Brammo Enertia TTR: Isle of Man race footage

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Brammo_enertia_TTR_TT_Video.jpgBest Buy sponsorship meant that not only did Brammo turn up at the Isle of Man with the most complete team in the TTXGP, but that the team was equipped with some decent video cameras. The short video that resulted follows the jump; hopefully next year we’ll get a whole lap’s worth of trackside and onboard footage.


  • johnny

    thanks for the vid, nice to see.
    I read on the Mission site that there won’t be an electric race next year at the TT, but on another date instead. if that’s so it’s a shame.

  • Brian


    Don’t fret – we’ve got some on-board footage headed your way! Just getting the final editing done…

    Brian @ brammo

    • Wes Siler

      Awesome. I’ve got to finish writing the interview with Craig too…

  • dimitri

    I must say the brammo bike was the only pretty bike which was in esthetic proportions regarding the power. The rest just looked like very underpowered big superbikes. And of course they did not even lap the TT circuit faster than a 50cc road racer from 1971. A Norton Manx from the 50′s would even lap it faster.

    What’s all the fuzz about.

    • area_educator

      A 50cc road racer from ’71 had something like 80 years of development behind its motive technology.

      • will

        Well put.

      • vic

        and the electric engine has around 136 years of development give or take a couple of years :) also the concept of the electric motorcycle is pretty old too also i think i have a picture somewhere of my-great-great grandad posing with an electric car..this was the 1900′s but has since come into it’s own with the tesla s&roadster..but my personal view is that hydrogen is the future either as fuel cells or hydrogen ICE..just my 2 cents

    • Ken

      The Tesla does 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds – lap times in 911 GT3 territory. All from the humble electron.

  • ian w

    these bikes were also put together in 8 months or less by mostly small teams funded out of their own pocket. Not a bad effort IMO