The 2010 BMW S1000RR looks much better in red, white and blue

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BMW_S1000RR_red_white_Blue.jpgThere’s currently no plans to offer the 193bhp 2010 BMW S1000RR in anything but baby vomit green, orthopedic beige or boring black, but we bet we’ll see this red, white and blue one shortly after the bike goes on sale next January.

Update: turns out the red, white and blue will be available as a cost option, details after the jump.
At extra cost the new S 1000 RR is also available in the colours of the BMW Motorrad Motorsport Team reminiscent of the colour scheme on the Superbike Works Racing Machines. In this case the paintwork is modern Alpine White Non-Metallic, Magma Red Non-Metallic, and Lupin Blue Metallic, with the swing arms also fi nished in eloxy Silver and the wheels in high-gloss Black.

The frame comes in Black on all colour variants.

An additional optical highlight on all colour variants is the red spring on the spring strut unit.

  • Sasha Pave

    I was worried that this bike would be too ‘Japanese’ and lose what makes a BMW a BMW. But now after seeing the photos it still retains much of the BMW character.

    - Weird asymmetrical lines
    - ABS
    - Stuff like ‘Wheelie Protection’ and ‘Banking Detection’

    So even though it was normal handlebar switch-gear, it’s still an odd bird.

    BTW: I just can’t help but think it resembles a Honda 954

    • Arth

      “BTW: I just can’t help but think it resembles a Honda 954″

      + 2003 zx10, 2004 gsxr 1000. Traditional frame/subframe rails, all very lustworthy bikes.

  • carbon

    Aside from the hideous asymmetric headlights, I don’t see how this isn’t considered a complete knock-off of the Japanese bikes, just uglier. If it didn’t have the BMW logo, at a glance it looks like it could be in a Honda or Yamaha catalog. In fact, this bike looks out of place in the BMW catalog because it’s so plain compared to their other bikes.

    I was hoping for something actually different from them. The BMW equivalent to the RC8.

    • geonerd

      mmmm, the rc8 is different from a styling perspective but otherwise i think there’s an argument that it is highly derivative of ducati and aprilia.

      the s1000rr is the ugliest liter bike ever. but it’s calculated in its ugliness. it’s made for going fast, quickly. and it’s also the most technologically advanced superbike ever made. those two things make me want one.

      • carboncanyon

        mmmm, the rc8 is different from a styling perspective but otherwise i think there’s an argument that it is highly derivative of ducati and aprilia.

        Well yes, I was speaking strictly about styling since that’s the only thing most of us at this point can truly comment on. Right now all of the numbers and technology are just marketing hype.

        The S1000RR is highly derivative of the J-bikes, the RC8 is highly derivative of the Italian bikes, etc. They all borrow (and learn) from each other.

        I like the Bimmer bikes… I do. That’s why I’m disappointed that they didn’t try to set themselves apart and push the styling more.

    • SJY

      BMW had to make it similar to the Japanese and Italian race bikes to enter in WSBK and meet the homogenization rules.

  • ISellMotorcycles

    The rear 3/4 says CBR to me. The front 1/4 says I make rediculous looking asymetrical bikes for no purposeful reason and I don’t understand why only analytical assholes will buy me.

  • Isaac

    If you guys look at the right side profile view, you’ll see the design inspiration almost imeadiatley. They used a great white shark. As to give it a predatorial look on one side and on the other a traditional sportbike look. I think this was done to sort of show us it’s true character as a track day predator and the rest of us as prey. I am sure due to the fact the HP2 Sport is around 25K; then this beast will be around 30K. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ – message heard BMW.

    • Shrike

      It is supposed to cost around 16k btw

      • geonerd

        where’d you hear that?

        and don’t worry ISellMotorcycles, none taken…

      • Wes Siler

        They’re going to price it just above the Jap superbikes, like $1000 more. We’ll report on a price when it’s official.

        • ISellMotorcycles

          Okay that interests me a lot more. At that pricepoint it will be pretty inticing, especially with all those features. I do agree with the great white shark, looks like gills. It looks like its always giving the crazy eye.

  • steve

    “the s1000rr is the ugliest liter bike ever” ??

    Um, the 08/09 ‘Blade is a dog (a stubby nosed pit bull – not Lassie) to look at from any angle (nice to ride tho) and the new R1 is only attractive from the sides. That said, I’d be looking for an aftermarket front fairing to fix the lights on the S1000rr..
    That new Aprilia RSV4 is a looker – ooooeeeeee

    • geonerd

      i’m going to take that statement back. the s1000rr is clearly outdone only by the omfugly buell 1125r. the jap bikes are all pretty balanced in their design. they all have certain redeeming qualities that keep them in the ballpark. i liked the 06-07 iterations myself.

      • carboncanyon

        I second that opinion (1125R). :D

  • matthew

    It’s going to be over £11,000 according to both BIKE and T.W.O. so it’s not going to be as low as $16,000 unless the global financial system is more screwed up than we thought.

    • Hosenpants

      “…it’s not going to be as low as $16,000…”

      That’ll be the trick. They need to aim at the top of the massive Japanese market but not end up only competing with MV Agusta ($22,995) price-wise.

      2009 R1 MSRP is $12,400 – with the dealer probably making a dollar on the actual bike. What does 11,000 pounds come out to? $16,677 – make it $16,495. Maybe they eat a few hundred bucks and the base model is $15,999.

  • chili sv

    So, to get back on topic, this color scheme is way better than the others. I actually like the green, but why oh why did they make the swing arm and other pieces brown on the other colors? Germans just seem to love brown. I guess I answered my own question.

  • Zac

    photochopped this the other night actually:

    • lenny

      it looks great in all white!

  • area_educator

    Symmetry in styling a motorcycle is an issue of form over function– the bike isn’t symmetrical, and and the two sides of the bike place different demands on the various components that contribute to the “styling”

    And that’s fine. But, the more I think about the asymmetry of this bike, the more I like it. It sort of moves from asymmetrical styling as function, past symmetry as form over function, all the way around to asymmetry as form over function.

    It helps that it’s not overdone– it doesn’t take it to the point of being counter to the function. Further, J Random Observer you encounter on the road would be hard pressed to notice the differences in the two profile view (the headlights will be noticed, oh yes.)

  • cipek

    nice color ;)