Isle of Man TT too exciting for you?

Dailies -


Cheesy_TT_Video.jpgLet’s face it; racing 200bhp superbikes around the tiny lanes of a small island is simply too much stimulation for some people. Thankfully, ITV saw fit to slow the action down to an acceptable level and swapped out the annoying engine sounds for the cheesy Hans Zimmer theme song from “Gladiator”. Now your mom, grandmother and mother-in-law can finally get into road racing.


  • will

    NO Nononononononono this needs needs NEEDS M83.

    • drjohndee

      ‘Don’t Save Us from the Flames’??!!

      • drjohndee

        Heh … that could be taken as a riposte to the organisers of the TTXGP

      • will

        I was thinking “Church”

  • Adrian

    It could be worse, it could be CBS or Speed providing the material.

    • geonerd

      We should be so lucky.

  • will
    Run that in the background. Yes.

  • JR

    I actually really liked the video, but I will admit I love the Gladiator soundtrack too.

    I checked out some of the M83 as well, it’s kind of like Arcade Fire meets Sigur Ros, very cool

  • Ben Part

    Wot no pan-pipes or slightly more geographically apt Celtic penny-whistle?

  • Gamble

    Personnaly I think it’s awesome.

    Though they were doing the samething 30 years ago in the BBC documentary ‘The Road Racers’.