BMW S1000RR cheaper than R1 (in Italy)

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Pricing for the 2010 BMW S1000RR has been released in Italy and it’s €140 cheaper than the 2009 Yamaha R1. €15,850 ($22,373) buys you a 193bhp road-going missile, but you’ll need to add €950 for ABS, €1,250 for ABS + traction control, €370 for the quick-shifter and €220 for an alarm. If you want an S1000RR that looks halfway decent, the red, white and blue paint raises the price by a further €600. All that brings the price of a fully equipped S1000RR to €18,290 ($25,815). Luckily, BMW USA says we can expect to pay much less here in the land of the free and the home of the sub prime mortgage.
tricolor_s1000rr.jpgJust like in Europe, expect US S1000RR pricing to be competitive with
the Yamaha R1 and other Japanese liter bikes. Unofficially, BMW says
the price will be “under $14,000″ putting it in the same ballpark as
the $12,390 R1. via Asphalt and Rubber

  • johnny

    maybe with the savings you can buy a matching headlight!

    • will

      LMAO you win

    • Isaac

      That is funniest thing I have seen today! You have to admit that a ‘bargain’ bimmer’ is pretty sweet. Not to mention 190hp. Even though they used the Great White Shark as a design cue I still like the bike.

  • vic

    ahh crap, an r1 is (equiv.) 8700 euro’s in america?i’m writing to my representative in the EU parliament..we need to invade the USA

    • Isaac

      Yeah but if you bought it here you’d have to export it and pay all kinds of fees. So, you would be spending about the same ammount-I think anyway.

    • Karmøy

      Who the hel want to invade USA vic….?

      thats a fine motorcycle,compered with a Jap crap is bullshit….

      Its better.

  • Duane

    I’m interested but any word on Suspension? Is it Showa?

  • Gman

    I saw a BMW rider toss one down the track at Button Willow on June 28th. I was told it was one of four in the US..Well one of three now. They said they would let us test ride it after the wreck but since it wouldn’t pass tech, no one got a chance. =*(