Aprilia seeks revenge as 47 teams apply for 2010 Moto2

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Moto2_Entries.jpgMaybe there’s something to all this talk of four-strokes cutting costs after all. 47 teams with a total of 91 riders have applied to race in the 250GP-replacing Moto2 class next year. Only one two-rider team applied to run a 250cc two-stroke instead of the Honda CBR600RR-based four-stroke engine, but that could change if Aprilia has its way. In a move that looks like revenge for all but cutting Aprilia — currently the dominant manufacture in 250GP — from competition, it’s announced that it will offer the lease of its RSA 250s free of charge next year. A single machine typically leases for around €1 million a season.
Since Dorna will be leasing the Honda engines to the teams, Aprilia’s
move could cost the series owner millions of dollars. At least Carmelo
Ezpeleta didn’t wake up next to a horse’s head, well, not that we’ve
heard of.

Details of all the applicants haven’t been released since their numbers
will need to be drastically cut. It’s thought that Gilera is the team
that has applied to run two-strokes.

Dorna, the FIM and IRTA will meet at the Catalunya Grand Prix on June
13 to make the cuts. Preference will be given first to MotoGP satellite
teams, then current 250 participants, then 125GP.

via MotoGP Matters

  • http://www.typetwelve.com/ macfarlane.a

    so… where do we sign?

  • Nesto

    What would be the likelyhood of teams taking Aprilia’s offer? Thumbs up to them for making such a bold move.

  • http://muthalovin.com the_doctor

    Good on Aprillia. I was dismayed to hear that 250s were going the way of 3-wheelers, but I am so glad to hear that there will be ‘Prillers in GP2. Awesome.

  • aoelus

    Yeahbut…what if a Aprilia doesn’t win the championship? I can’t imagine they will extend this offer to the field and judging by the response to the Moto2 class, it might not cost them all that much. And the response validates Dorna’s move.

  • Ken

    Anyone see the last lap of the 250s at Mugello? You won’t get any of that from your CBR Cup.

    • http://www.desmoworks.com Anthony

      That was one of the greatest laps of racing I’ve seen in a while… amazing!

  • aoelus

    Yeahbut…did ya see the WSS race Sunday? Talk about tradeimg paint! Awesome!

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will
    • Adrian

      HFS ….That is not the race they are referring too..this clip is of last year or 2007…Mugello 250 GP in 2009 was wet.