amenities of a European range-topping touring jacket. Made for summer, the jacket also sports a removable Gore-Tex inner jacket that features temperature control as well as air-permeable, CE-certified body armor and double layer fabric in crash zones like the elbows and shoulders.



While we love all the functionality and safety that’s been considerately built in like the adjustable fitments on the arms and forearms, we just can’t get over the Platinum era Marvel comics styling. Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but only because the $1095 jacket is so full of pure utilitarian secret-ops awesomeness that our inner 14 year-olds really want to like. Then we realize we’d have to wear it in public, as adults.

That said, we think the all black is fantastic minus the branded chest graphics and myriad logos on the waist and arms.


  • Geoff

    Red makes me smile.

  • Mike Michael Michaelson

    Tempurature control? As in the ability to control a thin batter commonly used in Japanese cuisine?

    These jackets never seem sturdy enough to give me as much reassurance as an old leather jacket. Granted I haven’t tried on this particular jacket.

    Practical yes, I have a similar one in the wardrobe, but almost all the time, including when wet I tend to ride in my leathers with waterproof jumpsuit over the top. Uncomfy and hideous, but seeing as I do most of my crashing in the wet I feel somewhat safer.

  • will

    I like the styling. It looks like it has damn near no logos considering the power ranger shit that is normally worn.

  • v

    what’s with the puffy arms?rukka makes great stuff but way too $$ for me..spending 1100 dollars on a glorified sky jacket is not on my to do list
    ps:you guys are right with the over branding but in the world of motorcycle clothing that jacket is actually pretty sedate..have you looked at some of the alpinestars/ducati suits or jackets?it’s like the bigger the brand the bigger the logos..and i don’t get it..does it make you go faster?do i need to advertise to anyone in a 100 meter radius that i am wearing a particular suit or jacket.dainese in particular has such beautiful designs on it’s sport line but ruins it by slapping logos everywhere

    • Grant Ray

      V, the puffy arms have adjustable fitments. If you click on the image, you’ll see the snaps. This helps regulate body temperature as well as keeping the armor close to the body, preventing slippage during a crash.

  • Mitch

    Kind of strange, the wrist zippers have huge pull tabs, as if you’re going to undo them with your gloves on a lot… I’d think it’d be annoying to have them flap around in the wind.

    Is the model wearing a size too large for him, so the arms are too long, or are they supposed to come beyond the wrist on this particular jacket?

    • coho

      Most motorcycle jackets are built longer in the sleeve to accommodate the reach to the handlebars. So the cuffs aren’t around your forearms in a riding position.

  • drjohndee

    Not sure what your problem is with this Grant, it looks fab. Platinum Era will do for me over Golden Age leathers any day. ‘Myriad logos’ is a wild exaggeration and surely you don’t expect Rukka not to put their own name on it?

    Wait, I can’t afford it. You’re right! It sucks.

    • Grant Ray

      If I’m buying an $1100 jacket, drjohndee, then I don’t think it should be requisite for me to advertise the name of their brand for them as well with logos on the wrists, neck, breast and waistline. To me, that’s overkill.

      Look at North Face or Marmot, which are similarly utilitarian in both construction and aesthetic to Rukka, but in most examples only have one discreet logo on the exterior of their products.

      I’m only being picky because this jacket comes really close to being perfect for textile safety gear, regardless of cost.

  • pbxorcist

    I’m digging it.

    If you ignore the price tag I like the style. The market for modern looking textile jackets with style is fairly weak. It almost looks like something Icon would put out.

  • Jason

    The narrowing of the body between the ribs and hips is spelled waist. :o)

    • Michel

      That is only for those people who do not sport a bit of surplus body in that area :-)

  • kiya

    When will a company produce a jacket this well designed but WITHOUT logos on it?
    I mean, you’d think you just spent $1k for a jacket, you don’t need to walk around with their name on it too, right?

  • Sasha Pave

    I love the Rukka stuff, but honestly, look at those puffy red sleeves. It looks like he’s wearing sleeve garters in a barbershop quartet!

  • drjohndee

    “If I’m buying an $1100 jacket, drjohndee, then I don’t think it should be requisite for me to advertise the name of their brand for them as well with logos on the wrists, neck, breast and waistline. To me, that’s overkill.”

    “I mean, you’d think you just spent $1k for a jacket, you don’t need to walk around with their name on it too, right?”

    Every jacket, helmet, pair of boots and pair of gloves I’ve ever had — not to mention every bike — has had its manufacturer’s name on display. I don’t see why that should stop just because you pay more. I don’t buy this “I shouldn’t have to advertise for you” line. Buy the stuff and take the logos off, or tape over them.

    I’m assuming you guys already de-badge your vehicles and turn branded carrier bags inside out…

  • ahab

    I realize this is an old thread, but I wanted to let people who may happen upon it know that as far as I can tell there’s no place to actually buy these jackets in US. Both retailers listed on the Rukka site have disconnected their phones and the place listed as an agent appears to be a scam.

    They took my money, but never sent a jacket. I got screwed, and I’m sharing so anybody out there considering dropping this large chunk o’ change chooses to go else where with their dollars.

    Good luck!

    • Grant Ray

      ahab, can you do others interested in Rukka, as well as the company itself, a favor and name names of who you’ve had problems with?

    • Frank Cooper

      I am Frank Cooper the owner of Adventure Motorcycle Gear and the importer of Rukka. I have been since May 1997. From January until the end of April my site was hijacked by my inlaws. If they took money from you and didn’t send you product I might be able to help. I have sued them and we have not goten to the award of damages yet. I can claim your nonreceipt and get your money returned or send you the item you ordered. Please call me at 800.217.3526 and I will do what I can for you.

  • ahab

    Happily Ray!

    The order I placed was with Adventure Motorcycle Gear (AKA Red Star Motorcycle gear). Never heard from them.

    I also called Trophy Cycle Apparel and Premier Motorgear of Oregon and got disconnection notices for both.

    I did send a note to Rukka letting them know what my customer experience was like when trying to buy one of their jackets, and never heard back. Who knows, maybe the volcano messed them up too…

    Hope that helps.

  • ahab

    Just had to report that after being nearly a month late my jacket has indeed shown up. Never mind that Adventure Motorcycle Gear says their sites been hacked. Never mind that they never returned any of my calls. Never mind that they ignored my credit card companies threats of canceling payment.

    My Airob suddenly arrived today. and. it. is. rad. Not nearly as garish as it looks in pictures. Super comfortable and fits great.

    This jacket needs a ride from LA to Vegas.

  • Frank Cooper

    I am Frank Cooper the originator of and the importer of Rukka. Last January I let my wife’s inlaws to help with the business and they hijacked the website. I took me until the end of April to get my phone number back. It’s 800.217.3526. I am still the importer of Rukka and will do my damnest to take of customers. We are building a new website and are up and running. If I can at all help Please call me at 800.217.3526. For those in the Oregon area I will be at the BMWMOA International Rally in Redmond OR between 15 and 18 July. Thanks, Frank Cooper, Owner Adventure Motorcycle Gear.