FIM creates electric motorcycle race series

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db_First_Ever_TTXGP_091.jpgPhoto: Amadeus Photography

The FIM is creating a race series for electric motorcycles beginning next year. Details are slim beyond that, but it will be run “inside the Road Racing Grand Prix Commission” meaning it could be a support series for MotoGP at some races. The news comes shortly after the TTXGP captured the imagination of the general public with genuine technological innovation if not terribly exciting racing. Azhar Hussain, the man behind the TTXGP, will be in charge of the series.
In the wake of the TTXGP there’s been a lot of talk going around of
something called eGrandPrix and its possible inclusion of electric car
racing. It’s not currently clear if this will be the name of the new
series, but we’d guess that’s still up in the air given the lack of a
name in the official release. Confusingly, there will be an eGrandPrix
event at the Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days
next month, but that’ll
included exhibition laps rather than full-on racing.

Since this will be an FIM series, we’re going to go out on a limb and assume that cars won’t be involved.

News of this series is incredibly exciting. Electric motorcycles are
advancing by leaps and bounds. Only a couple of years ago I road the
Intelligent Energy ENV, which was little more than a mountain bike
equipped with funky styling and a hydrogen fuel cell (that mode of
power is essentially an electric motorcycle with a quick-to-refill
hydrogen fuel cell instead of slow-to-recharge batteries), but just
this year we’ve ridden bikes from Quantya, Zero and Brammo, all of
which have been genuinely fast, exciting, realistic products. An
international race series will serve as a proving ground for new
technology, advancing the breed as well as creating interest in and
money for new electric bikes. Since motorcycles serve as a much better
platform for electric powertrains than cars do, the publicity and new
products that could come out of this could propel a new boom for the
motorcycle industry worldwide. Maybe some good will come out of the Green movement afterall.


  • beyote

    This is truly a new age coming. I am excited.

  • Marshall

    Oh hell yeah!

    I hope MotoCzysz gets in on this. I know they did poorly at the TTXGP but I’m still pulling for them as a company.

  • robotribe

    This is the best way to evolve the breed. Very cool.

  • johnny

    good news, and a shorter race circuit will suit them better I reckon.
    nice pic of the MotoCzysz-such a beautiful bike.

  • Duane

    This is cool idea. I really hope MotoCzysz gets someting off the ground. Mike does make beautiful bikes!

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    everyone needs to get involved