2009 Ural T: Initial Report

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2009UralT-IR.jpgThe Russian manufacturer’s entry-level model, the 2009 Ural T sidecar is only available in matte black with burgundy pin striping. Shorn of the spare wheel, shovel, air pump and other accoutrements typically found on the archaic machines, it’s free to focus on performance. Can a bike that was originally designed before WWII still offer something to today’s riders?

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Initial Report: 2009 Ural T

  • Ken

    The design brief for the original Austin 10 in the 30s was for a car that would fit on a full-size snooker table. The competition at the time was the motorcycle and sidecar.

    They’re the worst of both world’s of course. My 6th Form Biology teacher ruined his back riding a unit every day. (His other vehicle was a Dormobile; he should have had a bumper sticker.)

    They’re a total lash-up and as sensible as a pogo stick, and yet….

    How about another on-bike film chaps?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Ask and ye shall receive. Check back tomorrow morning.

  • modelasian

    Wow! I’ve never seen black and red look so good together.

  • http://twitter.com/greatistheworld will

    Beautiful! I badly want one as a daily driver. How are the new brakes?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Will, the front Brembo is powerful without being overkill. In fact, all the modern refinements on the bike are well integrated and blend in nicely without clashing.

      Be warned though. If you get one, be prepared to get more attention than Santa on Christmas Eve. Without fail, every time I got off the bike I had at least one person, usually more, approach me about the machine. Strangers will honk and wave. Old bearded men driving in front of you will slow down and give a thumbs up while making you late. I’ve never seen a bike or car get ogled over like the Ural.

  • drjohndee

    I want one. I’ve always wanted one, and now it looks better than ever, with just enough updated touches to stop it looking completely like a museum piece.

  • Adrian

    The bike without the sidecar for $5000 would be a deal.

    I am sure there will be a few sold in NYC/LA/SF to unlicensed riders, ridden for the summer/fall and then swapped for the next fad next summer

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      5 thousand for a hand built bike? Keep those dreams a’ burning. That sidecar isn’t near half the cost. Think more like 8-9K.

      • Adrian


        I can assure you i don’t spend my time dreaming about Urals. Handbuilt you say..I remember Bike magazine’s snarky review of a Ural back in the ..say it quietly ..Seventies where they described the engine cases as being “hewn from the living metal by gnomes”.

        It looks like a fun bike in the video..what package do you use to edit the GoPro footage..I have just bought one after seeing your seminal PA50 Manhattan video.

        • Adrian

          Grant, sorry I replied on your comment and called you Wes. No offense to either of you.

  • Dan

    My 2006 Ural Tourist LX is a daily commuter year round here in FL. I rack up nearly 500 Km a week and ride rain/shine/hot/cold. I like the 3 wheel security on rain slick FL roads. Rode home in a downpour yesterday in complete safety. Riding the sidecar rig is a continuous learning process. Just when you think you know it all, the rig teaches a new lesson. The trick is to be alert and be prepared.

  • Chuck Field


    Great intro to the bike. My question are small ones. I wonder about the hand grips. They seem much smaller that what is on my bike. Also, where did you put the horn? Also, I noted that he used the kick start which is fine. Does it have the electric start too?”

    Chuck Field
    Bainbridge Is. WA

    • Madina

      Hi Chuck,

      The T has the electric start, the T has all the latest upgrades that are on all other new Ural models. Handgrips – Domino “Dakar” and the horn is there, it’s just black.


  • lago

    Dan: You have strange definitions of “safety” and “security”. If you have decent tire tread a 2 wheeled motorcycle will do just fine in a couple inches of water (snow is possible as well but not a good idea). And it’ll do this without the:

    “Heavy, slow and difficult to turn. Tendency for tipping in right turns, oversteer in left turns. Continuous correctional steering nessacery… Strong crosswinds from two o’clock may force vehicle into opposite land.”

  • IK

    How about this on 2-wheeler?

  • kyguy

    I own a 2005 Ural Patrol and not only does it make high-dollar custom bike owners mad because it steals all of the attention away but it is a blast to ride. If I had to get rid of everything that I own with an engine the Patrol would stay. Don’t ride one if you don’t want to be addicted.

  • Rob Bishop

    I own the very similar Dnepr MT11. Heavy, slow and will develop your back and shoulder muscles like nothing else.

    But is charming, actually fairly practical. The sidecar and boot has more room for shopping than most small modern cars. Ok on fuel, cheap tyres and spares if you know where to look, comically cheap insurance here in the UK and the oft mentioned cool factor.

    Peeps will IGNORE the Y2K jet bike/expensive custom/sportsbike, walk past it and come look at your old Ural/Dnepr.