Excursion: TTXGP

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Photo: Gary Inman

Last minute disasters, sleepless nights, upsets and a broken lap record, the dramatic TTXGP wasn’t just historic. For many it was a return to the principals of why we race. Each prototype machine was a radically different attempt to achieve the same end. Gary Inman of Sideburn Magazine reports from the Isle of Man.

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Excursion: TTXGP

  • stacius

    Interesting to find that Gary was disappointed. Ultimately, it’s not only about a ‘new dawn’, it’s about making some money.
    That’s the bottom line in a capitalistic society — there isn’t a bottomless well of R&D money for his “optimum solution”. I doubt anyone here would decry the ‘commercialization’ of MotoGP or WSBK…what his problem about the teams in TTXGP looking for a little ROI?

  • chili sv

    That article took an unexpected twist. I’d like to know the author’s suggestion for an improved pursuit of the “optimum solution.”

  • Hosenpants

    Nice work teaming up with GI for a IOM report! Thanks for that.

  • http://brammofan.wordpress.com/ Brammofan

    Hussain said, “The TTXGP will accept electric vehicles only, so it is easier for spectators and the media to understand the concept.” I don’t see how Inman can hear that and come to the conclusion that “these people are electro-Nazis.” He gets a bit more specific about what he means: “They’re not looking for an optimum solution; they’re looking to develop a Sunday afternoon 45-minute race package with highlights repeated Monday at 11pm.”
    Is he upset that it was limited to electric vehicles? Or is he put off by Hussain’s paternalistic-sounding comment about spectators and the media?
    I really liked the pictures associated with the editorial, though.

  • hjworton

    The bottom line is: Electric motors will almost certainly never replace the ICE as the main power source for motorcycles.

    That does not mean however that the TTXGP i a waste of time. I hope it is still going in a few years time. Seeing how they develop is going to be very interesting.

    • http://www.designronin.com Design Ronin

      YEa, and man would never fly, or land on the moon, or…… get the idea? NEVER say never.

  • johnny

    really interesting report, and lovely photos!

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Gary Sideburn

    The reason for both my confusion and disillusionment is the fact that the series could and, in a lot of current and potential competitors’ opinions, should be for alternative, ‘green’, negligible emission racing motorcycles. That, as I understood it, was the original brief. I understand that it made sense for the first one to be electric only. It was a massive achievement on behalf of the organisers and competitors. And perhaps the organisation will reconsider what may have been a heat of the moment statement about electric only.
    Because, and I admitted in the first line I’m no expert, it’s all about well-to-wheel (that’s another phrase I picked up). This is not simple, but if your organisation if trumpeting its green credentials and its forward thinking stance, to then put the blinkers on is a little disappointing. Don’t you agree?
    I agree with hjworton. No, it’s not a waste a time, but I think it does have to develop. And that’s not the feeling I got. GI

  • SJY

    Racing has always been the place where motorcycle companies could test and develop their technology. There has to be competition in order to out develop and ultimately win. One commercialized race with one-off prototypes is not going to lead to the ultimate goal of zero emission super machines. It is going to take decades of racing, in dozens of conditions to achieve that. I can’t wait to see what happens with this technology.

    Is it doomed to be a side show?

  • Sen

    Would you happen to have more pictures of the bikes that you could post?

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing the EV0-RR in photos but can’t find anywhere. Am really interested to know how it translated from sketch to reality. The shot of the carbon tank split down the middle is of it I suppose?

    The rear end shot of the E1 is also interesting. Love the details.

    • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

      IIRC the Evo-RR wasn’t able to make it to the race, but they’re still working on it.

      That Brammo, I gotta say, looks sharp in non-press photos! Very TZ125.

  • http://www.gregorerdmann.com Gregor Erdmann

    Love all the emergency stops.. Handy for competitors during the race!!

  • Alfonzo

    The fit and finish on the Motoczysz is amazing. Too bad it didn’t finish. Can’t wait to see how these electric bike develop. Until they can keep with petrol powered bikes, not too many racing fans will take notice or care. Tree hugging hippies might. :P

  • wol

    when i saw the electric bikes during practice coming through Ramsey (slow right hander) i was dissapointed – very slow pickup and all you could hear was the chain running over the sprockets – then we saw them flat out through Sulby and quick through the bends at Ginger Hall – finally they sounded and looked good — hope its not a one-off and they continue developing them – but petrol still rules

  • generic1776

    Whoa! Coolest picture is seeing Mr. Bean (as seen in first photo) working as pit crew for the Mission Motors bike!