ConsumerSearch releases scooter report

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Roman_Holiday_Hepburn.jpgThinking about buying a scooter? ConsumerSearch has just released a comprehensive report detailing reviews, prices, buying tips and other helpful information. It’s a one-stop shop for scooter shoppers.


  • scott

    restore a vintage Vespa, and move to Hermosa Beach

    life is sweet in Cali

  • Howard

    Thanks for the link!

  • Brian

    It’s more of an advert for Vespa, Kymco, Honda, and Yamaha.

    If you want a 50cc scoot, buy a Genuine. Better, faster, cheaper than the rest. If you like the retro look go with a Buddy. If you want to scream go with the Roughhouse (very fast 50cc/2 stroker).

    The Honda Met and Yamaha Vino are slow (stock). Not sure about the Vespa because I don’t know anyone who’s shelled out that much money for something you park on the sidewalk.

    Kymco would be my second choice after Genuine. With Vespa you’re buying the badge, nothing more. Honda and Yamaha are reliable as hell, but you gotta mod them to get above 40 mph. Once you mod there’s no guarantee.

    If you want speeds of 45 mph+, get a Genuine Roughhouse and, after you break it in, de-restrict it. No mods needed otherwise.

  • modchen

    that’s incorrect.
    my vespa ET2 50cc — with 6000+ miles on it — has beaten every 50cc buddy i’ve ever tested it against, off the line and otherwise, and it’s not modded in any way.

    not that genuine doesn’t make a decent, reliable product, but if i want more power, assuming there’s not a vespa available, i’ll buy a stella.
    the vespa is my third scooter and my fifth PTW, and it beats everything else i’ve ridden, besides my Shadow, handsdown. vespa has a good reputation for excellent reasons: most people who bloviate to the contrary are victims of an unfortunate ignorance.

    one of my former fleet members has a kymco. it is constantly breaking down. he hasn’t ridden with us in a while.

    both the honda ruckus and the metro are so consistently slow — stock, that is — as to be unsafe on moderately-trafficked roads. reliable, yes. when some asshole in an overcompensatorily large cage runs you off the road for going almost-30 in a 40mph zone, you can comfort yourself with how reliable your scooter is, as you’re lying in that cozy, comfortable ditch.

  • will

    As the owner of a Ruckus I won’t defend it by saying it’s fast enough, cause it ain’t, but it has to suit your purpose. I take 8 1/2 miles down the feeder road and along shoulders to work and back again, and find it perfect. It’s also an unmatched hauler for my work, like a tiny truck.

    Vespas cost as much as they do because they’re the best. Kymcos might be fast and manuverable, but very plasticky and patently unreliable. Vespas are solid and have superb fit and finish. Think of them as the Michelin of scooters- expensive, but worth it.

    The Genuine Stella, however…