Belstaff Long Way Down jacket way cooler than Ewan and Charlie

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Easily the highest quality, heaviest and nicest-looking textile jacket we’ve ever tried on, Urban Rider has just gotten the Belstaff Long Way Down jacket in stock. Ignore for a second the unfortunate spoiled celebrity connection — Ewan McGregor and his pet monkey wore the jackets for some show — and instead focus on the 1000-weight Cordura, flexibility and three layers of protection.

The jacket is designed primarily to be worn with all three layers, but
can be used in a variety of configurations. Layer one is
abrasion-resistant Cordura — three layers in at-risk areas — with
multiple watertight zips for ventilation. Its arms zip off for wearing
off the bike or in hot weather.

Under that is the mesh armor layer, equipped with CE-approved, but
wimpy looking protectors. We’d upgrade, probably to something from Knox
or, for serious off-road adventure of the kind not experienced by the
above-mentioned halfwits, we’d scrap the layer all together in
favor of a full set of body armor from Alpinestars.

The last layer is a 100% waterproof inner jacket. You can remove it in
dry weather or wear it alone under other gear or, again, off the bike.

In addition to those features there’s an array of pockets inside and
out and even one designed to accept a Camelbak. There’s also a
detachable hip bag mounted to the jacket’s rear.

With all three layers on and the belt cinched the jacket feels
incredibly robust and protective. We’d feel safely protected by it in
all weathers, thousands of miles from home, even without the teams of
support trucks.

Urban Rider is selling the Long Way Down jacket for £599.99, which,
since Americans don’t have to pay for Gordon Brown’s bar tab, is just
$792 shipped to your door. That’s about half the price you can expect to pay in the US, should you manage to find a store that stocks them.

Urban Rider

  • aoelus

    The Swiss Army knife of moto jackets. If I need this much gear to ride, I’ll drive my car.

  • blankfocus

    Wow, somebody doesn’t like Mr. McGregor. Ha.

    I think he’s a cool guy due to the fact he’s narrated a couple MotoGP docs.

  • General Apathy

    I decided I didn’t like Ewan and Monkey boy when they had the Long Way Down screening at the local theater. All the 40 something beemer GS-adventure-farkled d-bags came out of the wood work.

    Now Long Way Down… That was raw baby. That was like going to a Ramones concert in ’75.

  • Matthew

    Whatever criticisms you might have about the Long Way series, they’ve done excellent things for motorcycling and elevating above the stunting and outlaw BS that usually flavors it. If you guys are going to stick up for the garbage spewing out of Rolland Sands you ought to get behind McGregor and Boorman, too, and stop posing.

    • Wes Siler

      Wait, who’s posing? The guy in long beach jumping a two-stroke race bike on slicks in the dirt or the celebrities pretending to take risks in order to make money off a TV show?

    • Adrian.

      Matthew, Roland Sands can ride the shit out of a motorcycle and he knows one end of a wrench from the other.

      Please enlighten us to when you have seen him being foul mouthed , I have met him and he is a pretty modest and quietly spoken guy who loves bikes.

      I’m not saying you’re wrong ,but I would like to have the evidence and I agree with you about the BS around stunting and the outlaw “lifestyle”.

  • Matthew

    The Jacket, on the other hand looks good. I might actually get this one. The other Belstaff jackets you’ve had here haven’t been my style (mostly because I ride a sport bike and cant have all that fabric bunching up in front).

    • Wes Siler

      I’ve been wearing a 3/4 length jacket (kinda like this but leather and a bit longer) on sportsbikes for years and bunching’s not really been an issue, maybe because I’m a beanpole.

  • will

    I’m sensing a vague animosity.

  • General Apathy

    Sorry Matthew.. I guess my sarcasm was not obvious enough.. I’ll work on it..

  • Sasha Pave

    Nicely styled, but far too complicated and expensive for my tastes. Andy Goldfine would agree.

  • Duane

    Wonder why they didn’t look at Aerostich in Minnesota.

    Also a lot of these systems seem so complex..wish they would make them more easier to use.

  • Crosstie

    Jeebus… I just found this site last week, and already we’re into the purist v. poser BS? What’s the matter, did they turn you down for an interview or something?

