2010 Moto2 grid expanded to 41 riders

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Two weeks ago, 47 teams and 91 riders applied for the 2010 Moto2 class. Now, Dorna has granted 27 teams and 41 riders entry, expanding the starting grid from the pre-determined number of 34 riders. A further 10 teams were put on the reserve list, while 10 had their applications rejected.

>No word on which teams made the cut, but early speculation suggests
that all the MotoGP satellite teams made the cut, as will all the
current 250GP teams that applied to race next year. That still leaves
room for a few wildcards, here’s hoping Team Roberts is among them.

We’ll likely find out which teams will be participating at the
Portuguese Grand Prix in October, when the teams will be required to
submit final details of bikes and riders and confirm their

via MotoGP Matters

  • aeolus

    It was reported elsewhere that only one 250cc team applied for 2010. So much for Aprilia’s revenge scheme. And what is the significance of your photo? The considerable over subscription vindicates Dorna’s decision despite a few diehard objectors.

    • http://Http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      If you follow the link in the first paragraph you’ll see that the 250 team is gilera. Since the teams don’t have to provide final details till October, there’s room for some to switch back to 250s, but that looks pretty doubtful.

  • JWinter

    Which one is Simoncelli?

    • generic1776

      Simoncelli has signed a 2 year contract with HRC for riding in MotoGP, so he isn’t hanging around for the Moto2 changeover.

  • MTGR

    It is much easier to get long term sponsorship for a type of machine the rule makers obviously favor than it is for a type they clearly are trying to get rid of. That is the explanation for the large entry list. If you ask most serious teams they would tell you 2 strokes are cheaper to run and provide a better training ground for racers, but these teams are businesses with bills to pay so they have to follow the cash flow. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to which the organizers can then incorrectly point and state, “look we (read: Honda) were right!”

  • hjworton

    The Moto2 bikes are up to speed already http://www.crash.net/MOTOGP/News/148024/1/moto2_matches_bautista_race_lap_record.html

    Dorna are 4 stroke whores. I am jumping ship to WSBK anyway, GP racing is on the wane.