Julien Dupont rides Budapest

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Julien_Dupont_Budapest.jpgLocated on the banks of the Danube River, Budapest is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, largely thanks to its original Gothic architecture. Ramparts from old castles, historic monuments and ancient bridges dominate the landscape, creating ample obstacles for Julien Dupont to tackle with his trials bike. And no, he doesn’t have permission.

Dupont and Co

  • paulo

    Wow what a pretty city.

  • http://www.sideburnmagazine.com Ben Part

    Spectacular riding aside, JD’s vids are getting better too; especially the cross traffic bank jump.
    Nice they kept the crash in the edit.
    Shame he didn’t visit any of the wonderful Turkish baths in BP.

  • Scott

    what is it with Euro’s & the shitty tecno electro music? sounds like an episode of TJ Hooker scored by some kids casio keyboard.

  • http://artistruth.livejournal.com will

    These videos are really getting better.