Firexpress BMW R1200RT arrives in Greece

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While we don’t expect motorcycles to supplant trucks as the main vehicle of fire departments worldwide, they can provide a handy fast response alternative. No vehicle can carve through traffic with the speed of a bike, even a big one like the BMW R1200RT, so they can arrive on the scene of a fire and begin fighting it long before the more powerful truck can. Imagine a car fire at the head of a long traffic jam on a crowded highway and you can understand how speed saves.

Greece has just purchased a fleet of Firexpress-equipped BMWs. The
Firexpress system can be mounted to any large motorcycle or ATV and is
already in use in Europe and Asia. It’s unique in that it makes the
best use of limited tank capacity by dispersing microdroplets of water
in a controlled, low-speed stream that’s safe to use on exposed skin
and doesn’t draw extra air into a fire, yet can reach up to 15 feet.

This R1200RT carries 13.2 gallons of water or foam, enough for over two
minutes of constant spray, and can reach fires at speeds in excess
90mph, even with its tanks full.

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  • modelasian

    Heineken, Red Bull and Jagermeister!!! Dump those lame 90′s Hummers, your next great marketing vehicle is here!
    I just wish the Stroh’s Swedish Bikini Team were still around for these.

  • v

    this is really cool,and useful too,in athens this will prove to be a life saver because some streets are so narrow and twisted that even if they we’re empty a fire truck couldn’t get access,when i went there two years ago i saw a small pickup converted as a fire truck