Zero SS electric sportsbike arriving late 2009

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Zero_SS_Electric_Motorcycle.jpgZero Motorcycles is readying an electric sportsbike based on the Zero S supermoto. Neal Saiki exclusively revealed this to Hell For Leather, saying, “Later on this year, we’ll come out with a micro sportsbike, we’ll keep the 4kWh battery pack.” Expect the Zero SS to make the same power as the S: 31bhp and 62.5lb/ft of torque.
In the supermoto, far less aerodynamic than a fully faired sportsbike,
that power is enough for an 80mph top speed, but Zero fits gearing with
a top speed of 60mph for enhanced range and low-speed acceleration.
It’s reasonable to assume that the SS will be take advantage of its
aerodynamics to achieve a higher top speed; 80mph would be a good
guess. It’d also be reasonable to assume a weight close to the
supermoto’s 225lbs (102kg). The minimum weight for a 250GP bike is
100kg (220lbs).

“In the UK there’s these 125cc motorcycles and we wanted to do the same
thing in an electric version. Full fairing, make it aerodynamic, make
it racy looking. But we’re always going to highlight the frame
technology because we have all that beautiful aluminum,” says Neal.
That should be an aluminum beam frame like the Zero S electric supermoto.

“That should be a real popular motorcycle, probably our most popular
motorcycle.” Zero plans to sell 600 total supermotos this year; the SS
will exceed that figure in 2010.

We’re very excited by the prospect of a lightweight electric road racer
and can’t wait to silently embarrass liter bike riders around slow
corners on a track day. We’ll be sure to politely pull over for them on
the straights.

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  • Dr. Gellar

    Should be interesting. Maybe they will have an entry in the 2010 TTXGP (should there be a TTXGP next year) if they can produce a version with a more powerful battery pack.

  • Alex

    Intriguing. Would still rather have a Mission 1.

    Besides which, there are many electric scooters ALREADY coming out of China right now, many of them more powerful, and omigod magnitude orders cheaper.

    They do the same job, but I realise consumers always will pay a premium to get shafted for something that looks a bit better or is marketed better.

    Why, oh why cannot anyone pull their finger out of their arse to make something like the Mission 1 but at a reasonable price – even if it cost the same as a Ducati Desmosedici, I would still buy the Mission 1, it is bite the back of the hand achingly beautiful.. But priced retardedly. Have they not heard of “doing a Vectrix”, whereby you offer a vaguely premium product with old technology, but act like an intellectually challenged tight fisted muppet by charging top dollar, and thus screwing your company before it gets off the ground?