World SBK Nurburgring 1999: Colin Edwards gets pissed

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Colin_Edwards_Finger.jpgI remember watching this race live and being utterly flabbergasted at what resulted when Igor Jerman’s ZX7-R got an oil leak, leaving slicks all over the braking zone of the Castrol curve. Marshals didn’t react in time, failing to warn riders of the imminent threat. Many, many of them crashed, including a very pissed off Colin Edwards. Fogarty would go on to win the race and the championship.

  • aoelus

    Marshals didn’t react in time? Did they at all?
    what a fiasco.

  • blankfocus

    man, i want colin to get a win this year!

  • Marshall


  • nick

    oldie but goodie… gotta love Colin, always telling it like it is.

    • Jeff

      +1. I remember watching this and shouting at the screen, along with the commentators for what felt like 5-10mins. Then when Colin expressed what nodoubt all viewers were also feeling he became one of my favourite riders.

      He got a bit more coverage down my way after that, real nice bloke, family man, no ego etc.

  • will

    So…the stewards were asleep? Or what?

  • Shrike

    That reminds me of a hare scramble I raced 5 months ago where I went over a very steep 12 or so foot hard earth berm with a course worker on the top. He was telling people what line to take when there really was only 1 line. I went over too slow and nosed over on the other side. My BMW G450 X landed on me and as I was trying to get it off me the moron kept waving bikes over the berm right at me until there where 5 of us piled up in a plastic and magnesium orgy. Finally a spectator, who was yelling his head off, ran up to the top and stopped the bikes until we where clear of the landing.

  • EJ25RUN

    What a disgrace. I remember Kevin Schwantz did something similar from marshals being useless.

  • Mark

    didn’t he go grab the oil flag and start waving it himself after that? or was that on a different race?

  • Sam

    I would absolutely love to know what happened after this.