Arai Schwantz Restyle and Aoyama replicas freshen lineup

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Both the Arai Vector Schwantz Restyle and Arai Corsair V Aoyama replica are arriving in the company’s range mid-season, bringing emphasis to an expensive line-up in a bad economy. “The new design has elements of every helmet I ever raced, with the exception of the camo helmet I wore at the USGP in 1991,” says Kevin Schwantz, the Restyle will become the official helmet of his new riding school at Barber Motorsports Park.

The new Arai Corsair V is a replica of current 250GP front-runner Hiroshi Aoyama’s. The red/black/grey/gold scheme as been designed “to match nothing, but go with everything.”


  • The_Doctor

    Helmets have really come quite a long way. “To match nothing, but go with everything”? Personally, if my helmet didn’t match my boots, which match my belt, which match my purse, I would be completely mortified.

  • Ben

    Aoyama’s looks great. There’s a lot going on without it being obnoxiously busy – like a lot of the racer designs out there. The more helmets that fit between the single color and everything-but-the-sink categories, the better.