Bikes used as rapid response military oppression against Iran protests

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This morning, The New York Times ran a photo of a female protester being beaten by an Iranian Police Officer on a motorcycle. While we knew of Iran’s use of bikes for military purposes, the current crisis has put their motorcycle force in the spotlight. Sadly, the immense benefits of motorcycles in urban congestion, such as filtering and maneuverability in tight quarters, are being used to devastating effect for the oppression, intimidation and violent crowd control of the protest against Iran’s recent election.

Update: we’ve embedded a video of motorcycle-mounted militia clashing with crowds of protesters in Tehran below.


We also know that Iranian citizens are mobilizing in groups of bikes, carrying sticks and, while we have yet to find accessible footage, have even had at least one battle with the Police bikers. While biker battles in burning streets of Tehran sounds totally awesome, the very real and deadly consequences of ordinary citizens forced into combat on their motorcycles with their government is terribly disheartening to say the least.

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  • Dan H.

    Interesting sort of coincidence … the LA Times posted this photo of a line of police (CHP?) on new BMWs trying to quell an out-of-hand celebration of the Lakers’ championship last night:,0,3303598.photogallery?index=5

  • hoyt

    The one night photo looks like the citizens are getting on their own bikes. “..take the power back!”

  • meatspin
  • ben j

    some B King action in photo 32 in meatspin’s link (which also contains some other non-bike related photo awesomeness)

    • johnny

      yes, that pic of the security guard on the B-King is surreal

    • will

      that freaked me out yesterday! Bahrain has chicks on liter Gixxers, now Iranians on B-Kings…what now?

  • chili sv

    This reminds me just how special our peaceful transitions of power truly are.

  • ducman

    Seems like a very big crowd was intimidated by a half-dozen motos with billy-club-carriers riding cupcake.

    I know it was meant to be a peaceful protest, but I’m surprised the crowd didn’t just trample the Police.

    • v

      they did,or at least they put up a good fight but the outcome was..well look at the big picture blog link ..last three photos

  • Oscar

    In case all the lefty whiners who loudly, publicly, freely and unknowingly ironically complained of repression for the last eight years were wondering; this is what repression looks like.

  • area_educator

    ::sigh:: You meet the nicest people on a Honda?