    No, you’re right – celebrities shouldn’t get to do anything cool, let alone something that promotes motorcycling to a wider audience and exposes the rest of us to places we’ll never get to visit ourselves. And of course anyone who rides around the world with more then three pairs of underwear and a toothbrush is a p***y.

    And don’t even get me started on competing in the Dakar rally… that’s strictly for wannabees.

  • Craig Morgan

    OK, so first time I’ve seen it broken down and detailed so well, but my first question would be, “How don’t BMW sue the hell out of Belstaff …”

    That design is a first class rip-off of the BMW Rallye-2 design, its a much more subdued looking jacket, uses poppers for pockets and has substituted waterproof zips in the outer over the vents (where BMW went with chunky trad zips) … but its a near perfect clone in most features …

    If it were branded as Rallye-2.5 or Rallye-Road I don’t think anyone would bat an eyelid ;-)

    I’ve got 45k miles on my Rallye-2 now and whilst it looks a little scuffed and worn around the edges its stood me in good stead thru all year round riding (-10c to +32c). Personally, I’d query the use of a waterproof inner liner, as the Cordura will eventually wet-out and Cordura 1000 soaked is going to be heavy and v. cold at speed, but thats one of the few aspects I cite with the Rallye-2 now.

    A newer surface bonded waterproof (like Gore XCR) will be my next suit, but I don’t see me retiring the R2, its too handy an all-rounder.

    • Adrian

      Crag ….because Belstaff have been making jackets like this, ie The TrialMaster waxed jacket, for decades before motorcycling and BMW’s became a yuppie lifestyle choice.

      You may have 45K miles on your jacket, my brother has 34 YEARS on his Trialmaster.

      I’m with Wes on his opinion of Ewan and Charlie, nice guys and great for highlighting motorcycling, but any idiot can do those trips with three BMW support trucks following along.

  • Cynic

    Why do almost all journalists hate Ewan and Charlie?

    I enjoyed Long Way Around, and LWD was ammusing too. Yes it’s not as pure as we might like, but it’s TV… what do expect?

  • v

    nice but a bit pricey,i’m going to get the rev’it sirocco soon
    ps:i really liked long way round,hated long way down

  • aeolus

    This seems to be a era of the poseur as a sales/marketing tool where wannabes of one hue or another dress up for role playing. Quite amusing. Especially the Harley variety outfitted in garb that was popularized in the fifties by a class in society viewed then as scrounges.

  • v

    by the way,no one ever gives any credit to the cars that followed them..the mitsubishi in the first part and the nissan patrol in the second withstood incredibly well,i couldn’t believe how much abuse those cars got and they still kept on rolling crammed with gear to the roof(and above)smashed crashed,they fared much better than the gs especially in africa; and they managed to keep up which is no easy task when you are driving an SUV crammed to the max on off-road about unsung heroes

  • will

    I don’t look down on Jeremy Clarkson for making Top Gear but not “being a great driver”; I don’t see it as any different. They put on a good show.

  • amsterdam

    The big difference is that Jeremy Clarckson is a fuckin amazing writer and televisionmaker, who’s sharp wit is so feared by carmakers that a firm like million dollar carmaker Spyker put in their sellingcontract that the new owner is under no circumstance allowed to lend their car to Top Gear. As far as I know he hasn’t ‘designed’ a jacket yet.

    • Wes Siler

      That’s funny. As grotesque a caricature as Clarkson has turned himself into and as formulaic as most of his writing has become, he’s still amazingly entertaining.

  • Jagger

    You can buy the LWD Jacket for $795 in stock off the USA web site No tax if shipped outside of California. They also have the New Tourist Trophy and The Classic Tourist Trophy in stock as well as The Belstaff Scooter bag and more..

  • kerry

    Amazing customer service at BMG. Guys here had the entire pure motorcycle line and knew the product well. Ordered and had it in 3 days. Call them at 800-432-9004 or see the website,

  • :: M A V E R I C K ::

    OK, this may sound “way out of date”, but I am looking to purchase this “URBAN RIDER VERSION” of Belstaff LWD Jacket, upgraded with a full set of body armor from Alpinestars.

    PLEASE, anyone… please let me know where I can find one. I am in the U.S. East Coast.
    Is there any URBAN RIDER staff here on the blog? Help!!!