Brammo Enertia gets the Good Morning America Treatment

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Brammo_Enertia_GMA.jpgBrammo is in New York for the launch of the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle. While Good Morning America needs to check its facts a little bit — the Enertia is by no means the first electric bike to go on sale in this country — it’s great to see green motorcycles gaining coverage in mainstream media. Also, Chris Cuomo really, really needs to practice his U-Turns. We promise to do better when we get our chance later today.

Good Morning America

  • will

    “Just like a regular bike”? It looks like he’s never ridden a bicycle.

    The Enertia looks fantastic, but it better at that price.

  • Seth

    These are so expensive. You could easily go out and pick up an Xtreme Green X Rider – – for $8k and it goes 65mph and 100 miles per charge. That’s plenty for any biker…

    • Grant Ray

      Seth, that scooter isn’t sporting anywhere near the spec componentry used on the Enertia. They’re very different machines.

  • Remy

    What a goofy scene.

    • Wes Siler

      Indeed, it’s such a shame that this is what mainstream coverage of motorcycles in America amounts too. Actually, it’s a shame that this is what news programs in America amount to.

  • Matt

    Not sure why some of the folks leaving comments seem disappointed with the Enertia. Looks like a cool little bike. I would run out and get one, but unfortunately its too expensive for me for now.

  • Margy Callahan

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