2010 Honda V4: MCN claims scoop

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2010_Honda_V4_MCN.jpgMCN is adamant the bike on this cover is the real deal, the actual 2010 Honda V4. We were pretty skeptical, so we asked them what the deal was. “The V4 story is real. 100 per cent real images and tech info,” they told us. “That cover shot is completely real…just coloured in from the original black and white image.” Apparently, they found low-res, black and white images “in the public domain” then colored them in and cleaned them up for publication. Honda committed to producing a bike based on the V4 Concept last November, so we know something’s coming. Do you think this is it?
Since MCN relies on some advanced, futuristic technology called “printing” to bring its motorcycle news to readers, they’re not sending us more details or images until tomorrow. Anyone have a copy of today’s issue that they want to scan for us?


  • Terrible Paulzie

    I’m in Australia, I work in print, I can scan images… Someone should post the magazine to me. I’m sure we can get the images uploaded before they go to press?

  • Scott

    MCN… is the National Enquirer of the moto world.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      That’s why we’re skeptical. Well that and the photoshopping on the cover image.

  • http://sr500project.blogspot.com/ anders

    the smaller details look real, like the swingarm, frame and front-end, but somehow the fairing and the silver/aluminium details on the fairing looks a bit off, like its not coming together.. maybe its just the design :(

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    If it is real, which I doubt, it looks like a new ST1100 or something, not a V4.

    • http://onroad.hu TeeJay

      ST1100, which were, hm, V4? On the other hand the 1100 got a replacement from ’03: the 1300. :)
      It is called Pan European over here.

      Anyhow, I’d be surprised if this PS made something would occur at EICMA.

  • Adrian

    Wow ,MCN ,big poop..Honda to produce a V4 …blah blah blah so what ..haven’t they been making them for years.

    If it was an across the frame 900 cc V10 ,that would be a scoop.

    ..plus it looks more like a Pan Euro than a sportybike.

  • Marcel
    • http://www.suspectsunlimited.com Cru Jones

      Looks like Willow Springs and judging by the Cal plates it could be. I must say that I’m disappointed that the new V4 is another touring type bike and not an RC30-esque design. :(

      • Tomahawk

        Honda said will make more models based on the new V4. Let’s just hope there will also be a racier version, a worthy succesor to the RVF RC45.

  • MTGR

    Gee, with virtually every element of the bike and styling a clear “cut and paste” from existing models I would have to guess this is not the real deal.

  • http://www.speedymoto.com Christian

    The photos on leftlanenews.com look pretty real! the new v4 design looks like a good replacement for an ST (as TeeJay said) or maybe the VFR 800, but definitely not a CBR.

  • Alex Lauerman

    This is coming from the same people that said there would be a V5 honda for 2009. Scott is right on the National Enquirer comment.

  • Redleg

    Calling MCN the National Enquirer of motorcycles is an insult to the Enquirer. Weekly World News is a much more accurate point of comparison.

  • deltablues

    From the pics at leftlanenews.com, it looks interesting. Do they test their bikes with dude that skinny though? My leg weighs more than that test rider.

  • Kebabsarestillgood

    Is this a website devoted to publishing matters, or motorcycles?

    As I’ve said on one of your partner blogs already, if you read MCN and think it’s all made up, then you’re too stupid for me to regard as a relevant news source. I may not like headlining techniques, but I’m grown up enough and have a good enough memory to work out if a publication is truthful or not. If you think MCN is like WWN, then you’ve likely never read it or have no lasting interest in bikes; are there any other recycled cycnicisms you’d like to pass on?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Huh? This sounds like news of a new motorcycle to me.

    • Adrian


      I think the general direction was that HFL produced it as a news article and the commenters took it off topic into a discussion of the value of MCN as a source of breaking news.